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Re: the invisible wall and a cyst

Here is my analysis of the individual images and actions. Understand I am able only to read the psyche energies and not actual personal experiences {without knowing your personal life}.

An initial analysis of the images/actions gives me the impression you are confronted with an issue/experience you have witnessed before, possibly in very early life. An experience that was profound enough to affect your conscious life but with the energies as much unconscious as conscious. These energies may have affected your self perception making you feel outside the norm {of family and perhaps social circles if not normal realms of society}. There are issues you need to bring out and confront, the cysts being the growth of these energies in their ability to affect and control your conscious life. A telling sentence in the dream was, "I remember knowing that we (me and people in group) were not "normal' people" which translated {dreams have a symbolic language} 'unconscious 'recollection' of past experiences that make you feel not normal {something different}'. The feelings of not being normal would be your feelings/emotions and the group could represent being a part of a group that is/was considered not normal.

Because all dreams deal with both early life foundations as well as present day experiences there is likely a current issue you are dealing with that fits within the dream. The end of the dream points to your trying to remedy the issue but without great success. The underlying issues/energies are what prevent true healing.

I'll give the dream more inspection on Sunday {although I'm retired I work with the family business on Saturdays}. In the meantime read what I have provided and see if you can fit them into your emotional life {dreams are about the emotions}. Bothe the underlying issues that could come from early childhood as well as issues you are currently experiencing. A follow up response will help with my analysis and possibly provide insights to the personal aspects

Title: the invisible wall and a cyst
-invisible-feelings/emotions you do not recognize/understand/Unconscious aspects
-wall-unconscious barriers obstructing conscious vision
-cyst-something needs to be expressed and get out in the open. prejudices, attitudes, or emotions attempting to be released

Summary-Repressed/unexpressed emotions that have barriers but need to be let out

I was standing with a group of people facing a room
-standing with group of people-emotions that are asserting themselves which are affecting your conscious life
-facing a room-confronting or a need to confront specific emotional aspects

The front wall of this room was "invisible' but side walls and back wall were normal/solid walls
-front wall of this room- was "invisible'-consciously display of unconscious barriers-side and back
-walls were normal/solid-living a 'normal' life but with emotional restrictions

I remember knowing that we (me and people in group) were not "normal' people
-unconscious 'recollection' of past experiences that make you feel not normal {something different}

We were like sorcerers or travelers or empaths or something
-inner strengths/talents you identify with {who you really are}

We were all waiting to enter the room, but something was wrong
-anxieties related to specific aspects causing doubts {perhaps self doubt}

The invisible front wall/door/gate was supposed to "shimmer" so we could step through
-invisible front wall/door/gate was supposed to shimmer-conscious difficulties with unconscious 'insights'
-so we could go through-help with coping

It was like a portal of some sort
-vessel to unconscious insights {possible to do with intuition}

We could see that some people had made it through to the other side, but the invisible wall wouldn't shimmer long enough to let the rest of us successfully step through
-unconscious aspects that are known consciously but remaining barriers other aspects {remaining unconscious}

I tried a few times to step though, but couldn't
-strong emotional energies preventing progress

In the dream, I remembered that there was another way into the room; there was a window on the balcony (which if looking in from the front, was on the right side of room)
-consciously asserting what you unconsciously know {unconscious energies in control}

Suddenly, I was on the balcony
-boldly assertion of unconscious energies {in your conscious life}

I realized that this room was housed in this building on a beach and the room was a few floors up
-merging of of emotional energies from the unconscious to conscious actions

I remember seeing a couple, (a man and women embracing) on another balcony looking over at me curiously as I tried to enter through the balcony window
- I remember seeing a couple, (a man and women embracing)-embracing the merging of emotional energies {opposites}
-on another balcony looking over at me curiously-past experiences that have been forgotten/repressed which have control over conscious self
-as I tried to enter through another balcony-understanding effects of other experiences

I got into the room, (although I don't remember how) because I could see the rest of the group still standing on the other side of the invisible wall, perplexed, still trying to figure out how to get in
-I got into the room-aspect of becoming the unconscious energies
-{don't remember how}-unconscious aspects
-because I could see the rest of the group still standing on the other side of the invisible wall-other aspects of self that are unconscious/unknown

I walked into a small room (a bathroom?) within the room and looked at myself in the mirror (I saw my own reflection)
-walked into small bathroom within the room-process of elimination specific aspect
-looked at myself in the mirror {I saw my own reflection}-self perception {reflecting on who you are}

I noticed that I had 3 or 4 small cysts on my face
-not able to be whole due to aspects in life that need expression

One cyst was by my hairline and one by my ear (in the reflection, the cysts were on the right side of my face)
-One cyst was by my hairline-expression of unconscious emotions
-one by my ear-listening to this expression
-(in the reflection, the cysts were on the right side of my face)-ego and social aspects

With a safety pin, I punctured the cyst by my ear
-despite conscious anxieties and deflating ego caused by unconscious energies you proceed in life

Nothing came out, but a gigantic hole/gape in my skin appeared (looked like a earlobe gauge without the gauge)
-repressing emotional energies/shielding yourself from unconscious contents

At first I was horrified and scared, but then I saw that it was closing itself back up (healing) as quickly as it had opened
-feelings of self doubt causing recurring issues and perhaps emotional pain


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 68 Altoona, Fl

Re: the invisible wall and a cyst

Wow, I am completely blown away. Thank you so very much for taking the time to translate my dream.

