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mountain top

I was on a mountain top with a my mom and a crowd of other people siting down waiting to travel to another country. However, my mom and I were already at the destination country of where we plan to travel so I don't know why we were going to someplace farther. Somehow this mountain top turned into a church. I got separated from my mom. From the other side of the mountain, I heard her say to meet me at the bottom of the mountain (church). A foreign woman next to her might have mentioned something about my looks and men to her. While I was walking down the bottom of the mountain (it might have only been 3 floors or 3 levels), I felt self conscious because a crowd of people (including people from my past) on the mountain could see me walking by myself on the side. I didn't see my mother and I don't know if that's why I walked up back to the top on the mountain on the 3rd floor or level, but on the other side where I thought my mom was. I was the only one there and it was full of ice. So much ice that I was afraid that I was going to slip and fall. All I could do was hug onto the mountain top to stay in place. I felt worried that I couldn't tell my mom that I was stuck there. Then, I saw some type of car which I got into to try to drive around to scrape or run down some ice. Out of nowhere, a foreign man approached me asking me if the car belonged to me or if I was allowed to drive it. I tried to explain to him what I was doing, then I woke up.

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Re: mountain top

The dream is surely addressing your anxieties with the pending trip you are planning to make {per your Dream Form Submission}. The mountains are an emotional issue in that experience. But there are deeper issues being addressed as well {all dreams have at least two meanings}. Both are/were shared with your mother, the same emotions being part of at least one or both experiences {does she have anxieties about the trip?}. The other experience, other than the trip, is something the dream points to but being without further personal info I can only surmise the emotional boundaries and not the exact personal experiences. I'll post my interpretation of the images/actions which may help you determine what the personal experiences are. I will comment on those.

Interpretation of Images/Actions
Dream Title
-mountain top-having reached the peak of a major emotional issue in your life

-on mountain top with mother and crowd of other people-reached the peak of an emotional experience, experiences shared with mother
-sitting down waiting travel to another country-indecision in making necessary changes in issues of independence
-mom and I already at destination country-having reached the final point/place of shared experiences
-why we were going some place further-getting past emotional experiences
-mountain top turned into church-major emotional experience turning into something sacred
-got separated from mom-different position than from mother
-other side of mountain-away from emotional experience
-heard her say meet me at bottom of mountain/church-reaching similar position as mother
-foreign woman mentioned about looks-unconscious emotional aspects affecting ego life
-men to her-experiences about men
-walking down mountain/3 floors-solving issues/not quite where you need to be
-felt self conscious because of crowd from past on mountain-conscious actions in current life reflecting past experiences
-people could see myself walking on the side-unconscious actions related to emotional issues
-didn't see mom-not aware of unconscious influence of mother relationship
-didn't see mother, why I walked back up to top of mountain/3rd level-separated from mother's position, repeating same experience you shared with mother
-only one there/full of ice-experiencing inner cold emotions alone
-so much ice afraid I was going to slip and fall-lack of control of inner emotions
-all could do was hug onto mountain top and stay in place-living with continuous actions related to major emotional issues
-worried could not tell mom I was stuck there-anxieties about helplessness in emotional issue
-saw some type of car which I got into-going in same direction/taking same position
-drive around to scrape/run down ice-moving to remove emotional energies
-out of nowhere-uncontrolled response
-foreign man approached me asking if car belonged to me/if allowed to drive it-a lack of ability to control direction in life/emotions
-tried to explain what I was doing-confusion in your conscious actions

As the dream title states {in the symbolic language of dreams} your dream is addressing a major emotional issue. It is an experience you have shared with your mother, being in the same position as her. The dream also points to a separation from your mother, likely a reference to the experience you shared with her but now being alone and having the experience alone. I see feelings of helplessness and confusion on your part {being alone}. It probably involves a male or males but the issue the dream is focused is your inner emotions and how the experiences/emotional issues affect your waking life in the present. As with most all people there are unconscious energies that come from early life experiences that are motivators for actions in the adult life. Look to the shared emotional experiences with your mother and then look at where you are in your life to determine what emotional energies you have that need to be addressed. There is a need to understand the unconscious energies {and why they exist} so you can confront them and eventually remove the power they have over your conscious life.

Please provide a follow up response to my analysis. My services are free and all I ask is a thoughtful response to my analysis.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 66 Cocoa, Fla

Re: mountain top

Both my mom and I are experiencing anxiety in planning this trip.
Both my mom and I recently shared how it's been challenging putting up with a particular relative all these years who doesn't want us to take the trip. My mom has enabled this relative to speak abusively to others by not speaking up when she did it. I've had to put up with it, but my mom didn't see it or confide that she knew about it until it recently. And when my mom passes, I will have to deal with this particular relative all alone, which I don't want to do. Since I have cold feelings about this relative, I don't know if the mountain is referring to this person? Although my mom doesn't condone this person's abusive behavior, she accepts it or lets this person get away with it without any confrontation so maybe this could refer to the part that I have cold feelings, but my mom ignores these cold feelings she may have? This person definitely crosses my emotional boundaries to the max. My mom and I may have both been in the same position with this person acting like they hate us for no good reason. This person is female, but very dominant or male like.

Re: mountain top

I appreciate your response. It demonstrates in fine form the dream is addressing at least two issues using the same images and actions. That is not always apparent but your response naming the emotional conflict you have with the female relative explains in direct terms the issue with this relative as well as the anxieties in your upcoming trip. Both involve big mountains that must be confronted, literally and figuratively {in dream language}.

I believe you have named the shared experience with your mother I saw in your dream. This relative is definitely a mountain that must be confronted and overcome. This is the other issue you share with your mother, albeit a major issue and likely a prime one the dream is addressing {when I state all dreams have at least two meanings/applications it means two or more}. What you state about the relative fits neatly with the dream images and actions. The separation I noted could be the fear of having to confront this relative alone after your mother is gone. That experience would fit with the feelings of helplessness also {your feelings in having to deal with the relative}. Your description of the relative being female but with dominant masculine traits could be the masculine energies I saw in the dream {although there could be other applications, probably inner aspects that fit your personality}. I would look to personal attitudes that come from early life, possibly shared attitudes you got from your mother. But the primary issues the dream is addressing is the upcoming trip and the female relative that has caused/continues to cause emotional conflict in your life.

Good luck with your trip and with dealing with this particular relative.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 66 Cocoa, Fla

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