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This was a very clear and vivid dream!
I was running - not "from" something, but running, as in, exercise. My now former sweetheart came up from behind me, running as well. I said, are you Ok? because he was a runner before but had foot surgery. I said, "you set the pace", and he ran in front of me. He ran so far ahead, I couldn't see him. I realize I am running in a lovely little neighborhood in Tennessee, and say to him, "Tennessee is lovely!" though I don't see him around me. I am at a corner crossing the street ... and this is the weird part ... there is a tree in the street that is acting like a car, meaning, it wants to cross the street but stops to let me pass. I am still running. I come across a pack of military guys doing PT, and I now am doing a brief rucksack run. I realize former sweetheart is not around, I have somehow run from Pennsylvania to Tennessee, and get concerned - how am I getting back home?
Former sweetheart show up again, but this time we are in what feels like a silo, and are skiing down hill. I feel the gliding sensation under my feet though there is no snow. I also see a diagram of how to stop on skis. We ski down to the bottom and bump into a wall. He slips away out a side door, and I see a sign that says I won the ski event and beat out everyone else by 7 minutes. I am sad that former sweetheart has slipped away somewhere, I don't see him. I am then looking out a window and see prison inmates getting dropped off or picked up???

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Re: Running

I will provide an analysis of your dream tomorrow {Sunday}.


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Re: Running

My take from your dream is it is focused on your managing your emotions. I get the sense you still have strong feelings toward your past 'sweetheart' and the emotions that you need to manage has to do with him. Are you having a hard time letting go?

Your response will be greatly appreciated.

Below is my interpretation of the images/actions from your dream. Although I broke some images/actions down you may have to look at the overall context in which the dream shows them to make sense of their meaning/application.

Title: Running
-persistent emotions

Dream Images/Actions
-running as exercise-managing your emotions
-former sweetheart/by came up from behind me, running as well-managing emotions related to issues from past
-was runner but had foot surgery-eliminating issues that take you in wrong direction
-said, "you set the pace", he ran in front of me-letting past masculine experiences set the tone of future experiences/relationships
-he ran far ahead, I couldn't see him-not able to see future emotional relationships
-realize I am running in neighborhood in Tennessee-unconscious emotional attitudes
-say to him, "Tennessee is lovely!", don't see him around me-state of mind you feel positive about
-at a corner crossing the street-frustrations causing negative emotions
-tree in street acting like car-growing attitudes not letting you be true self
-meaning it wants to cross street stops to let me pass-change of attitude
-I am still running-continuing emotional energies
-come across military guys doing PT-disciplining oneself to do physical activities
-doing a brief runsack-consciously doing physical activities
-former sweetheart not around-not possessing positive masculine qualities
-run to Penn to Tenn-managing emotions between states of mind
-concerned, how am I getting back home-anxieties on how to be true self
-former sweetheart shows up again-issues with former by still present
-in what feels like a silo-feeling unconscious emotional energies
-skiing downhill-going in wrong direction/negative emotions
-gliding sensation under feet/no snow-abiding by natural senses/need in expressing true emotions
-see a diagram how to stop on skis-seeking a way how to end emotional conflict
-ski to bottom/bump into wall-mental attitudes causing barriers
-he slips away out side door-imbalance
-see a sign I won ski event/beat everyone by 7 minutes-success in controlling mental attitude/overcoming emotions and healing
-am sad former sweetheart has slipped away/don't see him-not seeing past relationship
-looking out window/see prison inmates getting dropped off/picked up-future/present attitude/censoring emotions and letting go


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 66 Cocoa, Fla

Re: Running

Thank You, Gerard! I am digesting what you wrote, and will have a reply for you tomorrow!


Re: Running

Thank you for your interpretation of my dream, Gerard.

I agree, this is about managing my emotions of the break up. For the most part, I am fine with the break up - disappointed, but fine. Overall, it has spurred emotions about dating in my 50's, in general. I wonder, what am I doing that is not working, I wonder if it will ever work out!, and so on. There are many emotions going on.

If you could clarify one thing. You wrote:
-former sweetheart not around-not possessing positive masculine qualities

Would that be in regards to myself, or how I am feeling about my former?
And what would you consider positive masculine qualities?

The masculine/feminine has been something I am wanting more balance in myself.


Re: Running

A few thoughts to your response and the dream language and its interpretation. Looking back at the dream and my analysis and comparing what you provided in your response.

But first a question. Is there any personal associations with the words Tennessee and Pennsylvania? Does the language "Tennessee is lovely" have any personal associations other than being a state of mind? The little neighborhood would likely represent an 'inner neighborhood', an emotional place within you.
Note: I'm from Nashville, having moved to Central Florida in 2012.

