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Re: Forest monster's/spirit's

I am working on your dream and thus far I sense you are feeling pressure to measure up to certain expectations from a 'towering' personality in your life. This person may have had great success in their life and the same is expected from you. Because dreams are about unresolved emotional energies these expectations cause conflict in your life.

I hope to finish your dream today. May be tomorrow. Working on several projects. If you care to respond feel free to do so.


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Re: Forest monster's/spirit's

Before I provide a final analysis I need for you to respond to my previous post and promise you will respond to my final analysis. It takes a couple of hours at least to properly analysis a dream using Jungian psyche and since my services are free a response to my analysis is something you can do for my time.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 68 Cocoa, Fl

Re: Forest monster's/spirit's

OP here
Sry we currently have problems with our internet, I'm not always active.
Sure I'll respond to your final analysis but like I said please take your time.
Have a good day!

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Re: Forest monster's/spirit's

Here is the amplification of the images and actions from your dream. A lot to consider but my original observations remain. Feeling pressure to measure up to certain expectations from a 'towering' personality in your life or dominating expectations of yourself. I sense there is a person {male} that fits the towering personality and from that there are great expectations to measure up to this person. Or/and you are putting pressure on yourself to measure up to this as well as measuring up to your own driving expectations. There are signs of insecurities due to the relationship with this person {and from the burdening exceptions of yourself}. I also sense from the dream you are not the only persona who was/is affected by this male relationship {relative}.

Other than this there are signs you have unique abilities but are prevented from expressing them. This is due to the 'towering' expectations of this person and pressures you put on yourself because of the relationship. These aspects began early in life and reflect the foundations you grew up with/in. it is affecting your life now to the extent you are having difficulties of being your own self, your true self.

There is more to the dream that needs further examination. I will do that after you respond. The response may shed light on personal experiences that will help better understand those aspects {with your age and gender I can only outline the energies that are controlling agents in your life}.

Amplification of Images and Actions
Title: Forest Monsters/Spirits
-forest-your unconscious/growth and strenghts
-monsters-personal fears
-spirits-personal complexes/not yet discovered or utilized powers or capacities of your psyche offering inspiration, creativity

Dream {by sentence}
I was alone in a forest, it was bright outside and it wasn't getting darker throughout the dream, the forest had a relatively wide road that went through it, the forest seemed very familiar
-alone in forest-a particular unconscious aspect
-it was bright outside/wasn't getting any darker-positive outward attitude/contineous positive outlook
-forest had wide road through it-extensive/expansive sense of direction
-forest seemed familiar-recognized aspects/established foundations in your life

At first I was on the road but I went off the road into the forest.
-at first I was on road-underlying foundations to your path in life
-but I went off road into forest-unconsciously divating your direction

As I was walking I felt as I was being watched by someone or something but I was just walking forward not looking around to see what it was.
-as I was walking I felt I was being watched-being monitored as you progress in life
-by someone or something-an actual person as well as your own self
-I was walking forward-staying the path you have chosen
-not looking around to see what it was-dedicated to your chosen direction/not being distracted

At some point I got to an opening in the forest.
-at some point-a particular time that was important
-I got to an opening in the forest-a strong influence and powerful inspiration that affects your unconscious mind

It was a big meadow, I was standing between the trees on one side, it was like a big rectangle, I could see the trees on the other side they where maybe 100 meters away from me.
-it was a big meadow-security in being open
-I was standing between the trees on one side-one aspect positioned for personal growth
-it was like a big rectangle-stability in your principles in life
-I could see the trees on the other side-visulizing personal growth as a surrogate to your principles
-they were 100 meters away from me-measuring external accomplishments

But there where no trees to the left or right, it seemed like it was a big strip through the forest that was infinitely long
-no trees to left or right-personal growth attained by being centered
-seemed like it was a big strip through the forest-an unconscious layer
-that was infinitely long-powerful endurance in the strength of mind

On the meadow there was some kind of structure like a tower and people were standing around it but I couldn't make out what it was.
-on the meadow was a kind of structure-structured personal growth
-like a tower-superior aspirations/superior person
-people were standing around it-feeling pressures to achieve
-couldn't make out what it was-

The next thing that I remember was that some kind of large creature was standing next to me, it felt big and bulky it felt massive but it wasn't tall maybe the same height as me
-next think I remember-being reminded of something
-some kind of large creature was standing next to me-a 'towering' figure you are aware of and/or inner aspect that needs confronting/possibly causing feelings of insecurity {perhaps when around a particular person}
-it felt bulky/felt massive-strong emotional energies
-wasn't tall/same height as me-an inner issue identical to /or with someone who is your height

From time to time more of these creatures started to appear about seven in total and everyone of them was unique they all looked different some colorful, one of them had really long arms and legs and all of them behaved differently and had their own personalities.
-from time to time more creatures begin to appear-issues/persons that affected you earlier in life and continue to do so {unconsciously}
-about seven in total/everyone unique-actual experience of the number 7/unique qualities that stand out
-all looked different, some colorful-distinctive aspects/bright perhaps flashy {may be addressing personality qualities}
-one of them had really long arms and legs-a sense of perception of self that guides you in life
-all behaved differently-contrasting traits
-had their own personalities-different inner traits/actual persons

At first I was a bit scared and confused.
-at first-your beginnings/first time experience
-I was a bit scared and confused-self doubt/confusion

The next thing I remember is that two of them kinda ganged up on me one tried to poke me with it's long beak the other one with the long arms and legs mocked me in it's language, after that I ran through the woods but they followed me, appearing to my left or my right,then I was on the road again and ran down the road and everything went black.
-next thing I remember -later life experience
-two ganged upon me-overpowering conflict
-tried to poke me with long beak-projected aspect that needs attention
-one with long arms and legs-particular aspect that has ability to control
-mocked me-self esteem aspects
-in its language-sense of perception
-I ran through woods/they followed me-avoiding aspects you need to acknowledge
-on road again-return to original path/foundations
-ran down road-continuing the avoidence
-everything went black-unconscious controlled

About a minute passed while it was black, now comes the strangest part, I could see again but it was like my vision was a camera
-about a minute passed while it was black-
-I could see again-regain your vision
-was a like a camera-being the projected aspects

It even felt like I wasn't there it felt like a scene from a movie.
-felt like I was there-a void
-it felt like a scence from movie-displaying your true self

There was a small meadow with a fence on the back and trees hanging over the fence
-there was a small meadow with a fence-insecurities
-trees hanging over the fence-insecurities in personal growth

in the middle was a black silhouette of one of the creatures and a person slowly walking into it
-in the middle was a black silhouette one of creatures-outline of central aspects that are the cause for insecurities
-person slowly walking into it-being in same position

then the "camera" zoomed out and there was a row of silhouette's all resembling one of the creatures and into each one of them there was a different person walking in
-camera zoomed out-past influences/experiences becoming outward actions
-row of silhouettes resembling on of creatures-outline of personal traits related to personal experiences/influences
-into each was a different person walking in-filling a void by being different from who you really are


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 68 Cocoa, Fl

Re: Forest monster's/spirit's

Thanks for the info

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