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Re: beauty salon

I apologize but it will be Sunday before I will be able to analyze your dream. Yesterday turned out to hold more than I expected.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 68 Cocoa, Fl

Re: beauty salon

I am in the process of analyzing your dream. Something that keeps coming up in this dream, and something I alluded to in your previous dream in the last of my analysis {listed in the Forum as being posted on March 18} are masculine and/or male aspects. The masculine applications would point to your inner animus qualities. The male aspects would be literal male relationships. I also see repressed aspects. Are there experiences related to a male or males that title of this dream may be addressing?
Title: beauty salon
-covering up strong emotional energies


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 68 Cocoa, Fl

Re: beauty salon

The man in this dream works in the beauty field. He's different or not like the males from my past. I think he may be more sensitive and think things over unlike others I've known.

I've had to cover up or repress frustration with males in the past. There was one in particular who brought out my aggressiveness (where I don't recognize myself) because he was so abusive and I had to stand up for myself to make him stop. I've had to cover up my feelings about my father or wasn't really allowed to express my was like too bad if you don't like it because it's my house so you do what I say.

Re: beauty salon

Oh, I have been repressing something with the man in this dream. I was honest about something he messed up beautywise with me. Then, I felt bad that I might have hurt his feelings and apologized for my negative feedback since he was such a nice man. And I'm thinking of telling him everything turned out ok with it afterall although it didn't. I find that I was even repressed about writing it in this post because I want to cover up what I really think so I don't hurt his feelings. Or I feel like I have to apologize for being honest.

Re: beauty salon

This may be a factor as well. I really like the man in this dream, but I'm covering it up to play it safe. When I gave him the negative feedback, I didn't realize that I liked him until I felt so bad about it or what he would think of me afterwards. I don't know if he would like me as a person if he felt I consulted him. Other men I purposely insulted to send get away from message (but they were really unhealthy men to be around).

Re: beauty salon

Here is the amplification of the images and actions {broken down by paragraph}. Although I see patterns {masculine aspects/male in particular} I need to better examine the whole dream to get a better feel for what the message is. I'll try to have that by tomorrow.

title: beauty salon
-covering up strong emotional energies

I was outside in my bathrobe walking on a street when I saw a guy I liked in real life. I didn’t want him to see me in my bathrobe and I dashed inside a beauty salon where I saw my hair stylist. I changed my bathrobe to a jacket or something else. He also entered the same building for some reason. Although he works in the beauty field in real life, he doesn’t work at a beauty/hair salon. He was dressed professionally. We were both waiting in the reception area. He may have been sitting while I was standing talking to my hair stylist or someone there trying to distract myself from him since I was too nervous to talk to him. My hair was somehow done by my hair stylist without me seeing it happen in my dream and I ended up across the hall sitting down talking business with someone again trying to distract myself from this guy across the hall. Sometimes it looked like he was sitting and waiting to talk to me and other times he talked to someone about business there. He walked to some room near the back.

Dream Contents
I was outside in my bathrobe walking on a street when I saw a guy I liked in real life.
I was outside in my bathrobe
-needed conscious expression of intimate aspects

walking on a street
-progressing in a specific direction {emotional}

when I saw a guy I liked in real life
-comparable masculine aspects {could be positive and/or negative}

I didn’t want him to see me in my bathrobe and I dashed inside a beauty salon where I saw my hair stylist.
-didn't want him to see me in bathrobe-not wanting consciously focus on initmate aspects
-I dashed inside beauty saloon-'automatically'/forcibly concealing emotional energies
-where I saw my hair stylist-need to make changes in attitudes {related to concealed emotional energies}

I changed my bathrobe to a jacket or something else
-changed my bathrobe to jacket-adapting to protecting yourself related to initmate aspects
-or something else-substituting negative emotional energies with other conscious actions

he also entered the same building for some reason
-similar physical actions/characteristics as original source {of emotional energies}

