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mean childhood friend

In this dream, I was in a room with some males trying to catch a small mouse on the loose. I can't remember if there was another dream with some type of public food banquet before it. I'm not sure if a tv show I watched that night triggered this dream. The tv show focused on a dangerous small pet that escaped right through the door when it was opened and the characters searched all over the building for it. I was thinking maybe I should cover up the crack at the bottom of the door with a towel or something so the mouse couldn't fit throught it, but right then the mouse ran through it or right past me. It entered through another door crack across the hall. Somehow where I was changed to the bedroom in the house of a childhood best friend I grew up with. (In real life, this friend caused me emotional pain because I thought she was a true friend, but she ended up saying mean things about me to elementary school classmates which a true friend wouldn't do so we lost touch after that. I don't know if she was in this dream because earlier this month I wondered if there was anyone I wanted to reconnect with from the past. She came to mind, but I concluded there was no one I wanted to reconnect with).

I was very nervous about being in her room when she was there because I didn't feel welcome like I was an intruder. I wanted to hurry up and grab the mouse before it got away so I didn't stop to tell her why I was in the room. I can't remember if the mouse ran back out of her room, but when I told her why I was there she or I said we haven't seen each other in awhile. We were in her kitchen. I was surprised that she didn't recognize me because she thought I looked different. Different as in not as ugly as I used to be. She said while I was talking on the phone as child, she would look down at me as she saw all my physical flaws (she named each one). Her younger sister was standing next to her in the kitchen while I told her that she was mean for saying that. Her sister was looking down passively maybe not knowing what to do or why her sister said what she did.

When I woke up, I wondered if my dream was really true in the sense that this childhood friend really thought I was ugly when I was child. I felt that she was definitely someone I should never reconnect with.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: female

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Re: mean childhood friend

This may play a role in the dream. My childhood friend in the dream was mean to her younger sister in real life. I felt sorry for her younger sister since she never had a best friend (at least when she was a child). I guess I felt more empathy for her since I also had an older sister who was mean to me. The difference between us is that she and her sister became close as adults, but my older sister is still mean to me or nothing has changed.

Re: mean childhood friend

This might be important, too. My older sister has said the kind of mean things about my physical appearance that my childhood best friend said to me in the dream. There was the about the same age difference between her and younger sister as me and my older sister. My childhood friend would get mad at me for being nice to her younger sister because she wanted me to ignore her. A few times, I even attended events that her younger sister invited me to without her. For this, I may have looked strange to her and her mother for hangiing around a younger child. I never explained to her why I refused to ignore her younger sister or attended these events with her.

Re: mean childhood friend

I'll work on your dream this afternoon. Until then, if you read this post, you may want to consult the dream dictionaries at bottom of the page and see if you can put the images together {primarily symbolic} and see what emotional energies are in play {in the dream and in your life}.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 67 Cocoa, Fla

Re: mean childhood friend

My sense is the dream is addressing issues you now are experiencing as an adult that comes from the way you were treated by your sister {and possibly others}. Feelings of inadequacy caused by the past experiences form childhood {foundations or early life being the basis for attitudes and actions in latter life}. The way you perceive things the world around you being formed during those early years of development. You may have developed a complex about being treated mean since this is the issue you experienced as did the younger sister from your friend {older sister}. A good chance the relationship in the present time with your sister is involved {she still treats you mean}. Being a complex suggest thes erae controlling aspects in your life, being treated badly an issue you focus on {because of the childhood experiences and continuing experience with your sister}. I get the sense this part of your psychological affects your whole life {such as being indecisive a part of that}.
Also issues with your appearance. if you grow up being told you are ugly that often registers in the psyche and it too becomes an issue. Falls in place with the issues of people being mean. The question I have is, are these traits {being mean} a part of who you are in treating other people? It could be the opposite, compensating for being mean to by others and being too tolerant when you should not be. That would require more personal information to ascertain. But what you stated at the last of your post may answer that question. "I felt that she was definitely someone I should never reconnect with." Not being able to connect with other aspects within yourself because of your own insecurities. Negative aspects outweight the positive {because of your experiences of having been mean to as a child}. Indecisiveness seems to be a part of the equation. This may be a weakness within you but is an issue in some form because of childhood experiences.
If there are recent experiences you feel are related to the dream that may help in determining other aspects rom the dream. With the limited info I have about your personal life {age and gender} I can only outline the energies. The added info helps in pinnng down the issues and when they began {childhood} and also points to why you may have a 'complex' about being mean to.
Give thought to that and see where it leads. Below is my amplification of the images and actions {primarily symbolic with some literal applications}. Because my mind and body is a bit stressed from a strong physical workout this morning I will revisit m analysis and see if I can dervive more from the dream. I sense more tha I have provided in my analysis and recouping my energies should help with that. Feedback may also provide more to go on {as you promised you would do when you posted the dream.

As often the case there is usually a stimulus for these type dreams The tv show may have been a part of that but reflecting on the past could be also.

