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Re: church seating

Your statement, "Surprisingly, many of the astrological aspects were different than they were with this aggressive male so I guess it varies by the match or doesn't stay the same."

Not so surprising if you consider what I stated about astrology being general in its applications. remember the teacher who gave his students their supposedly personal horoscopes and got a reaction that yes, they fit. He had given everyone the same horoscope. In general they will fit but so does a one size fits all.


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Re: church seating

I'll respond to this post and the respond to you last reply in another post. I do appreciate your willing to share your experiences since it helps demonstrate the connect of the dream energies to your actual life experiences.

You were attracted to this offending male partly if not wholly because of the unconscious energies related to your relationship with your father. Foundations in life {what you learn and experience as a child} become motivators for personal attitudes/traits/ and even actions in later life. The psyche has a way of making choices based on these foundational experiences. With the limited knowledge of your life {age and gender} I can only provide an outline of the emotional energies illustrated by the symbols/images and actions in your dream. With the additional info you provided in your responses I can connect the dream energies with actual life experiences.

As for being assertive. Yes, you are compensating for the experiences with your father. It is a positive sign as long as you don't become over assertive, over compensate which could become a negative in certain situations. Recognizing the controlling aspect in this relationship is good for your personal growth and may help with choosing future relationships {as long as you don't over compensate}. This guy is 'your father' in the controlling aspects and the dream is attempting to point this out. The really good decision you made was to post your dream for analysis so this could be point to and for you to realize {providing this service and having the dreamer realize the connections is my reward}.

Looking at your response in your last response may point to aspects of over compensation. "I think my main issue with him has been his uncontrollable behavior which I wanted to control instead of him controlling me." This could pose problems if not realized and corrected. The unconscious energies to be controlling is another aspect you 'learned' in early life from your father.

As for scared and scared. You may be scared to confront your controlling father but as a motivating energy in your psyche it is a sacred, most important thing to not let that happen in your adult life.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 67 Cocoa, Fla

Re: church seating

Wow, this is a real eye opener. Now, I realize why I have felt more like myself or at ease with gentler men or men who have a little more feminine energy. This is the type of man who would be good for me? A better word than controlling his uncontrollable behavior would be to stop it, but I see that as a good thing because his uncontrollable behavior is abusive.

Yes, I've always been afraid to confront my father because it would cause him to get more out of control if I did. I guess this male also lost control over little things.

I haven't had to personally deal with another male as aggressive as this male who was in my dream. I didn't understand what attracted to me to him in the first place so this dream analysis helped me to understand it better. I guess I'll just avoid his type in the future. Thanks!

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