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Girl/Bizarre Injury

Hey guys,

So I just had a really bizarre dream that I'm attempting to do a Jungian analysis on. Part of the dream I was running around an Egyptian cemetery climbing up really high tombs that had all sorts of amazing architecture incorporating the common Egyptian symbols. Then when I was walking around the place afterward, I meet an old girl that I knew from highschool and we hit it off, and eventually start making love. Then I start noticing that under my chin there is a perfectly symmetrical cut up to the neck, like that whole area of under the chin has been cut around the edges, and it starts to fall off! I quickly get bandages to keep it in place from falling off, but then am faced with seeing people (my mom is the only one I really remember though) that I proceed to try and tell that this is happening, and I probably need to go to the hospital. But before I'm able to do that I manage to wake up. So that's what it was. I can kind of understand the girl part, as I recently went through a break up and have been have had a couple rebound dreams so to speak lol. So yeah, clearly some anima stuff going on between this girl and my mom. But the real questions is why that particular injury. Why so specifically the section under my chin just up to the throat cut around perfectly symmetrically and falling off. I was thinking about throat chakra, but isnt that a little bit lower on the actual throat then the part right under the chin. Also, how does the Egyptian cemetery connect to this? I don't know, but I do really appreciate your guys help here interpreting. All the best to you all on this fine weekend. Look forward to conversing!

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Re: Girl/Bizarre Injury

The recent events between the girl and your mom undoubtedly is one aspect of what the dream is attempting to communicate. But there are other aspects as well the dream is focusing on {all dreams, all dream images have at least two applications/meanings}. Since because i have very limited info about your personal life I can only provide an outline of the emotional energies the images and actions are trying to convey {through the symbolic/metaphorical language of dreams}. There are deep seeded personality aspects that come from early life foundations, the experiences you grew up with that helped form your personality and personal attitudes. I would need much more info about you to get to the core of these emotional energies {dreams are about the emotions}. What I do when analyzing dreams is to amplify and interpret the images and actions and present them to the dreamer so they can determine how they fit. Here is how I read the images/actions from your dream.

Dream Title: Girl/Bizarre Injury
-anima aspects that need healing

Amplify/Interpreting of Images/Actions
-running around an Egyptian cemetery-sustained emotional energies related to foundational roots {buried} within the unconscious
-climbing up high tombs-overcoming hidden/elevated emotional aspects
-architecture-structures to personality and personal attitudes
-common Egyptian symbols-collective foundational energies that 'characterise' who you are
-met an old girl from high school-incorporated experiences from your past that, when realized are highly 'educational'
-start making love-integrating rejected aspects
-under my chin a perfectly symmetrical cut up to neck-consciously removing old attitudes/aspects creating balance between the mind/mental and the body/physical
-whole area under chin cut around edges-expressing true character that are limited by foundational boundaries
-starts to fall off-diminishing old attitudes in removal of old attitudes
-faced with seeing people {Mom}/try and tell what is happening/need to go to hospital-consciously becoming aware of a need for nurturing aspects that need healing

I will say there does seem to be issues from early life that need understanding and changes made in attitudes formed from them. The issues with the girl and your mother may go deeper than just the one experience. Look at your attitudes related to feminine relationships as well as your mother and see what comes from that. Because you are attempting to analyze your own dreams may be part of the dream, the attempted and needed healing aspects being the Jungian analysis {my analysis is primarily Jungian}.


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Re: Girl/Bizarre Injury

Thank you so much, Jerry! Really appreciate the help and interpretation here. How does one go about healing their anima? I am in one hundred percent agreement with this Jungian analysis! :)

All the best!

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Re: Girl/Bizarre Injury

I apologize for not replying sooner.

As to your question about how to heal the anima. First you need to discover where there the anima is wounded. The wounds, or to use a better set of termnology, deminished essential foundations, are there because there is something lacking in your psyche composition. The composition is who you are, the foundations to personality and personal attitudes. The best palce to look is childhood and your relationship and experiences with parents and people who were predominant influencial in the building of your psyche {your whole self, the mental as well as contributing physical factors}. What was influencial in your earliest years of life that would cause your anima condition? What was the relationship with your mother and father? What was the relationship between them? Were there people or experiences in childhood where the experiences contained strong emotional energies that could have helped form or contribute to your foundations? Basically it involves a deep search of who you are and why you are that person. Knowing this will allow you to understand why you are the persona you are, your personality and personal attitudes. You will begin to see what needs to be healed. You may be able to do this on your own or it may require working with a psychologist or therapist. Jungian psyche is all about healing the inner self {wounded child}.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 67 Cocoa, Fl

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