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I had a dream week ago where I was raped by a man. The person tricked me and had an organized approach to making me powerless in the moment. I thought, this person has done this before to others as they had a orchestrated/rehearsed approach. The individual who did it was an acquaintance from many years ago. He was/is an alcoholic and a lost soul.

I recently had a dream last night where this person was in the dream again. I remember plotting revenge against them.

My father was an alcoholic hence not sure if this is a masculine energy dream. No history of sexual abuse.

I also had a dream of a black crow going for my eye-(unconscious aspect blinding me). In day to day life am doing well, work too much, increase in irritability with me in dealing with my wife (some of it projected by me), and dealing with health issues. Thanks, B

Age/Gender & Location {Required/Post May Be Deleted If Not Provided}: 54 male Ohio

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search to Help Find Last Post} yes nov 2 2016

Re: rape

My usual method of analysis of a dream is to provide an amplification of the images and actions and then a summary. Unless I have personal info about the dreamer I am usually limited to providing an outline of the emotional energies of the dreamer. Added personal info helps in providing some detail to actual life experiences beyond the outline. The additional info about you father being an alcoholic probably plays into the dream language of " He was/is an alcoholic" and likely is a direct reference to your father. Here is the amplified images/actions and then my summary.

-raped by a man-negative feelings toward a person/persons of the same sex
-person tricked me-experiences {actual persons} diverting attention away from true self
-had an organized approach-pattern of emotions that cause a lack of self confidence
-person has done this before-repetitive emotions/experiences in your life
-had an orchestrated approach-co-ordinated experiences you have adapted to
-individual was an acquaintance-parts of self that are unknown/unconsciously driven
-an alcoholic-a desperate need to express oneself
-lost soul-need to find true self/feelings of self guilt

-plotting revenge-emotional imbalance

-black crow going for my eye-darker and unconsciously driven side of personality that have become conscious

The negative feelings are directed at both yourself and another person. The best candidate would be your father. Negative experiences in your life {especially early life} have diverted from what should be a normal life to a life that is 'out of balance'. These experiences have caused you to lack self confidence as a normal person would demonstrate and may cause you to have to act different so to compensate your lack of self confidence. The repetitive experiences/actions probably point to repetitive experiences in your life {negative} and could point to your repeating, or a fear of repeating, these actions against others. Adapting to the experiences likely are an expression of adapting to the negative experiences/actions as they occurred and could also point to adapting these actions in your own actions {your repeating/doing what you experienced/was done to you}. You are driven by unconscious energies related to these experiences and desperately need to express them so to rid yourself of feelings of self guilt.
There is an an emotional imbalance in your psychology {due to the experiences}
You are unconsciously controlled by the darker side of your psyche. This may point to actions/experiences in your early life that are now becoming, or a fear of becoming, a part of your personality.

Your dad is/was an alcoholic. Do you drink too much? And/or any psychological abuse by your father are now playing into your personality/personal attitudes. Are you repeating, or fear you may repeat, those actions? Becoming your father?

Reminder. A follow up response is requested to my analysis. A response helps in learning more about dreams as well as possibly providing new information about the dreams and yourself.


Age/Gender & Location {Required/Post May Be Deleted If Not Provided}: 67 Cocoa, Fl

Re: rape

Jerry, you are correct and after meditating on the interpretation here is what I discern.

My deceased father was an alcoholic. Both he and a older brother engaged in the art of public humiliation-more so my brother. It created a sense of toxic masculinity and general fear of social ostracism. I am an introvert naturally which makes the toxic effects more behaviorally manifested and low self confidence combined with hypervigilience make the social piece more taxing at times. All other domains, work, etc there is no hint of these issues, not to other people as well.

The trigger has been a recent episode of hospitalization and prolonged recovery. The pain meds were a darkening experience into themselves so much so that the pain was bearable with no meds and better mood than the opposite, and got off as soon as possible. I took a midlife inventory and decided I needed to change things in my life. Being more apart of a community socially, exercise, and not working myself to death which is just plan insane. Hence, the dreams.

I still have to push the issue with establishing more male relationships and in particularly in a community setting as well. I have no problem getting along with women. However withdrawal comes naturally and works against me sometimes in balancing. B

Age/Gender & Location {Required/Post May Be Deleted If Not Provided}: 54 male Oh

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search to Help Find Last Post} Yes, few days ago

Re: rape

I appreciate the response. It sums up what the dark side is in your life and what the dream is attempting to communicate {to inform you so a healing can begin}.

Undoubtedly the issue of making friends with males stem from childhood and the experiences with your father and brother. Your problem is not alcohol but that relationship {the unconscious energies from those experiences being the motivating forces in your conscious life}. Something you experienced in early life was passed on, retained within your psyche becoming governing agents in your conscious life. The dark side is the relationship with your father and brother. The rape is metaphorical for resentful feelings toward the same sex {for women it would be the opposite sex}. The black crow going for your eye is the darker side which unconsciously is the driven side of your personality.


Age/Gender & Location {Required/Post May Be Deleted If Not Provided}: 67 Cocoa, Fl

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