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. The dream was kind of meshed up eoth my dream right before, I dream a lot and they all float together so their endings and beginnings are never really clear. In the dream before, if it matters at all, i was at my rich friend's house, it was a gorgeous house with a huge garden, he then also showed us other houses he had close by, all equally gorgeous, it was a sunny day and we used a control that allowed us to control everything in his garden, fountains, trees ect.

So now to my interesting mother in law dream:

I dreamt that i was supposed to fly somewhere (australia I think) and my boyfriend was going to be there too but he would only arrive a fee hours later. So I had some time to spend and was not quite sure what to do then as I didn't know anyone there. (In waking life my bf and I study in a different country than the one we both grew up in but we both met in the country we are studying now. We travel a lot and go back home together aometimes) as I am walking down the street, suddenly my boyfriend's mother appears. I go to her and we start having a VERY pleasant conversation. She tells me about her son and what he is like amd what he likes amd dislikes, we speak about him being musical and how he plays the guitar and I sing to it (true in real life) but also about him being hard-working (he's a doctor in real life) and similar things. The conversation is very pleasant. We are standing on some stairs when she makes a wreath out of leaves and **** it on my head. She is very happy and mentions something about marriage, as if to give me her blessing to marry her son and we briefly talk about marriagw, i get very happy amd excited ams we both run up the stairs. She asks me if i would like some food, i say yes and we go to a starbucks where she asks if i mind sharing a snack and drink. I agree to do so and am happy in my dream that she wants to share it with me, i feel included and closer to her. Afterwards we just sit and talk and it is all very positive, we have lots of fun and she hugs me a lot and shows me that she really loves me. She hugs me like a LOT A LOT A LOT haha and i enjoy it a lot too, all very positive. And in my dream i keep thinking how I can't wait to twll my boyfriend about how I spend the time he wasn't there with his mother and we had such a good time.

In real life, my boyfriend and I have been together for a bit over 1 year. We have a happy relationship, it's not 100% perfect but he is great and last night before I had this dream he took me out for dinner (and paid as always), we hadn't seen each other for a couple pf days because we were both travelling ao he was super excited to see me and in a great mood, constantly happy :)

I have met his parents a couple of times, but because they don't live in the same country I haven't spend that much time with them and we are not that close. It would be nice to be closer to them but they are very friendly from what I do know. His family is very rich and they can be a little distanced but I think it has more to do woth their culture, they also also slightly more distanced with their own children. The times I have met his mom, especially last time, we did spend some time together with just his his parents and I when my boyfriend was graduating and it was nice to get to know them better. Im sure they like me amd are positive about me, but he also has two older sisters who have had boyfriends for a long time so I don't think they see me as very "important" right now. They are a traditional family, however, so marriage is very much a thing and they have talked about their daugters gettinf married amd my boyfriend's dad already has a speech prepared for his daughter ect.

What do you think this dream about my boyfriend's mom means?

She is coming to visit him here next weekend, and I would love to get to know her better ams spend time with her too. had a very pleasant, warm, loved feeling during the dream and when I woke up, still now actually when thinking about it.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: Female, 22

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Re: Mother-in-law

I forgot to add that in waking life I am currently writing a university paper and was wondering wether the wreath she gave me might be associated eith that?
She also paid for the food we shared in Starbucks while I went to sit down.
Another detail is that my ex boyfriend, who i was together with for 3 years, had a very loving mother in law, we got on very well and we were very close. I love my current boyfriend though and am happy to be with him. As for the financial situation, both my ex's and my current boyfriend's families are very rich,
but they are not boasty and I am quite comfortable financiallytoo, but not AS rich.

Re: Mother-in-law

I will work on your dream and should have an analysis tomorrow afternoon {Florida time}. My first impression on one aspect of the dream {there are always at least two} is you desire to be accepted by your current bf's mother. A desire for completeness and improvements in the relationship with her {the dream language 'wreath out of leaves}. A deeper aspect would be addressing your own inner acceptance of some aspect of nurturing. Perhaps it is pointing to a compensation of 'nurturing' {mothers} that is/was/has been lacking with your own mother. This should come out in the analysis {or at least partially}.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 67 Male Cocoa, Fl

Re: Mother-in-law

Hi Jerry,

Thanks so much for your reply and for taking the time to analyse my dream. Very excited to read it.

Love Florida by the way, you're very lucky to be living there!

Re: Mother-in-law

No doubt the dream is addressing the relationship with your bf's mother. But I get the sense the dream is as much about nurturing aspects, being accepted by a mother. that begs the question, 'what was the relationship with your mother'? The importance of being accepted by his mother could be addressing both issues with the mother representing emotional/physical nourishment. Are there unresolved issues with nurturing aspects in your life {early life especially}, with your mother? All dreams have two or more meanings/applications and my sense is this dream is primarily about nourishment {mothers} and being accepted by your bf's mother may be a substitute for a mother's attention and nourishment, being accepted by both his mother and your own mother.

If there is not an issue with your mother then the 'other' application {besides the acceptance of his mother} then look to your mother's {and yours} relationship with your dad. The dream does reference an undeveloped masculine aspect {within you} and that could be due to the father relationship. If there was a negative relationship between your mother and father then the importance of being accepted by his mother would address the issue of relationships between male and female {as noted in at least one instance in the dream}. The 'mother-in-law' reference may be about 'legal' {law} or proper relationships. This dream language and amplified interpretation could point to this:
-tells about her son/likes and dislikes-undeveloped masculine aspects that are positive and negative
-about him being musical-developed harmonious integration of masculine aspects/creative aspects

As I stated, and what fits with your current life {emotional energies} is the relationship with your 'possible future' mother-in-law. The importance of 'being accepted' is paramount in your life. But with all dreams the deeper issues of your emotional life is being addressed as well. The mother-in-law would be symbolic of something other than your bf's mother. And often mothers represent emotional/physical nourishment, something that is vital in early life. If not there as a child then the likelihood is there will be a search for that nourishment throughout life. That could make it even more important there is acceptance by your bf's mother, she could be a substitute for your mother. Of course if your relationship with your mother was strong in 'all aspects' then there would be something else that his mother would represent {there may have been something lacking even if the relationship was 'OK'}.

Amplification if Images and Actions
Title: Mother-in-law
-unresolved issues related to inner/outer nurturing that needs resolution

-was supposed to fly somewhere-extending your latitude/actual experience
-bf going to be there-your masculine aspects/actual bf
-arrive few hours later-masculine aspects that are not completely developed
-time to spend/not sure what to do-coping with pressures/unsure about some aspect
-walking down street-progressing in life
-mother-in-law suddenly appears-new and unexpected visible aspects related to nurturing/actual experience
-start having a pleasant conversation-inner communication
-tells about her son/likes and dislikes-undeveloped masculine aspects that are positive and negative
-about him being musical-developed harmonious integration of masculine aspects/creative aspects
-how he plays guitar-playing with emotions
-him being hard working-working hard to live up to masculine expectations
-standing on stairs-higher level of understanding {aspects within yourself}
-makes wreath out of leaves-bonding and growth over time
-mentions something about marriage-union of opposing emotions
-gives her blessing-positive outlook of nurturing aspects
-we both run up stairs-issues that are competing to be understood/resolved
-asks me if i would like some food/I say yes-in need of emotional/physical nourishment
-we go to Starbucks-critical desirability/interest to nurturing aspects
-sharing a snack-allocation of collating nurturing
-happy she wants to share it with me-sharing of feminine/nurturing aspects
-feel included/closer to her-positive emotional aspects related to nurturing aspects


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 67 Male Cocoa, Fl

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