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Two odd dreams

I've had dreams about death, since I was a child; one of the first dreams I remember was about murder. I've grown used to these dreams. When I have one, I no longer have a disturbed feeling in my gut like before. I simply wake up and continue the day. However, there is two that still stick out to me.

Just a warning these are long.

The first is about and woman and a monster. This is a based story dream, its less violent more creepy. A woman has a curse put onto her where the rule is counting back from 1 am a monster would appear in the streets.

It had the fleshy pink and yellowish appearance of a human turned inside out, and with its fat melted like wax on it. One eye was distinctly visible, that eye was a light blue color, almost unnaturally blue. It did not run, but shuffled in an inhuman manner, like its leg was wounded.

The story starts in a very dark Victorian era street, things are blurry and distorted, there's an unnatural yellow light, its illuminating the street from bent and warped lamps.The monster first appears here, the woman gets out of a cart and immediately sees the monster in the street. The thing is standing still and motionless, its eye is clearly seen. The street is empty. There's a moment of connection and this woman realizes what she is looking at. She starts to run to her home. She has to run towards the thing and it starts shuffling forward. For some reason she bangs on the door first, allowing the creature to get closer. She unlocks the door in time and slams it shut, knowing the monster can't get inside unless its invited. The dream shifts and the woman is sitting watching her window, the monster is staring in through it. An hour goes by and it leaves. She's safe for now.

Time shifts again in the dream, and now the woman has an archaic tomb of sorts, she is reading it for answers. Several things are now revealed. One: the monster is only seen by her, anyone else who sees is not in danger. However, they cannot attack it or destroy it. Even if the monster could be seen by all, no weapons would ever harm it. No matter where you ran, it could find you, even the strength of the military can not destroy it. Two: The tomb mentions that one has, thirteen days to break the curse. This is before the monster can appear in midday. All that is known is its basically game over once it hits the middle of the day, as 'it' can appear whenever, and stay however long it likes.

We are again inside a dark wood home and the woman is in a circle, the tomb is in the middle of this spell circle. She's frantically searching for answers. Another odd time skip has occurred, and this woman is now living in more modern times than the Victorian era. It is possible, by how she is speaking, that there is another in the room. There's a repeated number four days, and a repeated phrase, I'm running out of time.

Time jumps back again we're shown an earlier point in the dream its nearly sunset, the woman stayed out too late. She's with an friend and in the open streets, some people are around. The friend sees the monster, and the main woman grabs her friend, telling them they have to hide. They make it just in time to a house, it has white painted boards surrounding its stilts. They find a side entrance to the garage like area, and hide. The hour goes by and they are safe again, the creature has dissipated. Its unknown why the friend could see it.

We go back the house one more time, more days have passed. Time is erratic now, almost irrelevant. There is still no answer. The dream ends with the woman standing in a crowded street, its modern times again, everything it bright. But in a moment set up like a movie scene, the woman's face is visible, (its not my face). She's not wide eyed, but expressionless, almost like someone accepting their fate. The vision cuts to the crowd behind her, she's turning and looking. Everyone's face is blurry except, the creature has appeared again. Its standing motionless, eerily still, the eye is prominent. Its midday and she has nowhere to run and hide in time. The dream ends...

Second dream is shorter more violent. A man walks into a cell, confronting his friend who suddenly went insane. the cell is filled with knee high water, the man enters wading in the water, his friend sits in the water at chest height. The room is dark, barley any light, the walls blackened and rusted.

His friend is grinning, laughing erratically, he's in a untied and unkempt straight jacket. The stable man says something, its inaudible. The crazy one just cackles, and says, "thank you for visiting me!". He's takes his long thumbnail, and rips it across his inner forearm, gashing it wide open. Electricity lights up the water. The stable mans body explodes open, his entrails hit the roof of the cell. The water becomes red, and the man falls away his organs, now stuck to the roof, pulling away with his body. As he falls, the crazy man is now roaring with laughter, his grin toothy and unnaturally wide. The dream ends here. There is an odd post scene, it contains a shark which seems to spewing up a mass of worm like parasites, they are covered in blood, but I don't know why that's there.

Please excuse any spelling or grammar errors. If something doesn't make sense, just ask me. Thank you.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: female, 23

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Re: Two odd dreams

I am going to analyze this dream {the second short dream} a bit differently. Not so much a difference as I normally analyze a dream but to the greater extent in amplifying the images and actions. I am doing this to illustrate how one can use my dream dictionaries to interpret dreams. I will break down each sentence and in many instances each word in an effort to get to each one's meaning/application. This will take much more time than a usual analysis {which itself takes time} but will hopefully demonstrate how most anyone can analyze a dream simply using my dream dictionaries. In this post I will provide my amplification of the first paragraph and let you read it and hopefully respond to your thoughts. The opening paragraph usually outlines what the dream message{s] is. I'll work on the rest of the dream and present my findings in a separate post.

First Paragraph/Second Dream
A man walks into a cell, confronting his friend who suddenly went insane. the cell is filled with knee high water, the man enters wading in the water, his friend sits in the water at chest height. The room is dark, barely any light, the walls blackened and rusted.

