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Re: sitting on lawn and staring

Here is my amplification of the images and actions so you can examine them. My sense from these are you have developed attitudes from childhood that have created personal traits in your adult life. These unconscious energies prevent you from having confidence in yourself in certain environments, in particular when in interactions with people or a crowd of people. The dream also seems to be pointing to a lack of proper emotional nourishment from family/parents. 'They were watching tv' instead of giving needed attention to your emotional needs. Also possible substituting of the lacking nourishment with 'feel good' actions on your part.

As for the other meaning/applications {all dreams have at least two}, there were probably recent experiences related to these traits. The staring of the neighbors may point to a recent situation that was 'staring' you in the eye, a situation you may have felt a lack of confidence in being in. Self confidence may be the central theme of the dream, if not overall then in certain situations/environments.

Read the following and what i have provided and see where it may fit. I do believe the dream is strongly pointing to personal traits/attitudes which probably have to do with your childhood upbringing.

Title: sitting on lawn and staring
-sitting-not progressing/indecision/passive
-on lawn-social aspects
-staring-passive/needs deeper introspection

Dream Contents
First sentence: I was sitting on the carpet in the family room watching tv with my parents in their house.
-sitting-indecision/not progressing
-on carpet-protecting oneself from realities
-family room-aspects of your whole self/framework of who you are
-watching tv-passivity in your thinking/actions
-with parents-actual relationship/integrating aspects of power, shelter, and love
-in their house-related to parental experiences/foundational aspects
Traits of indecisive {personality} with a tendency to protect yourself from negative realities of life. These 'controlling' traits are from every life foundations, experiences and inter-actions with family and parents

Second sentence: There was a real neighbor my parents don't get along with who was invading our privacy by sitting on a picnic blanket on our backyard lawn staring at us through the glass door of the living room.
-was a real neighbor-aspects of self/actual experiences
-parents didn't get along with-actual experiences/conflicting aspects of self that are controlling
-invading our privacy-assertive actions that make you feel vulnerable/exposing something
-by sitting on picnic blanket-passive position that are controlling/sheltering aspects/being sheltered
-on backyard lawn-hidden aspects related to collective foundations/childhood
-staring at us-inner aspects that threaten
-through glass door-seeing past your limitations
-of living room-basic belief system
Inner conflicting aspects related to early life foundations {with parents} that are assertive and make you feel vulnerable in social encounters. Sheltering yourself when threatened by such experiences with a need/desire to get past them.

Third sentence: Since this neighbor has staring problem in real life, we usually just ignore her or don't make eye contact.
-since neighbor has staring problem-actual traits that cause a problem for you
-usually ignore her-not giving attention to/unaware of underlying reasons
-don't make eye contact-lacking confidence in social circles
Personal traits you are unaware of {unconscious aspects} that prevent confidence when in social circles/surroundings

Fourth sentence: But I started back as to say go away while my parents watched tv.
-stared back-unconscious aspects that motivate conscious actions
-as to say go away-a need/desire to get rid of these traits
-while parents watched tv-controlling aspects of your thinking/actions
a need/desire to get past motivating energies that cause limitations in your life when in social environment

Fifth sentence: I think she looked down.
-I think-your unconscious attitudes
-she looked down-causing negative aspects
Developed unconscious attitudes that cause negative traits in waking life

Sixth sentence: She had food treats on her blanket.
-had food treats-positive emotional nourishment
-on her blanket-sheltered emotions
Shetering yourself from negative energies by substituting with opposite actions

Final sentence: I think she said she wanted to give us food (like she was giving other neighbors food).
-I think she said she wanted-unconscious attitudes that need supressing
-to give us food {other neighbor's food}-substitution of lacking nourishment
Suppression of what is lacking in emotional nourishment and substituting it with something else


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