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very odd weird dream...

I am 51, married with children. I literally woke up from it and had to find out what it meant.

I dreamed I was at this mans house and I was there to have some sort of sexual experience with him and others. I was told to completely disrobe/ I remember being hesitant because I knew my son was waiting for me in his car.

I remember being seated in this mans kitchen, nude. I could tell that were waiting for another person to arrive. I remember looking at a clock and it was 10:00 o'clock am and I remember saying we need to get this started because my son as waiting.

Then i looked up and saw my father enter the room, (who is still living). I knew He wasn't the person we were waiting for. He looked completely disappointed and looked at me and said, mmmhmmm..and handed me a note i don't remember what was written on the not but I know out of shear fear of getting more caught I had to get outside to my son and get in his car.

but when I exited the house I found myself in what seemed to be a crowded car dealership type place. I waved to my son but and i saw him start to drive to get me but he kept going around the building but I couldn't get curbside because it was just so crowded.

it was then I woke up.

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