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Re: Hawk

The first paragraph in a dream usually lays out the premise for what the dream is about. Your dream states there are issues related to the masculine aspects of power and empowerment. This likely is demonstrated in your personality. And likely stem from issues/experiences with a male or males in your life. Usually such issues stem from childhood. These are controlling aspects in your psyche and although unconsciously stimulated they are consciously acted out. What you learned as a child are now projected outward in your waking life. What issues in your life are there that would fit with this? I can only provide an outline of the emotional energies {dreams are about emotional energies}. You will have to fill in the rest of it. If I knew about your life I could do that for you but all I know is your age and gender. And instead of putting you on a couch and doing months of therapy this one dream betrays your true feelings {and self}. Understanding these issues can help in correcting the negative aspects of your personality {we all have something in some form}.

Your response provides some insights. You mention false boldness to hide nagging fears. Empowerment issues can present a need for 'false boldness', being something you are not {that is lacking because of childhood issues} to hide your fears. What denials are there in your life? What does Victorian mean to you? What buried memories are there that need digging up? Since these energies are unconscious the experiences that are hidden {and need to be dug up} may be so strong {likely so from what the dream states} they consume your life without your being able to recognize them {also a norm}. The hawk is a part of you. Not to be CROSSED! The victorian aspect {what you see/believe that aspect to be} is like a raptor {an aggressive, consuming aspect}. The raptor is you outer form projecting the unconscious energies. And like a bird it possesses important message from the unconscious {that is the function of dreams-provide these messages}.

From the dream I get an impression you are unaware of the underlying causes but aware of your actions related to the issues I mention. It is an 'important' and active part of your personality. It is also likely a negative aspect more than positive. As long as it is not acknowledged it will continue be a negative aspect and not productive to a happy and balanced life. If you wish to explore what these issues are more info about yourself and your life {childhood especially} will help understand the possibilities {providing info you feel comfortable in giving}.


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