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After several months of being closed due to locating from Cocoa, Fl to Altoona, Fl. and rebuilding Kitty City the Dream Forum is once again open for service. As always I provide free analysis/interpretation of dreams. The Dream Forum has been on-line since 2005 and using Jungian psychology I have analyzed thousands of dreams. The only request I have from those who post is a follow up response to my analysis. This not only provides insights to the interpretation but also the accuracy of my analysis. From past responses from analyzed dreams I have been able to confirm that by using Jungian psychology dreams can be properly and successfully interpreted. Not a big deal, there are many others like myself who, by using Jungian concepts of dream analysis, can correctly interpret dreams. This is not unusual when you take in context nature's predilection to provide the psyche with a method for healing. Just as the body has the immune system to heal and protect the body, so too the psyche has the dream. Think emotions when working with your dreams and symbol and metaphor when trying to interpret them. Simple equation when you THINK about it {taking time to think about your dreams}.

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