You absolutely nailed it. I mean, I am shaking because you just spoke to my soul with your translation.

Some background for you.........

So I was raised in a "normal" alcoholic home, meaning that according to outsiders (and perhaps even to ourselves) we were the "perfect" family, albeit a family with a secret. My father was the alcoholic, but not the abusive nor destructive type. He was very passive, very responsible (never missed a day of work, (financially super responsible) and although loving (as a description) comes to mind..... he was emotionally a ghost.

He quit drinking as soon as my brother and I were out of the house (college) and he retired (gov't job). After he quit, my parents relationship greatly improved. My mother was the type to stay and do her duty as "mother" (she was the one that wore the pants) and I think that he knew that once my brother and I were adults, she could potentially leave him.

I've been in therapy for a number of years. At first I thought I had daddy issues (I did) but I also had "mother" issues. My mother loved (and loves) us, but in an enmeshed way. She let my brother and I be "free" and independent people, but emotionally, she kept a chain on us.

This last year I dealt (in therapy) with my "mother issues" I took several steps away from her (this was hard) to break the enmeshment. Examples: When my parents came into town to visit (they live several states away) unlike prior times, I kept my distance emotionally and physically. Phone call dynamics/conditioning changed, (I used to call my mother religiously every Monday) I also wouldn't tell her my every move (used to divulge too much info).

After a year of intense therapy (that just ended a week ago) I graduated. I have successfully un-enmeshed myself.

So here I am....... :smiley:

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 42 female Virginia

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Re: the invisible wall and a cyst

I'll provide a longer response Sunday. I do appreciate your response. I'll see if the added info you provided helps with further insights to the dream.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 68 Altoona, Fl

Re: the invisible wall and a cyst

Again I appreciate your response. Not only for providing insights to your personal life and connecting the images and actions but also because it has been several months since I have analyzed dreams {yours is the second in almost 3 months} and I needed a 'hard' dream to analyze. To be honest I was not sure how well my analysis would turn out. I guess much like riding a bicycle you don't forget how if the ability is there {intuitive mind is key}.

One aspect you touched on that is important, and a norm with most every soul walking this earth, is the childhood experiences. We are who we are primarily because of our earliest foundations and childhood experiences/environment. Dreams are about the emotions and in particular those emotions that possess 'psyche' energies. And the prevailing emotional energies start with and come from childhood. Dreams are attempting to inform the dreamer of these energies so there can be a reconciliation of what is out of balance so to bring about balance and harmony to life. The inner child needs healing and the childhood is the source for the inner child energies.

This is all natural. Just as the body has the immune system to heal and protect the psyche{ology} has the dream. You can not heal what you are not aware of and dreams are tolls for healing. Everything has a beginning and it is from what we learn/experience in early life the rest of life is built on. Few people if any have nothing stored away from childhood that doesn't need reconciliation. It is at midlife these energies begin to assert themselves on a conscious level. This too is a natural aspect of life, the stages of life and the natural evolution of realizing something is not quite right and it is time to understand why. Unconsciously these energies dwell in the darkness of the mind and are showcased in our dreams {in a language of symbol and metaphor}. You have been able to reason and reconcile your issues which is a major task to accomplish. Most people never even attempt to confront what dwells within let alone reconcile the issues. Without a reconciliation of the emotional issues life is unconsciously driven by the energies. A void is felt but why is something to be discovered. This is the function of our dreams.

You have and are experiencing what is known as the inner journey and that journey is psychological. Knowing what is driving you allows a path to healing {a dream where the mother is driving your car is a common dream depicting a there are 'mother issues'}. There is always work to be done but self discovery and taking control is the first step. You have had therapy and although this is the normal path in self discovery and healing it usually takes months to do so {the therapist getting into the mind of the patient and getting the patient to 'let it out'}. As you can see from my analysis of your dream getting to the source of the issues is shortened to a single dream {there are many like myself who use Jungian psyche who are able to properly analyze dreams}. An excellent tool for anyone who is looking for their true self and being that true self. Life is much more productive and definitely happier when the inner negative energies no longer control the conscious life. This is the function of our dreams, nature's tool and a natural aspect of life.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 68 Altoona, Fl

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Yes

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