Although he works in beauty field in real life
-literal experience of known male

doesn't work at a beauty/hair salon
-covering up what is ugly {not attractive}

he was addressed professionally
-accomplished masculine aspects

we were both waiting in reception area
-connecting unconscious aspects to conscious experiences/animus aspects and literal male experiences

he may have been sitting while I was standing
-deteriorated masculine aspects asserting itself in conscious life

talking to hair stylist
-interaction of developed attitudes

trying to distract myself from him
-hiding aspects related to masculine/males

hair done by hairstylist without me seeing it happen
-repressed unconscious attitudes developed from life experiences

I was too nervous to talk to him
-insecurities related to masculine aspects

in my dream
-unconscious aspects

I ended up across the hall
-possessing unexpressed emotions

sitting down talking business
-questions about personality/personal qualities

trying to distract myself from this guy across the hall
-diverting attention from negative masculine energies

looked like he was sitting and waiting to talk to me
-maintaining and manifesting current attitudes

other times he talked to someone about business
-personality aspects

he walked to room near the back
pushing aspects into unconscious

An old friend of mine from my past appeared (one I no longer keep in touch with because we drifted apart). She is a teacher so I’m not sure if that’s why she looked through student papers to see the grade she received in a class, which was an A. I didn’t look at my grade so I was also curious what my grade was in the same class. I might have sorted through the papers, but I was rushed so I don’t think I had a chance to see it. My friend asked me the room number of where this guy I liked was in. I didn’t know.

an old friend from past
-reconnecting with aspects that need to be realized {shared traits with old friend}

she is a teacher

why she looked through student papers
-examining something about self that needs to be consciously understood

to see grade she received in class
-current position in life from learned experiences

which was an A
-feeling important

didn't look at my grade
-introspection on your own position

I was curious
-discovering what is unfamiliar/known

-might have sorted through papers
-sorting through experiences

I was rushed/didn't have chance to see
-emotional pressures that prevent conscious understanding

friend asked me room number of this guy I like was in
-rejected masculine aspects you are assoicated {inner/literal}

I didn't know
-part that is repressed

There was a woman standing at a reception desk on the side that we were on. My friend asked her for this guy’s room number. My friend told me to see him, but I was too nervous and said no. So, she took the initiative and rushed to his room before I could stop her. (Actually, I had friends in the past who really did embarrassing things like this to me in the past). At this moment, I was sorting through beauty samples in a bag or in my purse trying to distract myself. I think she might have told him I was too nervous to come to him. Next thing I know it, he approached a table I was at and leaned over to me he talked to me. I can imagine myself getting really nervous like this around guys I like so maybe this dream about nervousness I haven’t yet gotten over or passed the test on.

woman standing at a reception desk
-receptive to inner exploration

my friend asked her for guy's room number
-rational masculine aspects

friend told me to see him
rejected aspects that need understanding

-I was too nervous and said no
-insecurities that prevent positive growth

she took initiative
-inner drives/motivators

rushed into to his room before I could stop her
-masculine energies you can not prevent

I was sorting through beauty samples
-appealing aspects that need to be explored

I think she might have told him I was too nervous to come to him
-insecurities related to masculine aspects

he approached a table I was at
-position related to the masculine you are currently at in life

leaned over to me and he talked to me
-masculine dependency

I can image getting really nervous around guys I like
-insecurities when situated with masculine aspects

so dream is about nervousness
-dream is about insecurities

I haven't yet gotten over
-emotional issues that still control you

or passed test on
-aspects not fulfilled


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 68 Cocoa, Fl

Re: beauty salon

This was also part of my dream, which may be important. He said this when he approached the table I was at and leaned over.

"When he apprached me, I forgot to say that he said he saw my invention patent application. (In the past, I have submitted temporary patents for ideas I didn't move forward with. In retrosepct, it was best that I didn't move forward since those ideas weren't the best. However, I would like to come up with a good idea someday). In my dream, I was wondering "which invention application he saw. I was trying to think of ideas related to the beauty field were we were at, but I didn't know what he was referring to.