Amplification of Images/Actions {taken primarily from POD/MDS Dream Dictionaries}
Dream Title: mean childhood friend

-mean-A part of yourself that is not being allowed to adequately express itself /looking for "meaning" or significance to some life issue/being hard on yourself
----literal experiences {related to childhood}
-childhood-childhood anxieties/issues that have yet to be resolved in your adult life
-friend-part of yourself that has been rejected but becomes positive when integrated/resolved.
---childhood friend-escaping the pressures and stresses of adulthood

Summary-not able to express/not having expressed your true feelings related to childhood experiences/issues

Dream Contents

-I was in a room- a particular aspect of yourself or a specific relationship
-with some males-masculine aspects/animus aspects/
The Animus is the woman’s internal 'masculine' other. In other words, if you are physically a woman, you will have an inner Animus, a masculine image which guides and shapes the way you relate to men and the world at large.

-trying to catch a small mouse on loose-
included in your personality are feelings of inadequacy and fears that you are not measuring up./feelings of insignificance and a lack of assertiveness {possible personality trait in adult life}

tv show
{aspects of which you relate to because it registers with your own inner aspects}
-{type of public food banquet-personality characterists of being emotionally malnourished}
-dangerous small pet escaped-negativity and pessimistic attitudes/ {complexes} controlling ego inadequacies

A complex is a core pattern of emotions, memories, perceptions, and wishes in the personal unconscious organized around a common theme, such as power or status

-escaped through door when opened-barriers to escaping from a restrictive situation or attitude that exerts a strong influence
-characters search all over building-aspects that cause you to be something other than your true self

-thinking I should cover up cracks at bottom of door-personal aspects where you are wanting to evade 'imperfections' {feelings of inadequancies/insignificance} developed from childhood foundations that now create emotional issues
-with towel-needing to resolve the 'consuming' issues

-so mouse can't fit through-so inadequacies no longer control you
-but right then-time of original experiences/childhood
-mouse ran through it/right past me-consuming feelings of inadequacy controlling your life

-it entered through another door crack-additional barriers within you/pressuring you
-across the hall-beyond the primary emotional connections/associations

-changed to bedroom in the house of childhood best friend-
--bedroom-aspects that are hidden/private
--in the house-within you
--childhood best friend-reconnecting with undeveloped positive aspects
-I grew up with-following you into maturity/adulthood

-nervous about being in her room when she was there-associations with issues of self doubt/insecurities
-because I didn't feel welcome-aspects related to negative issues {feelings of inadequacies}
-like I was an intruder-indulging in feelings of guilt

-wanted to hurry up-unprepared
-grab the mouse before it got away-for the gripping meekness you are trying to escape from
-didn't stop to tell her I was in the room-not recognizing emotional issues

-mouse ran back into house-inadequacies causing an introverted life
-told her why I was there-disclosing why you are who you are
-haven't seen each other in awhile-aspects you have not aware of

-we were in kitchen-nourishment aspects that will transform you
-didn't recogize me-not realizing
-because she thought I looked different-different outer self from true self

-different as in ugly as I used to be-conflicted by rejected aspects from childhood

-said while I was talking on the phone as a child-communicating childhood aspects/foundational aspects
-she would look down at me-dominant aspects that control you
-as she saw my physical flaws-recognizing your true emotional weakness
-she named each one-designating specific weakness
-younger sister was standing next to her-emotional aspects related to weakness/causes of weaknesses
-while I told her she was mean for saying that-communicating negative aspects

-her sister was looking down passively-emotional aspects causing suppressed reactions
-maybe not knowing what to do-indecisiveness attitudes
-or why her sister said what she did-communicating emotional aspects for actions


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Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 67 Cocoa, Fla

Re: mean childhood friend

I'm a female. It was more of a reality that I was treated mean when I was younger (or even now by my sister). I don't know what to do about my sister's behavior since she doesn't care to change. I've been too tolerant when I was younger, but I'm not as patient as I used to be. I'm tired of mean peopel and I'll tell them to go away now except I'm stuck with my sister for life.

Re: mean childhood friend

Did my additional feedback help you to derive more from the dream? You wrote that you sensed more than you have provided in your analysis. I don't know if my feedback relates to what you sensed or if it's something more. If someone says something to you in a dream (any dream or not just this dream), could it ever mean what the person really thinks of you?

Re: mean childhood friend

I will provide a response later today. Need to finish work on my pages Interpreting A Dream Using a Dream Dictionary.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 68 Cocoa, Fl

Re: mean childhood friend

The childhood experiences with your sister have followed you into adulthood. That is reflected in my analysis.
--childhood best friend-reconnecting with undeveloped positive aspects
-I grew up with-following you into maturity/adulthood

But what other issues have followed you in adulthood? Are there any issues that you have kept private? The bedroom part may be speculating on the 'hidden' aspects related to sister or other issues not related to anything intimate. If there are issues of intimacy or sexual experiences then that needs to be looked at.

As for what someone says in a dream meaning it is what they think of you. It likely is saying something of what you think of yourself although it could be what they think. Your dreams are about you and depending on who says what and in what context what is said is something you saying to and about yourself. Or it could be what you perceive another person thinks about you.

Look at your early life and determine if there are other issues the dream could be addressing, other than the sister relationship.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 68 Cocoa, Fl

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