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Strange symbolic dream

I'm interested in Jungian psychology and dreams. A month passed since I dreamed this one and it puzzled me ever since. I would like someone to help me to do an interpretation in a Jungian way.

-I'm walking with a female person near a river bank. The river is on my left side just as the girl is. On my right side, I see huge crystals that are painted in red, green and yellow colors assembled in a straight line following the road we are walking. Suddenly I see (on my right side) big medieval tombs, and on the top of one of them a lion jumps and roars at me. I feel fear but proceed walking.
In front of us, I see in the distance a group of stray dogs. I start feeling fear. Now on my right there a big mirrors and glass panes. I decide to evade the dogs by going through the field of glass and mirrors. They start pursuing us and we hide. One dog manages to bite me (not really sure if he really bit me tho)

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