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Negative Entity attacking while floating/trying to escape.

I have always had vivid dreams but this on was too scary. I was floating on a platform like object while a squad of females and males came to attack me. The males would hit me in my head or in the center of my back as I was floating/trying to escape. It was like I was being held up by something and shoved near the corner of my bed room. When I tried to wake up to take control, I fell back asleep and the dream resumed!!! This happened about 3 times. I just could not get away. What does this mean? I have had similar dreams where I am floating in a chair but once again, its as if something is holding me up. Please help me with this. I don't want to sleep tonight.


Amy Sweet

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Re: Negative Entity attacking while floating/trying to escape.

First let me state I am able to provide only an outline of the emotional energies and not actual experiences in your life that are the cause/reason for them. I can provide 'possible' insights to some personal aspects {like the males possibly being your father}.

My sense of the dream is it {and other dreams} is addressing issues from childhood related to a male or males. Where there issues of emotional or/and physical abuse in childhood, possibly by your father? These type of experiences more often or not help form attitudes in later life {in particular toward men or male relationships}. Whatever is emotionally 'attacking' you needs to be realized, understood and let go of {a function of dreams is to help realize these aspects}. As long as they are not realized {you may be repressing them because of the emotional pain} they will have control of you and your life.

Here is the amplification of the images and actions.

Dream Title
Negative Entity attacking while floating/trying to escape
-negative entity-inner negative qualities
-attacking-feeling threatened by unconscious energies
-floating-letting go
-trying to escape-liberation by running away from emotional energies/repressing painful experiences

Dream Contents
-floating on a platform-letting go of a position/attitude
-while a squad of females and males-complexes of choosing between male and female {mother/father-Complex of OedipusElektra}
-came to attack me- conscious aspects being threatened/attacked by unconscious energies

-males would hit me in my head-masculine aspects making you feel powerless psychologically creating negative perception of men
-in the center of my back-conscious life centered around the unconscious energies that motivate you
-as I was floating/trying to escape-letting go and liberating yourself from emotional energies

-like I was being held up by something-unconscious energies preventing a letting go of negative conscious attitudes
-shoved near the corner of my bed room-prompted by frustrations that are hidden {possibly related sexual aspects}. not in control of these aspects

-tried to wake up to take control- managing what is lacking
-I feel back asleep-losing control due to unconscious energies/repression of negative experiences

-floating in a chair-letting go of unconscious attitudes/controlling energies

A response is requested as promised before posting.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 67 Cocoa, Fla

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