Amplification of Images/Actions

1-man walks into cell-going through life being held prisoner by masculine aspects/male experiences
---man-masculine aspect
---walks-progressing through life
---into cell-held prisoner {cell} by inner emotions {into}

2-confronting his friend who suddenly went insane-rejected masculine aspect/retreat from reality/aspects that are out of control
1] emotional aspects/inner and outer masculine conflicts that need acknowledgement/resolution
2] literally confronting a male you have repudiated {his friend}
---his friend-rejected masculine aspects {when acknowledged will lead to healing/positive aspect}
---suddenly went insane-redrawal from reality/waking ego life

3-cell is filled with knee high water-consciously restriction with unconscious energies causing feelings of inadequecy
---cell-restricted aspects in personal growth
---filled-total self permeated by emotional energies
---knee high water-small part of self controlling your emotions

4-man enters wading in the water-masculine aspects controlling emotions
---man enters-surreptitious {unconscious} infiltrating masculine aspects
---wading in water-power and control {wading} of unconscious energies {water}

5-his friend sits in water at chest high-emotionally submissive to unconscious rejected aspects of inadequecy
---his friend-rejected/imposing masculine aspects
---in water-unconscious energies
---chest high-level of the heart/emotions

6-the room is dark-a specific aspect exists in the unconscious
---room-a specific aspect
---is dark-exists in the unconscious

7-barely any light-scarce understanding/illumination
---any light-illumination

8-walls are blackened and rusted-barriers and limitations that exist in the unconscious causing damage because of neglect
---walls are-barriers/limitations exists

Summary of Total Analyzed Parts
1-going through life being held prisoner by masculine aspects/male experiences
2-rejected masculine aspect/retreat from reality/aspects that are out of control
3-consciously restriction by unconscious energies causing feelings of inadequecy
4-masculine aspects controlling emotions
5-emotionally submissive to unconscious aspects of inadequecy
6-a specific aspect exists in the unconscious
7-scarce understanding/illumination
8-barriers and limitations that exist in the unconscious causing damage/feelings of inadequecy

Opening Dream Statement
You are going through life being held prisoner by emotional energies related to masculine characteristics*/characters. These controlling energies cause a retreat from reality because they lead to a loss of control of your emotional self. Consciously this results in feelings of inadequacy. There is a specific unconscious aspect, probably the result of a negative experience{s} in life, that consciously you are not aware of {at least not fully} that is the cause of the feelings of inadequacy.

The feelings of inadequacy are usually the result of early life 'learning'/experiences. The masculine aspect would be, on one level, a lack of development with/in masculine aspects {example: not having a father in early life or a father that did not fulfill his proper role which causes a lack of inner masculine traits}. On another level it could point to actual negative masculine experiences which psychologically are at the center of your feelings of inadequacy {self esteem may be a more appropriate word}. These experiences have caused limitations to your personal growth which is essential in living a fulfilling life. You can not reach your potential as long as these energies exist.

Let me know your thoughts as I work on the rest of the dream. In my analysis of this dream I am testing how well consulting my dream dictionaries works. I am in the process of creating a page{s] that will allow a person to analyze/interpret their own dreams using my dream dictionaries. Thus far, from the amplification of the opening sentence, the results looks good.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 67 Male Cocoa, Fl

Re: Two odd dreams

You hit the nail on the head. This dream was from years ago I was roughly 17 at the time, sorry if I didn't include that information. I was going through some heavy mental health issues, some had steam from the situation I was in living overseas. Some from a divorce with my parents, and some from childhood issues with my father.

My Mother always recounted our good relationship as mother and daughter, she said my father was jealous of it. Things only became worse when I grew older. At its zenith, I seriously began to retreat into a fantasy world, recreating a world I wanted in a virtual reality game.

During this time, the nightmares had started too. They weren't as violent until between 16-22 years of age. However, they did wake me up in the middle of the night, feeling as though I was going to vomit.

I'm not going to discuss anymore personal details than that, its just to add context to what you had analyzed. Which is completely correct.I understand this is a dream interpretation forum, not a place to air out all my grievances. And honestly I have been getting better, I'm pretty much over the mental health issues, a few things pop up here and there though.

Thank you for your time and analyses.

PS. Could you please direct me to more information of this, masculine aspect/s, I'm curious and I'd like to look into it.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: female, 23

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} yes, Dec 25

How Did You Find the Dream Forum? yes

Re: Two odd dreams

Here is my analysis of the rest of the second dream. I amplified the images and actions but not to the extent as I did the first paragraph. My sense of this last part is it illustrates your emotional condition as it is now.

-friend is grinning, laughing erratically-rejected negative masculine aspects causing insecurities/a need to let go of issues {laughing}/search of something or someone that will make bring about wholeness to total self
-he's in untied and unkempt straight jacket-aspects related to masculine/male who had 'unkempt' responsibilities creating self esteem issues and restricted personal growth
-stable man says something inaudible-positive masculine aspects not being heard/experienced
-crazy one says "thank you for visiting"-visiting reasons for having been ignored by masculine
-he takes his long thumbnail/rips across inner arm-on the constant defense due to negative forces of unfulfilled masculine nurturance
-gashing it wide open-deep wounds from unresolved issues
-electricity lights up water-unconscious energies affecting whole life {life energies}
-stable man's body explodes open-lack of inner balanced mascline aspects causing repressed anger
-his entrails hit the roof of the cell-inner emotions of despair/hopelessness causing unexpressed anger and restricting wholeness in life
-water becomes red-unconscious anger
-the man falls away his organs-psychological health related to overwhelming emotions
-now stuck to roof-permanent emotional energies within unconscious
-pulling away from his body-masculine aspects influencing self esteem/self worth {body}
-as he falls-lacking control
-crazy man roaring with laughter-losing sight of goals prolonging {roaring} your insecurities {being laughted at}
-his grin toothy and unnaturally wide-acceptance of issues causing extensive/abnormal conscious life

The issues from childhood are controlling much of your life and need resolution. You ask about the 'masculine' aspects and more information. The man in your dreams are referencing the outer issues with your father as well as the injured/undeveloped masculine inner self. To better understand the inner masculine aspects read my page 'The Anima/Animus In Jungian Psychology'. There is a short video that explains your inner masculine.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 67 Male Cocoa, Fl

Re: Two odd dreams

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