Re: beauty salon

The patent application is symbolic language for 'methodically applying' emotional experiences from early life in your current adult life. What you experienced in early life are the foundations for primarily who you are and how you act and react as an adult. This seems to be one primary message of the dream. Another seems to be a repression of something in your early life, negative experience{s} that needs to be understood and resolved. I know we addressed issues with your younger sister in a previous post dream but there seems to be something else that is unresolved emotionally. This dream is full of masculine/male images and energies. Although some are symbolic representations of your animus/masculine qualities others do seem to be addressing actual male interactions/experiences. Insecurities related to masculine aspects/experiences are a prime aspect to look for. father relationship or other experiences with a male or males. Masculine energies you can not/could not prevent. These experiences may have/are affecting your current interactions/experiences/relationships with males. The dream statement, "I was too nervous and said no" may be relevant beyond its symbolic representation {insecurities that prevent positive growth}. Look to your past, childhood and early years {and possibly later in life} and see what male relationships/experiences you had that are unresolved, emotionally negative. This seems to be the primary message of the dream. You are 'methodically applying' emotional experiences {unconsciously driven by the emotional energies related to the experiences with a male}. If we can get to what those energies are I will be able to better tell you what the dream message is.

Also look at why your sister was/is the person is/was. What early life experiences formed her psyche? They could be the same issues with males you are have issues with.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 68 Cocoa, Fl

Re: beauty salon

When I was a kid, the main issue I had with males is they didn't find me attractive so they either ignored me or insulted my looks. I'm not sure if that has to do with the beauty salon title. I have a hard time believing if men find me physically attractive. For instance, the man in this dream works with beautiful women or can take his pick.
As an adult, I had a couple of immature males emotionally abuse me after they seemed to show interest in me and I showed interest in them out of curiousity, then ignored them due to my own insecurities or uncertainities about them.

My sister has a rather aggressive or controlling personality. We don't get along because she is a little too much like my father who I don't get along with for this reason. If my dreams show that I'm aggressive or controlling, I've been pretty much the opposite growing up and don't like myself at imes when I'm nore aggressive to stand up for my rights or when someone is treating me with abuse. So, I don't know if dream message implies to be more masculine or feminine. I do realize when it comes to romantic love that I probably have more male energy related to not showing as much emotion externally as a female would.

Re: beauty salon

This all fits with the masculine/male images. The first dream {mean childhood friend} touched on the same masculine issues. After reviewing that dream I also believe it is as much about your self image as well as being about your sister. Let's review that dream and the self image issues first and then this dream and the masculine/male issues.

I mentioned in my analysis the dream pointing to feelings of inadequacy. Your info about about being insulted as a child would be the foundations for the dream language as well as pointing to males. Here is the dream language and my interpretation {dream first then my interpretation}.

I was in a room- a particular aspect of yourself or a specific relationship
with some males-masculine aspects/animus aspects/

trying to catch a small mouse on loose-
included in your personality are feelings of inadequacy and fears that you are not measuring up./feelings of insignificance and a lack of assertiveness {possible personality trait in adult life}

There are other references in the last paragraph as well as the added info after waking up from the dream that touch on the issues of self image and feelings of inadequacy. You mention in the added info the childhood friend who thought you were ugly. That childhood friend could be a literal person but would also be you {friend represents rejected aspects about yourself that when resolved become an asset}. This is a part of you you reject {I should never reconnect with} and also have yet to connect with the issues of self image and feelings of inadequacies.

Here is that added info:
When I woke up, I wondered if my dream was really true in the sense that this childhood friend really thought I was ugly when I was child. I felt that she was definitely someone I should never reconnect with.

That addresses the first dream and the issues of self image. Now to this dream and your comments.

The beauty salon is addressing the self image issues. It is also addressing 'covering up' those feelings so not to affect your conscious life as an adult. Unconsciously the energies remain and will do so until the issues are resolved.

As for the male/masculine aspects. Your early life experiences involving issues of self images probably played into your relationships with choosing two immature males {albeit unconscious}. This is common in later life, substituting in relationships what was lacking in childhood. Your father was not a role model as he should have been so as an adult you lacked the proper tools to choose right type males. Plus an immature male would be a less of a threat to your feelings of inadequacy since they too probably had similar issues {the reason they were immature}. Your own insecurities clashed with theirs, you could not/would not add that to the issues you already had to deal with.

