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chased by pregnant vampire, eating kitchen towels

Dream 1: I dreamt i was in My old apartment that ii shared with a friend. Im standing in the kitchen doing the dishes When i put the wettex kitchen towel normally used to clean tables in My mouth. For some reason i want to hide What im doing from someone. Then Im at a toilet in The school i went to When i was 6. Im hiding and i want to remove the towel from My mouth. Im in the toilet Because i dont want Anyone to see me. When i try to remove the towel i notice my mouth is full of paper kitchen towels and the more of them i remove the more paper is in My mouth. It is like it is Growing. Its awful. And Tastes bad

Dream 2: A nightmare. I Dream Im being chased by a pregnant woman. the woman in the Dream is a real woman WHo is famous Where i live. She catches up with me and bites me in My neck. Sucking blood.

I'd be really grateful for an answer.

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Re: chased by pregnant vampire, eating kitchen towels

The first thing I would look at from the first dream is from the title. What emotional experiences from your past are you running away from? It possesses strong psyche energies that are capable of draining you emotionally. You may have repressed the experience or just pushed out of mind so not to be face the pain it caused. It would likely have affected your personality {but perhaps not knowing this}.

The second aspect of the dream that stands out is the line, "I am in the toilet in school at age 6. Often the mention of an age points to an actual time frame of a real experience {although the age reference usually comes in the very first of a dream. Was there an experience at age 6 that possessed strong emotional energies that you need to let out {elimination/toilet}? The dream strongly suggests repression of an experience {I am hiding}.

Another aspect I sense is there may have been a situation where you were in daily contact with experiences where the related emotions need to be expressed. Your overall life experiences in early life may be the subject being addressed with one particular experiences highlighting the negative situations. Your developing psyche and personality would have been affected, perhaps extremely so.

The last thing I would look at is the relationship with your mother and/or experiences/traits/attitudes the two of you may have shared.

Let me know your thoughts and perhaps we can gain more from your response.

Here is the amplification of the images and actions from your dream {something I provide with most dreams}. You may see something in them that opens your mind to things forgotten or repressed.

Dream Title
chased by pregnant vampire
-avoiding an issue that could/would drain your emotional energies/a past experience that affects something that is to develop or is developing in your future

-I was in my old apartment-aspects related to past ego life
-I shared with friend-positive aspect of self
-standing in the kitchen doing dishes-an aspect related to nurturing and cleansing
-put wettex kitchen towel in my mouth-expressing in your daily life what you have absorbed
-normally used to clean tables-removing what was normal in social life
-I wanted to hide what I was doing from someone-repressing emotional energies
-I am at a toliet in school at age 6-eliminating what you learned/experienced at age 6 that affected your ego life
-I am hiding-keeping something a secret/repression
-remove the towel from my mouth-expressing and removing emotional energies
-I'm in toliet -a need to release emotions
-because I don't want anyone to see me-hiding something from oneself/repression
-try to remove towel I notice mouth is full of kitchen towels-trying to express what is repressed would require dealing with more negative emotions
-like it is growing-mulitplying the emotional energies
-tastes bad-negative ego aspects

Second Dream
-nightmare-strong unconscious disturbance
-being chased by pregnant woman-avoiding developed emotions
-woman is real woman who is famous where I live-real person/woman in your life like yourself/unrealized aspirations
-she catches up with me-old emotional energies resurfacing
-bites me in neck-unconscious energies causing conscious emotional injury
-sucking blood-draining emotional energy


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 67 Cocoa, Fl

Re: chased by pregnant vampire, eating kitchen towels

Nightmares carry a strong message from the unconscious to the ego.

Seems that you are feel threatened by something and are running away from it, it eventually catches you and is draining your ego energy. What is draining your energy?

Famous persons are often narcissists. They had some lack in childhood, lack of love and so they want to be admired, loved to by all, fill the void and are using a lot of energy to achive fame, glory, love, but in the end it is seldom enough, they are never satisfied,...

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 31, M

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