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blowing nose

I was blowing my nose, but there was a blockage. I tried to get it out and out came pasta causing blockage underneath my nose. First, I removed several ravioli pasta (without sauce), then some spaghetti noodles.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: female, 30, USA

Re: blowing nose

If it makes a difference, I love ravioli. However, I'm not as fond as spaghetti (there wasn't much spaghetti at the end of the ravioli, though)

Re: blowing nose

And on the same day I had this dream, I watched a TV show about amoeba entering the nose from jumping into a warm water lake. I paid close attention on how to avoid getting amoeba in my nose. I'm not sure if the noodles in my dream are symbolic of worms or amoeba.

Re: blowing nose

The dream seems to be focused on removing something you learned or experienced earlier in life. I sense a need to 'expel' certain aspects you learned, perhaps 'traditional' practices or what became normal when in fact they may have been abnormal. It may also involve impulsive aspects. The energies I note in my amplification of images/actions are emotional energies related to what needs to be expelled/removed. You may not be able to progress or make intended achievements in your current life because of these energies.

As for the amoeba entering the nose. It may be relevant since it does involve the nose and an amoeba is an organism which is capable to alter its shape and cause an external reaction. The energies I note can do the same, change who you are externally due to the internal energies. There are emotional energies that need to be removed so you can make desired achievements in your life.

Look at your childhood and determine what you learned or experienced that would cause such barriers. Other dreams would likely provide better insights.

blowing nose but there was a blockage
-expelling inherent/impulsive emotional energies

tried to get out
-removing barriers
-out came pasta-established emotional energies
-causing blockage underneath my nose-barrier to inherent/impulsive energies

First, I removed several ravioli pasta {without sause}
-I removed several ravioli pasta-eliminate various encased/hidden emotional energies
-without sause-externally covered/hidden emotional energies

then some spaghetti noodles
-emotional nourishment


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 68 Cocoa, Fl

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