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Re: Institutionalized

Here is the amplification of the images and actions from your dream. Is till need to sort through it all. Here are a couple of patterns I notice.
1. Emotional conflict 'within' family {and yourself} with a man {father is best possibility} who has a controlling nature who issues punishment but also rewards {when it fits his nature}.

2. Issues related to your ex that have associations to your father. You seem to still have feelings for your ex but the relationship with your father als seems to be a governing factor.

3. Institutionalized. Are you currently or have you recently had psychological concounciling? This word {title} is recurring and seems to point to actual experiences. If not having had it may be an good possibility it is needed.

If you can provide insights to these possibilities they will be of great help. Having only your age and gender I am limited to providing only an outline of the emotional energies. Any additional information you feel comfortable in sharing will be of great help in understanding the message of the dream. I will await your reply and then summarize my analysis.

Amplification of images and actions

Outside sources/sponsors may give us Boons if they choose
-outside sources-external origins
-sponsors-provider of unconscious energies
-give us Boones-benefiting positive aspects
-if they choose-when it fits with emotional needs/desires
External foundations that benefit positive growth when it fits with emotional needs/desires

It is never explained but I now know that these sponsors are sometimes family members trying to bring a Resident home
-never explained-not consciously aware
-but I know-but consciously known
-sponsors are sometimes family members-energies related to whole emotional self/actual family members
-trying to bring a resident home-providing direct supervision
Not consciously aware but consciously acted out {unconsciously driven}, emotional energies related to family members that provide direct supervision

Sometimes they are benefactors hoping to free us
-benefactors hoping to free us-positive aspects that release true emotions

Other times, they are people who want to mess with us, and dangle hope in front of us.
-Other times, they are people-negitive aspects, emotional energies/people
- who want to mess with us-causing conflict with positive self
-and dangle hope in front of us-offer of positive expectations for conscious life
Negative aspects/people that promote emotional energies causing conflict with positive self by offering positive expectations for better life

Experiences with family in early life {foundations} that are responsible for unconscious energies {you are not aware of}

In any event, we are not allowed to know who has given us this Boon, but what it entails is a chance to prove that we do not belong there.
-In any event-in whole life {including adulthood}
-we are not allowed to know-suppressed awareness/emotions
-who has given us this Boon-of positive aspects
-but it what it entails- emotional energies
-is a chance to prove we do not belong there-that should not be a part of self
There are suppressed emotions of positive aspects related to emotional energies that should not be a part of your psyche life

It is also understood that we can not refuse a Boon and that failing to prove that we should be free will end of badly for us
-it is also understood we can not refuse-established energies/experiences you can not reject
-a Boon-positive aspects
-that failing to prove-deny established facts
-that we should be free-free of negative energies
-will end badly for us-result in negative actions
You can not reject emotional energies, nor refuse the benefits of following what you are instructed to do despite the negative energies that result in negative actions

We are allowed a set amount of time to go out and gather evidence that we were put here by mistake/deserve to be free/etc.

-We are allowed a set amount of time-established pressures
-to go out and gather evidence-confirming conscious actions
-we were put here by mistake-not voluntarily
-deserve to be free-free of negative emotional energies

I am given one of these Boons, which causes a significant portion of the other residents to become hostile towards me.
-given one of these Boones-given an advantage
-which cause a significant portion of other residents-greater part of self/other people in family
-to become hostile towards me-inner hostility/outer hostilities

I am pulled out of the Institution and taken to a place, which I understand to be my old apartment.
-pulled out of institution-established emotional energies coming out
-taken to a place/old apartment-older aspects/past experiences

Despite the fact that I do not know why I was institutionalized, nor who put me there, I must search for evidence that I should be free.
-fact why I was institutionalized-governed
-nor who put me there-of the reason why
-search for evidence-confirmation
-that I should be free-restricted and a need to break away from emotiona energies

The apartment is trashed
-an aspect of yourself that is damaged

Nothing seems to be mine any longer
-not possessing the capacity to be your true self

Everything is in a state of decay, or just total chaos
-degradation of true self/disorder and confusion/loss of self esteem

Began to find evidence that is where my ex still lives, and I am fully aware he could return at any minute
-began to find evidence where ex still lives-past emotional energies still exist
-fully aware he may return at any minute-conscious of emotional energies

it becomes more and more evident that he is the one who sent me to the Institution
-emotional energies related to ex that now causes a mental conflict

The last things I find, are pictures of him with his new family, and shortly after, an engagement ring that is ment for me
-last things I find-the object of your emotional search
-pictures of him with new family-mental imprint of emotional complexes that still persists
-shortly after-previous emotional energies
-an engagement ring that is meant for me-long term longivity of emotional energies

At this point, I am shot with some kind of tranquilizer, and dragged away
-at this point-at a crossroads
-I am shot with tranquilizer-self punishment you are trying to avoid
-dragged away-power to control no longer exists


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