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Elephant, dolphins, the color gray

Good morning! It's been a while since I have posted on these forums. I had a dream a few nights ago that seems significant. A little background...Over the past couple of years, I have experienced a lot of depression, stress, and medical issues. This spring/summer, I am beginning a new job and will be moving. Often, I have what some people call astral travel experiences. I am not sleeping yet and feel like I have left my body. The vast majority of them have been very dark, negative experiences, depending on my mood/psyche. Then I had this one last week that I will share below that, even though, everything was grey, it felt like something had been resolved, and I felt increased energy/mood enhancement from it.

In this experience, I was floating/flying toward a sea. The sea appeared very choppy and angry. As I got closer, I noticed the choppy appearance was caused by thousands of dolphins. I kept going closer, a larger-than-life elephant emerged from the water. I placed my hand on it's forehead. Then, I started to feel like I was be pulled back. I reached toward the elephant. The elephant used it's trunk to grab my hand and put me on it's back. I woke up at that moment.


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Re: Elephant, dolphins, the color gray

Looking back at your last posted dream {you have had several since 2012} I can see you are still struggling with your emotions. This dream seems to be highlighting that struggle. What is odd are the images of the elephant and dolphins which are usually positive images if not spiritual are part of the negative emotions. They seem to be addressing negative aspects of your intellect {both are very intelligent animals}. I think both are true representations of your intellect but your emotional self places limitations on intellectual abilities. Or, and I get the sense this may be the case, you are putting too much effort into some type of 'metaphysical' abilities that in normal circumstances would allow great possibilities in your life {one of your dreams had to do with visions vs dreams}. These metaphysical properties are barriers to your emotional health. Because of the emotional issues these endeavors are counter productive. Likely any metaphysical endeavors are also affected by the emotional energies, limiting those abilities.

A question. Have you sought medical advice for your depression? I am not a big supporter of medications as the first/primary treatment of depression or psychological issues but in some cases they are needed to balance the out-of-balance body chemistry. If you have done this and does not help then I would look to your psyche history {this should be done in any event} and determine why there are so many negative emotional energies plaguing your life {beginning with and focusing first on early childhood}. There are reasons for your negative emotions and attitudes. Dreamwork focuses on the psychological aspect. Foundations in life are the building blocks for the emotions and when there are 'blocks' missing that goes with you until they are discovered, understood and resolved.

Here is my amplification of the images and actions in your dream {something I now do as a standard part of my analysis}.

I was floating/flying toward a sea
-floating-a need for a new found freedom and gaining a new perspective on things
-flying-freedom where you restrictions and limitations
-toward a sea-emotions

The sea appeared very choppy and angry
-sea appeared choppy/angry-emotional turbulance/negative emotions and attitudes

As I got closer, I noticed the choppy appearance was caused by thousands of dolphins
-got closer-getting closer to your emotions
-I noticed the choppy appearance-attention on your emotions
-caused by a thousands of dolphins-caused by your willingness and ability to explore and navigate through your emotions

I kept getting closer
-getting closer to emotional self discovery

I kept going closer, a larger-than-life elephant emerged from the water
-I kept getting closer-a contineous search
-larger than life elephant-unconscious energies stronger than your wise intellectual self
-emerged from water-strong emotional energies emerging from unconscious

I placed my hand on it's forehead
-placed my hand-bound by limited abilities
-on it's forehead-on your intellect

Then, I started to feel like I was be pulled back
-being pulled back-limited by emotional energies

I reached toward the elephant
-inclination toward intellectual energies

The elephant used it's trunk to grab my hand and put me on it's back
-strong intellectual energies that control your conscious attitudes


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