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Re: Dream Sequence 2 - JLO and Mariah Carey

I think I see a pattern. One that is not too obvious until the second dream is considered.

After looking at your second dream yesterday and trying to put together a coherent pattern {without amplifying all the images and actions a minimum 2 hr task} I looked at your response and what you said about the first dream and you thinking you are a 'strange bird/weird kind of funny', much like that of TJ Miller. Identifying with that could be the reason he is in the dream {among other possibilities}. He is you, you are him in that sense.

In my analysis of the first dream I equated Miller and your father. Miller and your father are the same.

Then in the second dream we see JLo and Mariah Carey. Both are talented performers but eventually it is seen with Mariah Carey singing the song better than JLo, the 'ORIGINAL' singer of the song. There are the same talent {singing the same song} but one is outdoing the other. And because famous people in dreams usually depict associations to that person we can assume these two singers are equivalent to you. The word 'same' fits with all three events. All are equivalent in an indirect associations. They are all you {note: you are seeking wholeness|number 4|balancing the masculine and feminine/yin & yang}.

What it gets down to in your waking life, the pattern I sense in the equivalence, these comparisons represent a comparison of you and your father. And in this pattern is Mariah singing a better that JLO. Your higher aspirations, beyond breaking away from old patterns, is also not to be in the same position as your father, doing/singing better in your life. The resonating of 'blaming' aspect also points to the conflicts with your father, and the mold of thinking you inherited from your father. getting past that is the psychological aspect, the task perhaps more difficult to achieve than other actions you take in achieving wholeness and a better life.

All in all, after all the 'weird' usage of different famous people, the major issue is still your father and emotional energies in that relationship. The outer relationship as it is in its difficulties as well as the inner aspects you 'learned' as a child growing up in the environment controlled by your father. Getting past the inner aspects are usually the hardest {no matter the difficulties, or favorable aspects of the outer journey}. Breaking the chains of developed attitudes is hard. But it is essential if you are to find true wholeness, and happiness you seek.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 68 Cocoa, Fl

Re: Dream Sequence 2 - JLO and Mariah Carey

Thank you, Jerry. This makes complete sense to me. This comment especially resonated "...and the mold of thinking you inherited from your father." I do feel that he is constantly stating his perceived limitations in my life - I didn't realize how much I had internalized.

I will continue on my path and continue with my inner work.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 41, WNY

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