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Re: breaking into friend's house

There is always relationships to childhood experiences and influences to adult actions. Your personality and personal attitudes are built on early life years. What you witness/take in even in infant years are set in granite in the psyche. Continuous influencing actions as in with parents constantly arguing} are recorded and are most likely to be demonstrated in actions later in life. If one or both parents smoke then it is likely you will smoke {although attitudes toward smoking are changing because of reports on health concerns}. Your actions/reactions with your deceased friend may have been related to your development in early life. If you look at that relationship and that with your father you may discover things about yourself.

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Re: breaking into friend's house

Wouldn't you say that most people don't know how they feel about someone or won't allow themselves (protect themselves) to fall for someone unless that person has feelings for them? What I mean is you usually doesn't know how you feel about a person unless you date that person or get to know that person better. So, if you don't date a person, you will have no idea of that person's feelings for you or no idea of your feelings for that person. I haven't dated most men who I don't know how I feel about them.

Re: breaking into friend's house

As I walked by a group of young teenagers at a store yesterday, the female teenagers asked a male teen why he was staring at me. Maybe this is why I had this dream about young teenagers. In my dream, I was in a social setting and told that someone wanted to say something to me. I was escorted to a music band who were sitting in chairs in front of the room next to a video screen. They were young male teenagers. There were a couple of cool looking band members with leather jackets (oh, my impression of the young male teenager at the store was that he was trying to act like a cool kid) with a nerdy looking band member. It was the nerdy looking band member who had something to say to me. I was told to watch the video. I guess the video was supposed to reveal how he liked me. As I watched it with no facial expression, he looked at his band members like oh no, she's not interested or doesn't like me. I was just trying to figure out what he was trying to tell me or didn't mean to hurt his feelings if I did. I was also uncomfortable being put on the spot.The other band members ignored me. Later when I was surrounded by a group of female teenagers, I asked them if they thought I looked young like a teenager since I didn't know if that band member who liked me how old I really was. If a male I didn't know did this to me in real life, I think I would have the same expression on my face.

Re: breaking into friend's house

That's informative

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