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climbing a steep hill ?

so basically the dream starts with my family (me, my mom, and my dad) attempting to walk up a steep hill to get to a chapel of sorts. the reason we are trying to get to the chapel is nuclear. however, once we are near the top, it becomes too rocky, I could probably have made it, but since my dad is slightly crippled we turn back. once we start going down the mountain, it starts raining incredibly hard. so hard to the point that we are all actually running. then the dream ends.

any idea what this could be about? thanks

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 16,Female,PA

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Re: climbing a steep hill ?

I will give two analysis of your dream, one a simple interpretation and the second an indepth and much longer analysis. The second is as much as a guide to the deeper aspects in a dream, beyond the normal interpretive analysis and going to the depths of how dreams function and what they address. The second analysis will be in a second post.

The basic interpretation of your dream{your age is a factor in my analysis} is:

There is inner turmoil in your family life that is causing obstacles in your everyday life in and outside your home environment. There are issues with your family, possible financial, that make it hard for you, your mom and dad. If not financial then issues related to your dad that causes problems for you and your mom. Your home environment affects your everyday life including school and social environment. Something about your dad has crippled the normal relationship with him. This has caused a lot of emotional distress and may require or has caused major changes in lifestyle. This is crippling on your life beyond your family life and extending into your social life {school, etc}. A lot of emotional distress involved.

I'll provide my deeper analysis later today


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 68 Altoona, Fl

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Yes

Re: climbing a steep hill ?

Congratulations. You are the first to post a dream since I re-opened the Forum after being close for several months. I'll need to dust off and hone up on my intuitive senses to see what this dream is about. Because this is my first interpretation of a dream in some time I'll provide a more thorough analysis {a much longer analysis}. In doing so I'll present a narrative as well as break down the images and actions to give you insights to what I see in the dream. The most important thing to remember and understand is your dreams are about you and the emotional energies that unconsciously as well as consciously affect who you are and how you live your life. This is your psychology, your unconscious speaking to you in an attempt to inform as well as heal {dreams are therapeutic whether or not you give time to them or not}.

First let's address the title of your dream. The title usually provides an outline and sometimes an outright explanation of the dream. I'll break down the images/actions and see if it offers some clarification of what the title says about the dream. You can th consult the dream dictionaries to see a more defined definition of the images/actions and other possible applications that may fit with your life {your dreams are about your emotional life}.

Title: climbing a steep hill
-climbing-signifies that you are trying to or you have overcome a struggle {think emotions}. The bigger the hill the bigger the struggle.
Since you are at a stage of development climbing may also be addressing social and/or economic aspects of your life. Peer pressures are a part of this and fitting in also.
-steep-going up a steep incline signifies making progress toward your life goals. It would likely point to difficulties in doing so. This would be both emotional and could be literal, the literal aspect having to do with social/economical aspects and the emotions related to your feelings toward yourself as well as your parents.
-hill-climbing a hill signifies your struggles in life. It symbolizes challenges or obstacles {emotional as well as literal} that you will confront. Alternatively, the hill may represent your desire to escape from your current situation {emotional and literal}.

What the title offers
The title suggests you are trying or having to overcome emotional and probably literal difficulties in your life. What are the biggest challenges are you having to confront? The strong emotional energies underlying these issues are what the dream is about. The challenges as well as the difficulties related to them are important and you are having a hard time to overcome and or achieve your goals. You struggle with them and wish to or/and need to escape from them {the negative aspects}.

The dream
The dream starts out with your family. You, your mom and your dad. The order they appear can be important but with you always being the prime subject {always. Other people are in relationship to your emotional life}. Your relationship with your mom, her being listed after yourself, may point to her being a bigger positive influence. On the other hand, and from a quick look at the rest of the dream {the whole dream always taken into context}, your father being listed last may point to less so a positive than your mother. Here is how the first sentence break down as far as an analysis of the images. Words and language are important in dreams and how they appear and their order also making a statement as to their context.

First Sentence
the dream starts with my family (me, my mom, and my dad) attempting to walk up a steep hill to get to a chapel of sorts. the reason we are trying to get to the chapel is nuclear.

