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The Possibility of Tool for Dreaming while Awake

In February of 2013 I had a dream that I remember having many times as a child. In the dream I was using a device that allowed me to see my life's purpose before I had achieved it. I was intimately connected to this device and it provided a sense of confidence in my path that is hard to describe with common language. Inner knowing would be the best use of words to describe the feeling surrounding my connection with this device displaying my life's purpose in front of my eyes. For the past 6 years I have been working on recreating this device I was using in my dream. I believe by creating such a device it could enable humanity to gain direction collectively and individually. I'm wondering if anyone on this forum has heard of any device like this being used today or has had a dream in which they are using a similar device to what I have previously described. I'm also wondering if anyone knows of any dreaming techniques for witnessing the life's purpose while in everyday waking reality before it has manifested for I know the device I wish to create ultimately must be based on some sort of innate inner technology that already exists within our selves. Thank you!

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