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Baby boy pregnancy dream!

I had a dream last night where I was with my ex boyfriend (but I guess in my dream, we were still together) and with a friend of mine and my mom.my mom hands me a cute little necklace with a ice cream cone charm and I'm like "mami was is this for?" And she's like " we need to do a celebration " and I'm like "a celebration for what!?"
then I read the box where the ice cream cone Necklace Was In and It Said that Ice cream cones where a symbol of a baby boy! And I tell my mom "mami I'm not pregnant!" And she's like " yes you are,you have that pregnancy glow! " Idk but my mom just knew.

What does that mean? Mind you in real life he's my ex boyfriend but in my dream I guess we were still together. I didn't have a baby dump...

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Re: Baby boy pregnancy dream!

First it is probably best to state what dreams are about. They are nature's tool to help resolve emotional issues/conflicts. Just as the body has the immune system to heal and protect the psych{ology} has the dream. Dreams have a language of symbol and metaphor {with some literal associations such as your mom}. A house is symbolic for the dreamer, the house is you. The rooms of a house would be aspects of you, your personality, attitudes, etc. Dreams are about the emotions that need to be resolved. As a dream analyst and knowing nothing but your age and gender I am limited to providing an outline of the emotional energies in a dream. The more personal information I have the more I can provide as to the personal aspects the dream is trying to communicate.

Your Dream
My impression of the dream is there are issues related to relationships that need to be recognized and resolved. The emotional energies involve your mother with the friend and ex-bf being symbolic of rejected aspects that are ready to be incorporated {friend} related to relationships with a male or men. My sense is you have issues with relationships with men that your mother has experience with and you are now at a point in life where you are ready to sort these issues out. There could be issues with your mother on the issue of your relationships but my sense is she 'knows' how these things are {experience in life} and you are ready to listen and grow. The baby boy would represent new beginnings with males, developing new attitudes that will help in such relationships. Of course to provide a more accurate analysis I would need to know more about you and the relationship with your mother. There are other possibilities to do with actual pregnancy {perhaps a desire to be in a good relationship and have a baby}. What i your mother's relationship with your father? The dream may be addressing her experiences and the effects that has on you.

My usual analysis of a dream includes amplifying the images and actions {providing what each might represent}. Here is my amplification of your dream images/actions including the title which often provides clues to what the dream is about}.

Title: Baby Boy Pregnancy Dream
-New developes/attitudes related to the masculine {male/men}.

-with ex bf/friend/mom-rejected aspects related to relationships that are ready to be incorporated
-my mom hands me a little necklace with ice cream cone charm-
--mother-nurturing aspects
--necklace-unsatisfied desires
--with a ice cream cone charm-negative emotional energies related to protection
---ice cream-expressing negative emotions
---cone-flow of ideas/feelings
---charm {amulet}-the need to feel protected/gathering strength

-mami what is this for-rhetorical/questioning mother motives
-we need to do celebration-emotional release
-celebration for what-the reason for the emotional release
-read the box where necklace was in-destructive impluses caused by unsatisfied desires
-ice cream cones were a symbol of a baby boy-emotional energies related to masculine new beginnings
-tell mom i'm not pregnant-a part of you that needs growth
-yes you are, you have pregnancy glow-new perspective on developing aspects
-mom just knew-intuition/instincts


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 67 Cocoa, Fl

Re: Baby boy pregnancy dream!

Hi Gerald,

Thank you for responding. You said that your impression of My dream that there are issues to be resolved. In My relationship with this person, we have been on and off for a year. We recently broke up because we both realized that he could not give me what I need in a relationship and he is a liar. I have a perfect relationship with My mother, I am very family oriented. My mother has never brought around a random guy when I was younger, she's always been single and likes it that way. I don't have issues with men. The person that I was in a relationship with, the guy in My dream, he is My first boyfriend.

I do agree with you when you said "the baby boy would represent new beginnings with males, developing new attitudes that will help in such relationships."

Maybe the baby boy pregnancy can mean that I will be moving on from My ex boyfriend and meet someone new. Or since my ex boyfriend was in the dream, maybe it could mean that I will have a new start with him, we both mature.

No I am not actually pregnant, in my dream, My mom just knew that I was even though I didn't have a dump or anything. The friend in the dream had no involvement.the relationship that My mom has with my father is nonexistent. She was a single parent to me a My older sister, There are no hard feelings tho. Yes I desire to be in a good relationship,who doesn't haha! If it was up to me, I wish I could make it work between me and my ex, he is My first love but if he can't give me what I need out of the relationship, then I have to move on.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 22/female

Re: Baby boy pregnancy dream!

Two things I took away from the dream was the relationship with your mother and a desire/need to be in a positive relationship with a male. The amplification of pregnancy glow as a new perspective on developing aspects related to the romantic relationship with. You confirm this aspect and I believe it is a primary focus of the dream. Unsatisfied desires for a/in a relationship and nurturing aspects. Also a need to feel protected which could be a basis for the desire for a relationship.

You state you had a perfect relationship with your mother. What about your father? The need to feel protected, could that have associations with your father? What was the relationship between your mother and father? The underlying question for me is why do you have this great need/desire for a relationship {beyond the strong and natural needs of male/female relationships?}. Usually there was something lacking in childhood that are causes for new 'attitudes' in adulthood. I believe this is an area that needs further exploration, the underlying reasons.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 67 Cocoa, Fl

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