And then there is the reason for all of these issues. Yours as well as your sisters. Your father, the alpha male in your dreams {references to other males would be lesser issues compared to your father}. In your dreams you are compassating for what is lacking in your conscious life. And what needs compensating is because of the father relationship. All kinds of possibilities arise from early life relationships with parents. depending on your individual psyche and actual experiences, you took a path that was pretty much controlled by unconscious energies instilled in childhood. We all do this to the greatest extent with the individual psyche conforming to its inherent needs {siblings can go in different directions but the issues can be traced back to childhood experience/influences.

What to do? Identify the issues, confront them and find resolution. That usually requires therapy although much of it {in most people} resolve itself with age and maturity {experience in life that shows one choice is the wrong choice and you learn to make better choices}. There is self therapy if there is a desire and a willingness to work on the issues. My dream websites are about Jungian psychology and if explored in depth you can discover ways for self therapy. But it takes time and discipline. That leaves professional therapy which many can not afford but more than that most will not undertake because of one reason or another. But to leave it as it is, is your life happy? Look at the reasons why, the unconscious ones as well as conscious. You may decide to leave it as is but your dreams will continue to work on the issues.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 68 Cocoa, Fl

Re: beauty salon

Ok, I see.

Last night I had another dream I recall, but they didn/t seem to have as much significance. In this dream, I was in my mom's basement with her. There was a psychopath male trying to kill us. For some reason, we could only move with our back facing the floor crawling with out hands. This male was thrying to kill ous by throwing stuff on us and we were trying to get away. I don't reclal all the things he tried except for the last one which he threw kerosene on us and was going to light a match. I somehow ran up the stairs, but he grabbed me when I reached the top of the stairs near the door. Since this was a nightmare I woke up fast. Sometimes when I wake up fast, an image from the dream looks liek a hologram or ghost when I open my eyes as I wake up. What I mean is it looks like a ghost. So, I woke up to a creepy doll in a diaper holding a bottle towards me. There must have been toys in the basement in my dream like this doll. Do you know how these ghost images appear. So strange.

Re: beauty salon

Oh, I think this doll was made of porcelain since it was shiny like it. It was a male baby with blue eyes that stared at me, but it had a strange grin on it's face. Well, this image appearing as ghost when I woke up was another nightmare! Again, it's something that happens with my eyes when I wake up too fast. I'm curious what may cause this and if others experience it.

Re: beauty salon

Here's a short video clip of a statue that resembled the doll. The baby doll had the same hair style except the hair color was blond. The eyes had a simailr look, but the mouth had more of a grin to it. The baby may have been handing out a bottle like the statue is handing out a hamburger. Yes, I've seen this statute before... if the doll image is somehow a representation of this statue which looks like porcelain as well.

Re: beauty salon

I'll analyze this dream on Thursday and look t the doll image link.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 68 Cocoa, Fl

Re: beauty salon

Thanks. You're not goign to believe this, but last night I had another disturbing dream. I walked into my parent's bedroom as they were lying down on separate beds and heard an explosion in which a fiery blast moved across the whole sky across from the house. It looked like a nuclear bomb and I wondered if North Korea had something to do with it or if it was really a nucelar war happening. My father was just lying on the bed without much reaction. My mother, on the other hand, was going hysterical over it. I was asking them what do we do without getting a response. I think I wandered into the next room wondering what to do,

Re: beauty salon

Oh wow, I just remembered the night I had the dream with the baby doll I might have reflected about the nourishment dream analysis. I was thinking about a time my mom took me to a restaurant (the same restaurant that has the statue resembling the baby doll in my dream) to meet with a someone to discuss business. I was only 2 or 3 years old, but I have this memory sitting in a highchair because I felt so confused over why my mom and this person were eating in front of me, but not giving me any food. Actually, they ignored me like I wasn't even there although I could smell the good food and was ready to eat it in a highchair. I realize my mom probably didn't order me anything because she was broke at the time and also didn't want to have to clean up after me or pay attention to me when she had business to talk with this person.

