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Sex dream with stranger

My dream:

I was lying on my stomach on a bed in a room that looked like a hotel room. I was naked and a stranger, whose face I couldn't make out, was standing at the end of the bed. I was spread out. I can't remember what he said, but he then grabbed my calves and pulled me towards him. I felt anticipation and his hard dick against my butt and my heart was beating strong against the bed. He said something about "being prepared" before he pulled my legs up and penetrated me roughly once, then waited, pulled completely out and back in.
He dropped me back on the bed and took a black, thin cord. He gently took my arms and restrained them on my back with the cord. It was rather loose and didn't hurt.
I heard myself telling him to use lube and shortly after he was rather roughly working my ******* open. I could feel the stretch and burn but still asked for a second finger, which he worked in afterwards.
He seemed to be rather impatient and was rough while doing it.

I dreamed out of the perspective of my own body. So I felt what my body felt and saw out of my own eyes.
I never had such a vivid dream before. What does it mean?

Age/Gender & Location {Required/Post May Be Deleted If Not Provided}: 33, Germany

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Re: Sex dream with stranger

I need to know your gender, male or female, to provide an accurate analysis of your dream. I could guess using the content of the dream but it is best to know before hand.


Age/Gender & Location {Required/Post May Be Deleted If Not Provided}: 67 Cocoa, Fl

Re: Sex dream with stranger


Age/Gender & Location {Required/Post May Be Deleted If Not Provided}: 33, female, Germany

Re: Sex dream with stranger

I have analyzed your dream and provided the amplification of the images and actions below. All except the last part of the dream since it seems to be more personal in nature which would reflect personality and current personal attitudes toward sex.

In summary my sense of the dream is there are issues that stem from early life experiences that have strong influences on your personality and attitudes {toward life and probably sex}. There may be repressed experiences during your early years that lend themselves to who you are today. These are negative energies that exert themselves in your conscious life. Specifically to do with sex and your overall emotions. In other words the early life experiences {possibly involving sexual encounters} have help formed your personality and personal attitudes. Not only to do with sex but in your life overall. There are undeveloped traits because of these experiences and inner emotional energies that need to be exposed. Left alone you may find yourself in a dark place.

Look back to early life/childhood and determine what experiences there could have been that you would want to repress because of the pain they caused and could cause if brought to consciousness. There could have been a 'literal' stranger involved {many dream images are both metaphorical as well as literal}. The experience likely involved sex. Th dream is attempting to bring out these experiences so you can remove the negative impact and find wholeness and true happiness. Without indepth personal information I am limited to providing an outline of these energies and possible experiences. It could be you have recently begun to realize something is out of sync in your life and you are now ready to make needed changes in finding happiness and wholeness. But until you resolve the inner issues related to the early life experiences your outer life will remain the same. It is a psychological issue that needs addressing and resolution.

Amplification of Images and Actions
Sex Dream with a Stranger
-sex dream-the integration and merging of contrasting aspects of yourself to achieve psychological wholeness
-with stranger-a part of yourself that is repressed and hidden

Dream Content
-lying on my stomach-fixed/accepted emotional energies {fixed attitudes}
-on a bed-bridge between conscious and unconscious/intimate situations
-looked like a hotel room-aspect of self related to change of identity
-I was naked-exposing inner aspects
-stranger couldn't make out-repressed aspects within your unconscious
-standing at end of bed-unconscious emotional energies that are exerting themselves in conscious life
-I was spread out-dispersing inner energies
-couldn't remember what he said-unknown unconscious contents
-grabbed my ankles-gripped by the need for emotional support
-pulled me towards him-conscious direction caused by conscious energies
-felt anticipation-conscious expectations/how you live life
-hard penis against butt-power feelings of aggression that are controlling conscious life
-heart was beating strong against bed-unconscious emotional energies controlling conscious life
-being prepared-being or becoming consciously aware
-pulled my legs up-energies that are taking control
-penetrated me roughly once-infiltrating energies from one experience
-waited-passing time
-pulled completely out and back in-consciously experienced,unconsciously repressed


Age/Gender & Location {Required/Post May Be Deleted If Not Provided}: 67 Cocoa, Fl

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