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Re: Animus Dream

Thanks for the response. It allows me to delve further into the dream {having the additional personal info you provided}. What makes Jungian psychology so valuable is when personal info is known a trained analysis can interpret a dream to its full extent. Instead of months if not years of trying to rummage through the unconscious there is direct access to such info in dreams. Every dream offers new info but each dream also provides an outline of the emotional energies and when the personal info is added the two blend and the true story emerges.

Reading your response I can see that the boss you reference taking advantage is also your father and his influence in forming who you are in the present {he is the boss of your early life}. It is strange how dreams will use the same images to address past {childhood} and present emotional issues but they do, in every dream. It demonstrates the influence of early life experiences in later life. You identify this with your statement, "Another situation where I was wondering like okay he is an *******, but he still cares maybe?" On one hand your father as well as your boss were your friends but both took advantage.

As for your boyfriend. As I stated in my analysis I don't see that relationship as a focus of this dream {others may do so since there are issues with masculine aspects} but the dream bf being a metaphor for masculine issues. In the beginning, a reference not only to the dream but also to your early life, it is supposed to be the positive {friend part of bf} that saves you. But that is countered with the statement you had no direction yourself {lacking the fully positive relationship you should have received from your father}. The police is symbolic of structure, rules, power, authority and control and the other guy is the masculine psyche showing what is missing. In longer dreams the opening statement usually provides an outline of what the dream is about but because your posted dream is short {you seem to remember more in your response} that is presented in the opening, "I was dating this guy" with the dating being a metaphor for a need for self-discovery and self-awareness of masculine aspects/issues. The wallet fits with the financial struggles but also with a secondary symbolic reference to learned personal values from early life. Those values {referencing the masculine/father} go with you throughout life, they are ingrained within the psyche.

You can look to early life experiences as the confusing aspect of, on one hand tending to assume the best in people but also having problems trusting people. The positive aspect of seeing the best in people {trust} is a natural aspect but because your relationship with your father as well as with the re-enforced experience with the employer the 'did' is now an established energy. This is laying into male relationships and in particular your current relationship with your real bf, "I really do not know where the line is of someone caring or not." There are foundations to all emotions and when you look to early life you find where they come from. You can trust the inner animus because it is your true self.

Then there is your mother. Not much is said in the dream about that relationship but if your look at the actual experiences and compare them to the dream you will probably be able to fit the pieces. What I provided in my analysis was an outline and it with little else said in the dream there is little more that I can offer. There is some 'animus' {hostility} toward your mother and the part in the dream about 'talking with his mother' likely is referencing inner dialog with your negative {father/boss} masculine aspects. If there are actual conversations with your bf's mother then the 'kiss ass' reference probably applies there also. Babies, other than real life references, are symbolic of vulnerabilities and that is a primary focus of your dream.

Your Jungian education shows in your statement, "He is mad I am not trusting him. so maybe i've projected this onto myself as well?" He is your masculine self {it is a given that everyone in a dream is an aspect of the dreamer} and trust is an issue and you are mad at yourself {repressing your negative emotions or/and project your anger onto others}. Dreams have literal applications {real life waking experiences} but the symbolic/metaphorical applications are addressing the inner life, the emotional energies which are at the core of who you are.

Your confusing relationship with your current bf. Look at what we have discussed in the relationship with your father and the foundations of who you are to get to your reactions in that relationship {with bf}. There seems to be issues of trust and it is fairly evident where that comes from {father}. Working through those issues will help with future relationships. Left unresolved they could manifest into worse situations. The primary reason for why we dream is better understand the emotional energies that govern our lives. Just as the body has the immune system to heal and protect, so too the psych{olgy} has the dream.

I am always surprised at what can extracted from a single dream. And I do believe every dream offers an outline of the controlling emotional energies. A 'traditional' psychologist can take hours in getting to the issues whereas Jungians {I consider myself an intuitive Jungian} are able to look to dreams for a lot faster resource. Dreams are like a puzzle with the pieces representations of the differentiating and varying aspects of the psyche. Identify each piece and put into place and you gain a true picture of what it is. It requires a bit of Sherlock Holmes but not a degree in psychology. A lot is very much common sense in many ways {as in foundations always being what support the whole matter whether material or psychological}. An intuitive mind helps. Fascinating always.


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Re: Animus Dream

Super fascinating!! Thanks so much for your help. I surely would not have extracted that much information on my own. I will def be back soon :)

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