Re: beauty salon

This dream seems to be pointing to masculine or/and a male that hold powers over you and possibly your mother. This has affected your personal growth, self esteem and the ability to progress in life. These 'masculine' aspects are still hampering your life. If the 'man' is still in your life he is also a factor. Not only has the man affected your life but also your mother's which may have been a factor in her nurturing abilities.

I'll provide an analysis of the last dream on Friday.

Amplification of Images and Actions
-in my mom's basement with her-deepest emotions related to nurturing
-psychopath male trying to kill us-feelings of being detached, out of control
-only move with back facing the floor-impeded progress from unconscious energies related to foundations
-crawling out with our hands-abilities hampered by lower expectations
-he threw kerosene on us and lite a match-igniting masculine strong emotional energies
-hologram-interference in life
-ghost-disconnected from social norms

-creepy doll in a diaper holding bottle-repressing emotions/experiences related to childhood innocence and developed of attitudes in adult life
-toys in basement-unconscious searching for comfort and security/lively energies and attitudes in adult life


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 68 Cocoa, Fl

Re: beauty salon

I'm not sure if you had a chance to analyze the dream with the nuclear bomb in sky. I thought I'd add this dream I had last night since it relates to sky as well. I was in the hallway by the kitchen. There were plastic bags on the kitchen floor...perhaps grocery bags. I had some candy/junk food on the floor and heard my mom walking down the stairs from upsairs She doesn't like messy floors so I wanted to move the candy (chocolate candy) to the basement. I quickly grabbed a paper bag on the floor to shove the candy into. After I placed the candy into the paper bag, I noticed the bad was ripped across the bottom so I opened the basement door and thrrw the bag down as my mo approached. The candy scattered near the top of the basment stairs, but I grabbed it with my hands and brought it downstairs to sort. I'm not sure if I looked out the window in the basement or the kitchen, but I might have been with my mom when I did. There were black stormy clouds in the sky. I have never seen totally black clouds before.

Re: beauty salon

I'm not complaining that I had another dream that may be related to this original dream about the beauty salon since part of your interpretation states "doesn't work at a beauty/hair salon
-covering up what is ugly {not attractive}." But I hope I'm not bothering you with all these dreams in a row!

So, here in this dream was where the man in my original dream works (in another beauty field than the beauty salon). He was looking at my handwritten resume and selected me to hire. I didn't know why he selected me or my resume since it was handwritten (old fashioned or outdated) instead of typed out like everyone else's resume, but this was the reason he selected me. He was sure of it. Next, we were in one of his work rooms. He was standing conducting business and assisting others when he was about to assit me when I was sitting waiting to talk to him. I still felt nervous.

Re: beauty salon

Here is the analysis for the nuclear bomb dream. It has to do with nourishment, mother/motherhood, negative emotional energies and future possibilities. Issues related to your mother seems to be the prime message. The future possibilities may be related to motherhood, you as a mother. Have you given thought to that and in relationship to your childhood?

Amplification of Images/Actions
-hallway in kitchen-seeking nourishment/emotional healing
-plastic bags on floor-burdens from early life foundations you are carrying with you
-grocery bags-emotional needs
-had candy/junk food-allowing oneself to indulge in old ways of thinking related to nourishment
-heard mom walking down stairs from upstairs-needed changes in thinking related to mother/nourishment
-didn't like messy floors-disordered support system/foundations
-wanted to move the candy-make changes related to indulgence
-chocolate candy to basement-unconsciously indulging in excessive thoughts/emotions
-grabbed a paper bag on floor-clutching onto foundational female issues
-to shove candy into-what drives your obsessions
-bag ripped across bottom-burdens your carry related to basic foundations
-opened basement door-unconscious barriers
-threw bag down as mother approached-burdens related to motherhood
-candy scattered near top of basement stairs-unconscious obession
-I grabbed it with my hands/brought it downstairs to sort-clutching to unconscious powers that need resolution
-looked out window with mom-unconscious view related to issues of nourishment
-black stormy clouds in the sky-negative energies for future possibilities

