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Re: He saved me while I was being chased

I am going to withhold a final analysis so to get an understanding of past and present relationships. This seems to be what the dream is about. I will provide my amplification of the images and actions {dreams have a language of symbol and metaphor mixed with literal applications}.

Question. What was the relationship with your father? Was it negative or positive? Strongly negative or strongly positive?

Another question. Are you now in a relationship and if so how is that going? Are there questions about it, perhaps intuitive senses you are having? Are there aspects you can associate with to your father? Similar negative or positive aspects?

An explanation of how dreams function that will provide reasons for my questions.
Dreams are about emotional energies. Your {the dreamer's} emotional energies.
Dreams have at least two meanings/applications. One is addressing foundations for who you are, your early life experiences that shaped your psyche and person. That would be one aspect of the dream and why I ask about the relationship with your father {this dream is focusing on masculine/male aspects}.

A second application {and there can be more} is current emotional energies related to current experiences {with a male or males}. How you handle current relationships have to do with who you are, your choices in relationships and how those relationships evolve. Your early life shaping has very much to do with current relationships. I sense the dream is about the past relationship with another male {most likely your father} that have associations to current relationships.

Another aspect I sense is possible intuitive feelings on your part related to current experiences {with a male}. If this is true you will know it, you will have given thought to the relationship and your 'sensing' of it.

After you provide info about the questions {general, you do not need to provide personal info} I will give a final analysis of this dream as well as your other post {they are related}. I will provide an amplification of that dream as well.

Amplification of Images and Actions {by sentence}.

Dream Title
He saved me while I was being chased
unconscious masculine energies that need to be realized that can save you from issues you may be avoiding {in current relationships}

Dream {By Sentence}
being at my old school (I'm in uni now) and for some reason I was hiding from something idk what, it felt like something or more likely some people were chasing me.
-Being at my old school-issues from your past that need to be consciously realized/learned
-I was hiding from something-'hidden' unconscious energies/not facing or realizing the issues/possible repression
-people chasing me-emotional issues that are needing realization/resolution

I felt so trapped when suddenly this guy told me to go through the back door and wait for him.
-I felt trapped-feeling/being confined or restricted in certain aspects of your life
-when suddenly guy told me-communicating of authoritative masculine energies
-go through back door-searching for solutions of unconscious energies
-wait for him-issues of dependency

I didn't listen at first and I ran from him but ended with bumping into him again and he took my hand and asked me if I trusted him
-didn't listen at first-avoiding origins of emotional energies
-I ran from him-not wanting/letting masculine energies control you
-ended with bumping into him again-reliving past experiences
-he took my hand-masculine energies taking control of your abilities
-asked me if I trusted him-appealing assurances of masculine aspects/relationships

I said yes then he promised to save me
-I said yes-affirming controlling masculine energies
-he promised to save me-being rescued by unconscious concerns related to someone keeping their word

he pulled me towards his car (red)
-emotional energies exerting their force to control you

I remember him holding my hand so tight
-ability to learn from past fixed experiences

it made me feel so weirdly safe
-intuitive safeguards

I can't get over the way he looked at me, kind of like he was looking at my soul
-can't get over the way he looked at me-unable to recover from 'mirroring' experiences

like he was looking at my soul
-examining masculine characteristics within your psyche


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