-the dream starts out-This type opening statement is often overlooked as to its importance. At age 16 the overriding concerns in your life are family and position in life. Your parents are named but the position you seeking in life among peers as well as your own self image are a primary force in a teens life. The first people to encounter every morning are your parents and the first thoughts are the day ahead and what to expect in the encounters and experiences to come. You are going OUT into the world to blaze your own trail and the influences of family and environment affect how this works out. Included in your generation are the modern devices such as Iphones and computers. Unlike previous generations the psyche is greatly influenced by this new technology to a point it is a prime mover in psyche and personal development. Whereas previous generations were influenced primarily by outer world experiences/influences today's generation has a second identity. Social media. I'll allude to this more so if it seems important since social identities are often an escape from reality.

-my family-family is a literal application in this dream as well as a description of yourself {personal aspects always addressed in dreams}. As noted your parents who are important in your life, the relationship with them and how that affects you emotionally. As for personal development the family would represent your whole self, your total development. Dependence on a particular family member may be a part of the equation. It is your dream and your life.

-me, my mom and my dad-Again the dream is about you {me}. The relationship with your mom and father are prime forces in your life. Life started with your mom and dad giving life to you {actually your mom}. And each day would normally {at your age} begin with the same experiences, first waking up to experiences with them.

-attempting to walk up a steep hill-The prime word in this action is attempting. Struggles in life are and will always be a part of life. This dream is addressing your current situation and everything from the past
that has brought you to this point in your life.

Your efforts in life are emotionally based and how you approach life {walk} defines you and the outcome. Walking is progression, literal making progress toward your goals as well the emotional energies that affect that progression. The steep hill points to extreme difficulties in some aspects of that progression.

The hill represents obstacles. The struggle is both the ordinary obstacles you face day to day {school and peer pressures as well as with family and how this all affects you emotionally}. Struggles are a part of life and those that present the most difficulties and/or possess the strongest emotional energies will be the topic of your nightly dreams.

-to get to a chapel of sorts-to get to is achieving what you naturally require in life {from parents and environment} as well as socially and personal achievements. The primary mover of getting there starts with family {as the dream starts out with}. This is true with everyone, earliest life experiences and influences are the foundation of who you become later in life.

A chapel of sorts. If this had been a simply a chapel then the meaning and application would most likely be different. A chapel is a church and if labeled as a simple chapel then it would likely point to something outwardly sacred. But the 'of sorts' points to something similar but not actual. This suggests something sacred but inwardly and not actual {chapel or church}. Attempting to get to your inward chapel is in relationship with your mom and dad. There, within {emotional} is an issue, an obstacle you need/attempting to overcome.

Summary of first sentence
As with every teen {and every person} there are struggles. They are both literal and emotional. The emotional has great influence on the literal daily life experiences, so much so they can and do affect approach and outcome. Your struggles {that this dream is addressing primarily your biggest issues} are in relationship with your mom and dad. Those relationships affect your overall outlook on life and how you start and go about your day to day routine. A bad start in the morning with a parent or parents affects your inner self and affect how you go about your day and life in general. The dream points to difficulties in some part of the mom/dad relationship. That is the beginning of your life {the greatest influence} as well as your day to day life. If the inner sanctity is not positive the outer self is not whole and achievements in life {socially and personal} are more difficult to achieve. There is more to overcome {hill} and a struggle ensues.

Second Sentence
the reason we are trying to get to the chapel is nuclear.

The word nuclear is telling. It has many meanings, all relevant. The first meaning and application is 'central'. Central to your emotional life and who you are is the relationship with your parents {true with everyone but in the context of whether the positive or negative energies involved}. The inner sanctity of being whole {your true self and with greatest achievement} is related to the central characters and experiences in life. This dream starts out pointing to the relationship with parents and the issues involved with them.

Another meaning of nuclear is 'internal'. The emotional aspect of the relationships. The inner sanctity is who you really are not matter how different you present yourself in the outer world. If it is not right inside the outside can only hide it but not remove it.

Then there is the 'explosive' meaning of nuclear. This could point to explosive emotions and nature related to a parent or parents. Trying to 'achieve' inner sanctity is the reason for the dream and the ultimate goal in life. If life starts out with great obstacles then the rest of life must engage these early struggles. Most everyone has early life issues and trying to sort them out and resolve them is a life long struggle {unconsciously if not consciously}. Jungian psychology is a path to resolving such issues.

