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I was driving in a convertible with the top down. it could have been a new convertible. Since I had some personal items near or on the passenger's door, I pressed the button to automatically put the top up. Before this happened, a doctor I;m seeing for some health problems hopped in the passenger's seat. If it makes a difference. i think of this doctor as a balanced person who is easy to get along with. I was hoping he wouldn't notice my personal items on the door and I don't think he did notice them because the edge of the top might have covered them. I think the top didn't go up when he hoppedd in so I was probably driving with the top down.

When I mentioned personal items, one of the items was a used tampon!

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: female

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Re: convertible

I apologize for not getting to your dream sooner. Many responsibilities plus designing new web pages providing instructions on how to interpret your own dreams.

My sense from the dream is you are conforming to unconscious emotional energies, following what you learned/experienced earlier in life. There may have been prior experiences that either contribute to this adaption to the energies or even be responsible for them. The dream also seems to addressing recent experiences related to the earlier life 'learned' experiences. The references to the private items {tampon} may or may not involve sexual activity. Something unconscious {learned experiences} causes you to act in a certain way. There may also be repression of past experiences but none the less the energies still motivate if not control you.

Look at childhood and determine what those experiences might be. They are motivating/controlling factors in your attitudes and actions as an adult.

As is my practice in analyzing dreams I provide an application of the images in the dream. Taking the

Amplification of Images/Actions

Dream Title
covertable-transparency/conforming to unconscious energies

-driving in a convertible-what 'drives/influences' your attitudes/actions needs to be transparent {for/to you}
-with top down-advancing unconscious emotional energies

-could have been new convertible-recent experiences related to these emotional issues
-have personal items {tampon}-private aspects
-tampon-aggressive energies that need a release
-on the passenger's door-aspects you can not control due to limitations {developed attitudes}
-I pressed button-'pressing your buttons' causing conscious emotional reaction
-to automatically put top up-natural reaction to repress emotions

-before this happened-prior experiences
-doctor I'm seeing for health problems-emotional healing for stressful experiences
-hopped into passenger's seat-bound by what you are not in control of

-hoping he wouldn't notice personal items-not acknowledging aggressive energies
-on door-because of barriers {repression}
-didn't notice them-not being aware
- edge of top might have covered them-repressing outline of unconscious energies
-think top didn't go up when he hopped in-giving in to aggressive energies
-driving with top down-letting unconcious energies control you


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 67 Cocoa, Fla

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