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Re: Kissing someone - then dying

My sense of your dream is you have unresolved issues related to masculine energies. When I say masculine energies I mean both inner masculine aspects as well as experiences with a man or men. It may involve n experience{s} that changed you emotionally but may be something you have repressed, forgotten or ignored. But although this experience{s} has been put aside consciously it still unconsciously influences you. Often such experiences often impact relationships in later life a {specifically with men}. Also this experience{s} may have been put aside because you feel you were to blame {self punishment} which happens in instances where a person {male} you trusted betrayed that trust.

As usual with my analysis I provide an amplification of the images and actions including the title {which often provides clues to the dream meaning}.

Title: Kissing someone-then dying
-kissing someone-communicating neglected/rejected aspects
-then dying-causing changes

I was not myself, but another, young woman
-not myself-not your true self
-but a young woman-reconciling past

I was at a dance celebrating some man whom I do not know in my real life, but I did in the dream
-at a dance-balance and harmony
-celebrating some man-emotional release related to masculine
-do not know in real life-unknown masculine aspects
-but did in dream-unconscious knowledge

Suddenly, the man reached out for me and kissed me on the lips, but right at that moment, blood appeared on his lips.
-man reached out for me-masculine void that influences your life
-kissed me on lips-communicating neglected aspect
-at that moment-current emotional energies
-blood appears on his lips-connecting with emotional energies related to masculine aspects

We didn't realise where this blood was coming from.
-didn't realise-unaware
-where blood was coming from-source of emotional energies

But then we noticed, that we had been shot through both our upper bodies by the same bullet.
-we then noticed-coming to conscious attention
-we had been shot-self punishment
-through both our upper bodies-affecting emotional balance

People, including the man I kissed, tried to help me, but there was nothing to do - I died
-people-total aspects of self
-including man I kissed-neglected/rejected masculine aspects
-tried to help me-giving support
-nothing to do-emptiness
-I died-changed you

I do ask for a response. A detailed response would especially be appreciated.


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