I'll look at your dream posted dream later today.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 68 Cocoa, Fl

Re: beauty salon

Thanks! When I was younger in my 20s, I didn't want children because I had such an unhappy childhood. I think I was afraid my child would be like me, and I didn't want to see my child suffer like I did. I didn't know if I would be good with kids, but I eventually found that kids liked me. I guess it's like how Angelina Jolie had cold feet at first about having kids. Now, I would love to be a mother. However, it has become physically impossible due to some complications which I'm sad about. If I ever adopted, I dread being interviewed about my childhood.

A few night ago I had another follow-up dream to the man in the beauty salon dream, but I didn't post it since I've been having so many in a row! I'd really like to know if those dreams were in any way related to him or get to the bottom of what all this means with all these dream clues. In this dream (after the resume dream), I was inside his workplace on the outer edge or not in clear view. It was a spa connected to his workplace where I was waiting at the reception area fo him possibly to ask him out. There were female staff behind the des who were friendly. I might have told them something like I was trying to ask him out, but if things got awkward to please help me out (this goes against how I feel in real life since in real life I would prefer others not to make it obvious I like a guy). They agreed. As he approached in his suit from the hallway, he acted very gregarious when he saw the staff. I don't know if he saw me or not because he was preoccupied with smalltalk with the whoel staff or whatever he was talking about. He was in a very good mood, though. Either it was hard to get his attention or I was too afraid to get his attention almost not wanting him to see me, I made eye contact with one of staff who was sittin gbehind the reception desk. But she kept looking at him so I couldn't get her attention to give him some kind of hint thar I liked him or to ask me out. What stands out about this dream is he was going to his spa for treatment on himself as a customer instead of performing the treatment himself on others. So, I got to see him more in my role as a customer.

Re: beauty salon

The first paragraph of your response sums up a big part of what the 'hand written resume' dream is addressing. "When I was younger in my 20s, I didn't want children because I had such an unhappy childhood. I think I was afraid my child would be like me, and I didn't want to see my child suffer like I did." this is the burdens related to motherhood I noted in my analysis and you as a mother. Add the desire for children with the inability now not to be able to have them you have the basis for strong emotional conflict that seeks resolution {the primary purpose of dreams}. But the foundations for all of this is primarily from childhood and that is where you need to focus your attention. Parents and parenting when you were a child. It is a psychological inquiry that, when fully engaged with proper therapy can lead to resolution and a happier life {not being burdened any longer by the unconscious energies associates with childhood}.

I did look at the other dream and it seemed to be pointing masculine energies which translated to literal experiences probably points to your father {and a good chance those negative energies affected later male relationships}. I picked up on a need to meet masculine expectations {he selected me to hire}. That would most likely apply to your father as well as later male relationships {the former being the motivator for the latter}. Insecurities related to masculine energies {literal as well as development of your inner masculine aspects/animus} is a prime focus of your dreams. Your childhood is where you begin and work from there.

I'll look at the dream from your last post Sunday {I work Saturdays with the family business}.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 68 Cocoa, Fl

Re: beauty salon

Did you get a chance to look at the dream from my last post?

Re: beauty salon

I did look at it and saw pretty much the same issues. I'll take a deeper look Sunday and review it.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 68 Cocoa, Fl

Re: beauty salon

Thanks! This dream series marathon ended then.

Re: beauty salon

The dreams will continue until the issues are resolved. But knowing what the issues are is the first step to resolving them. If you do consciously work toward that end, that too will become a part of the dream scenario. What ever the condition of your emotional life will be the subject matter of your dreams. The current situation as well as the underlying reasons/foundations {which usually is, when resolved, a giant step toward resolution}. Therapy will definitely help. But knowing the issues and how they can affect your current life will help also. If you see the bus coming you can get out of the way before it runs over you. The bus is symbolic of the unconscious emotional energies. It is you and you can control it if you work for resolution. Become the driver of your own life.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 68 Cocoa, Fl

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