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Girlfriend washing my hair

I had a dream of a girlfriend washing my hair very tenderly. I was on one knee with head lowered for her to wash it. Then I put other food down so on both knees.

Then I got up with a white towel to dry, and said to guys sitting on floor please say Thank you to her when she returns.

We are separated at the moment due to a misunderstanding, but love and depression from separation there.

Does this infer a fresh beginning or an end?

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Re: Girlfriend washing my hair

My usual way of analyzing dreams is providing an amplification of the images and actions in a dream and then a summary of what I find. Below is my analysis of your dream with my amplification.

Tite: Girlfriend washing my hair
-Positive emotional aspects related with cleansing of developed attitudes

-a girlfriend washing my hair tenderly-Positive emotional aspects related with cleansing of developed attitudes of affection
-I was on one knee-conscious level of support related to unconscious attitudes
-with head lowered for her to wash it-submitting to developed attitudes that need to b cleansed/changed
-put food down so on both knees-suppression of unconscious attitudes related to emotional nourishment
-Then I got up with white towel to dry-positively finding a solution and dealing with emotions that need healing
-said to guys sitting on floor-masculine foundations
-say thank you to her when she returns-acknowledging inner emotions and appreciating help provided in healing

My sense of the dream is it is addressing the current situation with your actual girlfriend {you noted you are separated from her} as well as the deeper issues related to women in your life, in particular your mother. What was the relationship with your mother? Perhaps you were overly dependent on her {mother} or, there were negative aspects with her and this translate to relationships with women in adulthood.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 67 Cocoa, Fl

Re: Girlfriend washing my hair

Thank you for your reply. I am raised by a single mother, good relationship. She depended on me for support, but a very low maintenance delightful relationship.

The girlfriend has childhood hurt issues, wanted marriage and children with me but due to a misunderstanding, assumed I had rejected her.

She has her moon in scorpio, and has caused 2 problems for me. The first she has fixed.

Its possible she is fixing the 2nd by the washing of the hair. Washing away my worry and troubles.

Re: Girlfriend washing my hair

I'll provide a response as soon as I can in the next few days.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 67 Cocoa, Fl

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