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Re: Sharp pains in head

Peggy J,
My first impression of the dream when looking at your age is, do you have fears of having a stroke or other such conditions? Although the primary language of dreams is symbol and metaphor there are literal applications as well {the dream is stating/addressing an actual conscious experience or fact}. Symbolically a stroke represents an inability to function in a situation or life {normally}. The symbolic representation likely applies but the literal may also {all dreams have at least two meanings}. It could be the central theme of your dream on {on a literal level}.

Other than that the dream seems to be addressing repressed emotions. You have some conscious awareness of the issues but are unable to resolve the issues. This is because of the unconscious energies that control your conscious life. Such energies begin in early life. I get the impression you are working on the unconscious issues either personally and/or with help {professional therapy}. Whatever the issues the dream seems to depict they are at a dark place in your life. Confusion seems to be a part of the equation.

If you will provide a response and any personal info you feel comfortable with I should be able to give insights to personal issues the dream is trying to communicate {with the info I have I can only provide an outline of the emotional energies}. Below is my analysis of the images and actions in the dream. These may help you better understand the dream as well as the emotional issues you are experiencing.

Title: Sharp pains in head
- Disharmony in mental, emotional life

In my house, walking into open area, holding my phone
-In my house-You, your psychology
-walking into an open area-progress in accessing your inner life
-holding my phone-possessing ability to what needs to be communicated from unconscious to conscious understanding

I feel sharp pains through the top of my head, get dizzy, and fall to the floor, with phone sliding out of reach
-feel sharp pains through top of my head-feeling the emotional disharmony by giving thought to inner issues

I think I must be having a stroke
-an inability function normally

Lying on the floor, I am semi-conscious
-Lying on floor-established foundations
-I am semi conscious-not wholely consciously aware

I can see things around me, but everything is spinning
-confusion in self awareness/who you are

I am trying to find phone to call 911 or my best friend, but can’t see/find it
-inability to communicate an important aspect of your true self

Seems I lay there for a long time
-established emotional energies

I struggle to finally get up
-awaken to/understanding internal conflict

Woozy, I notice that my front door is gone
-indecisiveness/confused in conscious life affecting opportunities to progress

Someone took it and replaced it with a cheap interior door just leaning against the opening
-unconscious aspects causing conscious insecurity/inadequacy

It has drilled holes, but no knob or lock, just leaning there
-producing unconscious energies of dependency you have no conscious handle over

I go to move it, and then see that outside there are boxes of garbage all around my door and front yard
-make inner changes to replace/reconcile negative attitudes/habits/traits in your conscious life

So I think someone put that there on purpose when they took the door
-unconscious energies that limit personal growth/progress

I start to clean it up, but am still too sick/dizzy to handle it so give up and go back inside
-conscious negative attitudes causing you to retreat mentally

It is dark outside
-conscious negative attitudes

Then, in the dream, I wake up and now see my real front door is back on and think,"that was just a dream"
-inability to confront difficult/painful emotions/experiences

I didn’t really have a stroke
-repression of emotions/experiences

Then I start feeling the sharp pains in my head again,(I can physically feel the pains, like sharp as a knife pains) and I stand straight up, stretch my arms up in a V, like to welcome whatever is coming into my head, and then white light starts coming through the ceiling between my hands and into my head
-start feeling sharp pains in my head again-mental disharmony
-I stand straight up-asserting emotions
-stretch my arms up like a V-{in}abilities to augment changes
-like to welcome whatever is coming into my head-conforming to emotional energies
-and then white light starts coming through the ceiling between hands and head-conscious illumination from unconscious energies

The light is moving
-needed changes to achieve illumination/harmony

I wake up (?), and feel the sharp pains in head still happening in reality. But either it is very brief and I quickly go back to sleep or pass out, or, I still wasn’t awake..??
-repressing unconscious emotional energies


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Re: Sharp pains in head

Thank you, Jerry. These interpretations are helpful. I am not afraid of a stroke, literally I mean I never think about that. I do feel confused about next steps with things I view as opportunities, and am always analyzing and trying to figure those things out. Not with professional therapy but with personal study and meditation. I see it as a good thing that you see the white light as me getting more insight into the subconscious things that have affected me since childhood. Those things are more conscious now, but the age thing does concern me more and maybe that is the dark (losing hope) space of feeling I can't try to figure out my blocks to opportunities anymore, but must rather accept them.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 67

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