Managing your emotions was the prime message I got from the dream. The dream title often provides strong clues to what the dream topic is. Although running is more often associated with running away from something {emotional conflicts as well as actual personal experiences} your dream was clear in stating this. Running as exercise had to fit within the context of the dream and because dreams are about the emotions the exercise aspect within that context. That theme unfolded {for me as an analyst} as I read the dream.

As for your attitude/concerns about dating in your 50's the dream language "I said, "you set the pace", and he ran in front of me" may be pointing to that emotion. Having had the failed relationship with your former 'sweetheart' {failed in that it ended} and having the concerns about dating later in life may, according to this language be supporting your concerns. There may be a need to exercise restraint/caution, a need to utilize your masculine aspects {animus} and set a pace that alleviates some of your concerns {objectivity is always important}. That emotion is in front of you, the 'he' representing both your animus as a masculine power as well as relationships with a male in general.

The last part of the dream {"looking out a window and see prison inmates getting dropped off or picked up"} would reflect your present attitude in censoring your emotions when it comes to future relationships {perhaps being more objective than emotional}. I assume from your response this is not the only experience that has you questioning dating in your 50s That may have associations with being sad the 'former sweetheart has slipped away' with the disappointment being the sadness and the prospect of a strong, permanent relationship having slipped away.

This last part of the dream, what Jung called the 'lysis' would be the solution or what/where you are in the present concerning the emotional concerns about dating. Mixed emotions, concerns about dating {I would need to know more about you personally to address what those are}, attitudes you have developed from your life experiences, managing all these emotional energies.

But there are even more applications to the dream, but in a lesser focus of the dream intent. The attitudes that cause you to have concerns about dating, the masculine aspects that are being addressed, the foot surgery possibly focusing on your early foundations {the primary basis for your set developed attitudes} and the surgery which suggests a need for emotional healing, these are also a part of what the dream is addressing.'He' was a runner before foot surgery may be pointing to prior emotional issues in some way related to relationships {with a male or men} that were in need of management even before the relationship with this sweetheart. If these are major unresolved issues in your emotional life then those themes will be the topic in future dreams.

As to your question about my interpretation of 'former sweetheart not around', It is of course a literal experience but also represents a lack or absence of animus qualities. Having ran from Penn to Tenn could represent managing emotional states of mind and the concerns are literal in you do have questions/concerns about dating. Disciplining yourself when it comes to various aspects related to current emotions may what the sweetheart/animus image is about. Remember all dreams, all dream images have at least two applications/meanings and your sweetheart {literally someone you love, metaphorically an aspect within you}. Animus qualities are often seen in dreams as a general male image and not a literal application {as a prime focus} to an actual male. The sweetheart is an inner significant part of you.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 66 Cocoa, Fla

Re: Running

Hello Gerard,

You asked:
Is there any personal associations with the words Tennessee and Pennsylvania? Does the language "Tennessee is lovely" have any personal associations other than being a state of mind?

My former sweetheart has family in TN. He mentioned moving there, which I was disappointed to hear. Someone from a previous relationship also left PA for TN, as well. I have not been to TN, or have a desire to be there. If anything, there is somewhat of a sour association with the state, for that reason! That's the state where they run away to, from me! hmm, something to look at there ...

Your last paragraph has given me pause, and I am reflecting on my masculine/feminine. Relationships are our mirror, so I must consider what has my feathers ruffled in regards to the breakup. I have been pointing a finger at him, but know I must be accountable for my behavior, as well. Most likely another layer of the onion, and must go deeper.

Thank you for your insights.

Kind regards,

Re: Running

I too have a distaste for my home state of Tennessee. Nashville is a very progressive city {has a liberal female mayor} but most of the rest of the state is loonie tunes conservative. Florida is a lot of the same but is turning the corner {hopefully}. The beautiful weather and the relaxed attitude has made my move worth coming to Florida.

As for your ex-by mentioning Tennessee and associations with both Tennessee and Pennsylvania, it is common for dreams to use those ties as metaphor. They would represent your inner emotions when it comes to the relationships. The dream references the states because of the associations with him.

As for the masculine/feminine aspects of the dream. Likely there are experiences/influences from early life that play into the equation. What type person and relationship did you have with your father? Your personality and personal attitudes would be built around early life experiences and influences and those would carry over into adulthood. Are there differences or similarities between your father and your ex? The relationship between your parents could be a part of the equation. Although the dream seems to be primarily addressing the past relationship with your ex it is also addressing the underlying emotions and foundations to your personality and attitudes. All dreams do this to some degree. If you want to know who you are and why you are that person look to childhood {and any traumatic or later life altering experiences}. Go deeper and you will discover much about yourself you were not aware of.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 66 Cocoa, Fla

Re: Running

Here is the meaning:
Dreaming of Running


Dreaming of seeing several people run:
Very bad news.

Dreaming of running yourself:

In a specific direction:
Fulfillment of desires.

Dreaming of running naked:

Dreaming of running after an enemy:

Dreaming of seeing children run:

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