Summary of second sentence
The second sentence places an emphasis on just how important the relationship with your mom and dad has on you. Normally these issues are not consciously thought of in day to day experiences in social circles. But they have unconscious ramifications that are not realized. If you have problems adjusting in school or in social circles look to family life. What begins there carries with you, daily and if not resolved throughout life. These are prime and most important issues {nuclear} and 'central' to who you are and as important to your future self.

Third Sentence
however, once we are near the top, it becomes too rocky, I could probably have made it, but since my dad is slightly crippled we turn back.
-once when we get near the top-as with all words there are multiple meanings/applications to this word. In relationship to emotions the top represents intellectual or your thoughts. These apply to aspirations and goals as well as the emotional energies that govern you and your life. Day to day life in social circles can be put aside temporarily unconsciously they are grounded in your mind and affect who you are. It is when you have to think about the issues {near top} they take on 'nuclear' ramifications. That is in the beginning, each day and from early life experiences with family.

-it becomes rocky-Having addressed the thought process of the top would seem to be the clear reason for the relationship issues with family/parents becoming 'rocky'. But I want to stress the meaning of rocky in the context of the 'permanence' of early life relationships/experiences. These early teays are the most important psychologically than any other {along with traumatic experiences later in life}. All dreams address foundations because it is from those early beginnings the rest of life takes original shape. You are your childhood. Some early life issues are naturally resolved with maturity. But the deep seeded issues need conscious adjustment and resolution. What a child experiences early in life goes with them throughout life. When you reach mid life and have emotional issues and do not know what or why they are, look to childhood.

-I could have probably made it-This is the resealance of the positive adolescent mind. The psyche of a child is naturally playful and positive and until those aspects are removed or polluted the life retains a positive ground. Even with tough issues in early life the adolescent psyche retains a positive outlook. This is why I mentioned the electronic gadgets your generation has access to. Instead of living in the real world and all then problems {especially emotional} this generation has access to an alternative world where reality is blurred if not outright reduced to non reality. Psychologically this generation has instruments that can provide great comfort and advancement, if used right. But this generation is also severely damaged because proper parenting is lacking. This isn't new, all generations have had this problem. But today it has intensified, made worse because of substitution of love and acceptance of child by parents. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc offer an alternative to normal life and when that normal life is so destructive reality is blurred. That alone is not the great issue, it is when that alternative world falls apart and the real world comes crashing down on those who are ill prepared to deal with it. The nuclear then becomes a bomb waiting to explode. The Gen X generation is more than 90% stressed out according to a study from October of last year. And it is only getting worse, not just because of the electronic devices that offer an alternative world but because parents are pushing kids into that world. When you don't get the love and attention at home you begin to look elsewhere. And what does mom and dad give you for Christmas? A $1000 Iphone.
You can probably make it alone with mom and dad but when the Iphone is taken away what then?

{I can get a bit preachy sometimes}

-but since my dad is slightly crippled-Here is a reason if not the reason for the issues the dream is addressing. Your dad is slightly crippled. A chance that is literally true but most likely a metaphor for him being 'disabled' in some other fashion. And a good chance his 'disability' is in relationship to his relationship with you and your family {your mother and siblings if there are any}. Again think emotional disabilities on your part because of the relationship with your dad. What is it about him that is debilitating in your relationship with him? What is it he does that doesn't provide the proper relationship with him? Is it something he does or doesn't do or/and is it in the relationship itself? Possibly and likely both. Identifying exactly what it is is important and retaining that can help later in life when you try to resolve the issues you have then. At 16 such things aren't important but they will be at age 36 or 46. The problem now with his 'disability' is influencing you and your life. KNowing this, even at your age, may help in realizing it is not you that is the problem, it is him and with that relationship that keeps you from achieving goals and realizing your greatest self.

-we turn back-First the 'we' suggests the crippling aspects of your dad is affecting more than just you {your mom}. And it is not only affecting your world outwardly but also your inner world. That inner world is most important to your future. When you get older and 'turn back' to look at your past you will realize the importance of those early years. Even if you never take the time to consciously look back, unconsciously your psyche/mind is. It is a natural part of our evolution. The body has the immune system to heal and protect and the psyche has the dream {to help us heal emotionally}. Also the turning back may suggest that when you get to a point of realizing a goal you revert back to the negative influences brought about my the crippling aspects and/or relationship with your dad. It affects your whole self {your totality, your inner family} as well as other family {literal} members.

