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Re: back to life

I've found my mom more nurturing with age. I guess I lacked some nurturing growing up since I didn't feel listened to. My grandparents seemed to listen to me like what I said had importance. I was closer to my grandmother, but I felt like I lost that when she developed alzheimers. She was glue of the family or things unraveled after alzheimers. She used to dye her hair, but her hair went all white when she had alzheimers (which she wouldn't like). In my dream, she had dyed hair.

Re: back to life

That was what I was getting from the dream. Not enough nurturing from your mother as a child and a dependence on your grandmother. I'll provide a full analysis tomorrow. Your mother coming over after telling her your grandparents were alive points to her being more nurturing with age. The gest of the dream may be remaining issues associated with childhood nurturing. I'll provide a complete analysis tomorrow.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 68 Cocoa, Fl

Re: back to life

I don't know if this means anything, but when my grandfather said that he was in New Orleans there was an elderly man sitting next to him who nodded his head and verified that what he said was true when I was wondering if he really went to New Orleans (I couldn't imagine it). I was seated to the left of my grandfather and the elderly man was seated to the right of my grandfather at the table. I can't say this happened for sure since my dream is no longer fresh in my mind, but I think the elegant dinner table we were at in the nursing home turned into an ordinary dinner table (where we ate the food that turned into New Orleans food) in the bedroom of the my grandparent's former house or what was also my house for a period of time.

Re: back to life

Oh what a day can make. Yesterday my intuitive senses were not fully operational {necessary in providing a thorough analysis}. Today those senses are fully tuned.

Normally when I analyze dreams the only info I have about the dreamer is age and gender {both very important for a proper interpretation}. With that info I am able to provide an outline of the emotional energies in a dream {we all are driven by emotional energies from life experiences-that is what dreams are primarily about}. When provided with additional personal info as you gave I can provide a more detailed analysis since the images and actions in dreams {in their primarily symbolic but also sometimes literal language} reflect your true self and true emotions. Armed with this personal info your dream had a flow and fell into place {dream language/actions reflecting your emotional energies}. Below is my amplification of the images and actions. After that is my summary of the dream.

Dreams are nature's device to help resolve emotional conflicts. Just as the body as the immune system, the psych{ology} has the dream.

Amplification of mages and Actions {broken down by sentence}
While in grandparent's house {deceased} my grandmother showed up
-grandparent's house-relationship with grandparents/solid foundations, security and protection
-grandfather showed up-tradition, protection and wisdom
-grandmother also showed up without alzheimers-'unconditional' nurturance, protection, and love/letting go of the past {alzheimers}

I think guy I was seeing was in bedroom with me when grandmother entered the room
-guy I was seeing-masculine aspects allowing you to see clearly
-bedroom-accessing your inner feelings {hidden in the unconscious}
-when grandmother entered room-a part of yourself that reflects the 'unconditional' aspects of relationship with grandmother/your wiser/mature self

I told my mom my grandparents were alive and she came over
-I told my mom-denotes a matter that has preoccupied your mind
-my grandparents were alive-your relationship with grandparents still exists
-she came over-your mother's progression to grandparent's relationship with you

We were all sitting together maybe eating dinner in what looked like an assisted living nursing home
-we were all sitting together-shared values/indecision/wasted time {sitting} on parts of those aspects
-maybe eating diner-acceptance and harmony with each other
-what looked like assisted living nursing home-benefits of having special care in your life {grandparents?}
*grandmother ended up there-grandmother/special care

I asked my mom if we were at a particular nursing home, but she said no we were still at their house which confused me because it was a different place
-asked my mom if a particular nursing home-a desire of mother related to special care
-she said no we were still at their house-no, the special care you require is at their house
-confused me because it was a different place-a confused state of mind because it {gp house} was a different place {than what you received in mother's house}

While sitting at a table with my mom and grandparents, I asked my grandfather where he was all this time
-sitting at table with mom and grandparents-confusion {sitting} about family connections {table} involving mom and grandparents
-I asked my grandfather where he was all this time-your angst/distress about grandfather during time of relationship

He said he went to New Orleans (he picked up a little New Orleans accent, too) and our food might have turned into New Orleans food
-he said he went to New Orleans/NO accent-"The City that Care Forgot"
-and our food might have turned out to be NO food-nourishment {food} you received was "The City that Care Forgot" {depicts your relationship with grandfather}

I wondered why he gave all his money, etc. to my mom leaving her thinking he died (he didn't really give all his money to her, but when he died she inherited it) because he was so tight with money
-I wondered why he gave all his money to my mom-his self worth is what your mother received {shared aspects}
*she inherited his values toward you {as a child} from him

Now, he had no money and I noticed him sitting near the fireplace in my my mom's living room (not his house, but now in my mom's house) maybe worrying about money
-'Now', he had no money-your current perspective about your GF-his 'value' in your life
-I noticed him sitting near the fireplace in my mom's living room-irresolution of GF relationship/nurturing aspects {warmth from fireplace/relationship} same as your mom's rendered {living space with her}
-not in his house, but now in my mom's house-relationships from the past {his house} vs present relationship with your mom
-maybe worrying about money-harboring some repressed thoughts, some unexpressed emotions, resentments/the confidence you now have in the value in relationship with your mom

Bottom line is your relationship with your mother. We are all born with the need for love, protection and most of all 'nurturance'. The first thing an infant sees when born is the mother and the first inclination of the new born is to receive nurturance. This exists throughout childhood {and life} and when not received there is an emotional conflict. You state, and the dream reflects, that needed nourishment from your mother {in full provision} was not given {perhaps not a bad mom but not providing all you needed}. You found what you lacked in that relationship in your grandmother. Your grandfather was present during this time but was not a 'giver' like your grandmother {may also reflect aspects of your father relationship as well}. The New Orleans image is purely representative and when you google' New Orleans for its 'meaning' you will find among a list 'The City that Care Forgot'. This is your grandfather, he being a part of your environment as a child {city} but not the giver of care as was your grandmother or mom.

Then there is the current emotional issue. Your mother has changed a lot compared to who she was and how she acted when you were a child/younger. But those early years are imprinted on your psyche and issues remain resolved. The dream reflects these unresolved issues. There is a need to find resolution and the best way to do that is too understand there are the issues and then talk with your mother about them. It is self therapy, not only for you but also for your mom {she needs to understand her state of mind during those early years}. Understanding the issues via the dream and taking actions to resolve them in your waking life.



Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 68 Cocoa, Fl

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