Summary of third sentence
This part identifies what the issue is this dream is addressing {and other dreams you have had and will have}. The crippling effect either your dad possesses {his personality/actions/etc} and or the crippling relationship you have with him. Outwardly in your everyday routine you can put that aside for awhile but underneath it is still there and possibly crippling to your progressing in life as you should. When you have to think about these emotional issues {the top} it becomes rocky, hard to digest. This can cause you to turn away from the normality you should have to being less than you should be. Do you possess self esteem issues? Or times when you should feel positive but do not and you can't understand why? Look 'back' or to your relationship with your dad.

Fourth Sentence
once we start going down the mountain, it starts raining incredibly hard
-once we start going down the mountain-Mountains are huge obstacles and challenges in life. Going down a mountain may indicate you are addressing these issues indirectly and not letting them outwardly affect you. Not thinking about the issues that are bothering you is one way to get around them. This is where media like Instagram and Facebook can enter into the scheme of things. It also may suggest that coming down from what you expect in positive terms for yourself and your life is affected by negative emotions related to what causes obstacles in your life.

-it starts raining incredibly hard-Rain often represents a release of negative emotions. We all need a way for releasing stress and negative emotions because of the obstacles in life. Coming down and seeing the realities in life can cause strong release or a need for release of negative emotions.

Summary of fourth sentence
This part of the dream usually presents a change of attitude or way of approaching an issue. To help release strong emotions there may need to be a different approach to the problems without actually resolving the underlying issues {which would be hard for a 16 year old to do since you are dependent on parents}. You may be considering new ways to address the issues in your life. Having given thought to the issues {the top of the mountain} you may have discovered a new way to approach the issue. Or at least thoughts of new ways to do.

Last Sentence
so hard to the point that we are all actually running
-actually running-This may point to an actual experience or real thoughts of carrying through with of what was given thought to. Running from the pressures either emotionally or/and literally. You, and possibly your mom, may have gotten to the point where actual changes need to be made in your lives. Depending on what those are your dad would be a part of the equation and his position depends on the crippling effects he has on you/mom. The emotional energies are so strong the normal way of releasing emotions, or experiences, may required a different approach. Have problems gotten so bad there is consideration of running away from them? Making changes that normally would not be what a family would or need to do?

Final Sentence Summary
Emotional issues so strong they require drastic drastic changes.

Summary of Parts
Title: overcoming or a need to overcome emotional and probably literal difficulties in your life.
First Sentence: Family issues so strong there is difficulties by all involved in overcoming
Second Sentence: Relationship with your mom and dad as well as you and you mom with your dad
Third Sentence: A crippling effect related to your dad that is at the center of your struggles
Fourth Sentence: New approach and possible changes that need to be made related to the issues involved
Final Sentence: You are up against a wall and drastic measures are needed.

Summary of Dream
The title of the dream lays out the opening plot of what the dream and what you are experiencing in your waking life {emotionally and literally}. The central problem revolves around the 'crippling' aspect of your father. This may be a literal disability or/and it may be an attitude or actions on his part that is crippling relationships with him. Your mom is affected by this crippling as well. The problem has gotten so strong it requires changes, possibly drastic, so you can regain normality in your life.

Looking at the dream and my analysis one would think there are severe issues in the relationship with your dad and family as a whole. But we must remember your age {16}. What could seem on the surface to be severe issues could be the normal psyche of a teen magnifying daily emotional energies. In other words it could be the normal pressures of a 16 year old being magnified into something more than it is. Drama is always a part of the developing psyche of a teen and the dream may be merely showcasing this. Normal pressures magnified in your mind {which is not out of the norm for a 16 year old}.

On the other hand, and because you did post the dream {an urgency to the point it needs interpretation} it could be addressing real issues as spelled out in my analysis. Look at the analysis and see what fits. Your response will help clarify the possibilities. From what I know about you {gender and age} I can only provide an outline of the emotional energies. The more I know about your actual life the more I can put it all together.

I await a response.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 68 Altoona, Fl

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