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Wedding/Bride Dream

Yesterday, I had a flurry of dreams and visions in my mind while I was sleeping, I felt like I was having an attack with my body moving around and a strong pressure in my heart while the visions/dreams were quickly changing.

There was only one vision I remember clearly from it, it was one where I saw myself in a white dress, gown, and holding white flowers. I sensed that I was a bride and in my wedding. However, I did not see anyone else just a frontal view of myself with a white cloudy background and light seeking through it. I never had this type of dream before.

I searched up the possible meanings of the dream and it lead me to reading info about the Anima and Animus (which sounds very similar to Twin Flames or divine masculine/feminine balance stuff). I sense the dream may be resembling this, that I am getting closer to union in someway. I'd like to say I'm not sure but I have a strong feeling about it

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 18, Female, NY

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Re: Wedding/Bride Dream

There does seem to be elements of animus qualities but what they are need clarity. Not knowing anything about your personal life and where you are in your journey I can only address the outline of the emotional energies {dreams are about the emotions}. And because it is a short dream, or elements of it, makes it even more difficult to address any personal aspects. I will provide an analysis of the images and actions and make a few observations. Perhaps that will provide clues to what emotional energies the dream is trying to communicate.

I saw myself in a white dress, gown, and holding white flowers
-saw myself in a white dress-/recognizing/awakening to feminine aspects
-gown-outward projection of inner aspects
-holding white flowers-in control of developing potential

I sensed that I was a bride and in my wedding
-I sensed I was a bride-becoming aware of an integration of neglected aspects
-in my wedding-a transition

However, I did not see anyone else just a frontal view of myself with a white cloudy background and light seeking through it
-I did not see anyone else-unrecognized aspects
-just the frontal view of myself-perceived ego self
-with white cloud background-positive experiences/influences related to early life {if not a direct experience then something you needed but did not receive}
-and light seeking through it-clarity coming through

Examine what i have provided and there are elements that fit with your life let me know and perhaps we can expand on that.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 69 Altoona, Fl

Re: Wedding/Bride Dream

Thank you so much for the response. To expand on my journey, I recently got separated from a beloved and we are currently close friends. I was thinking maybe the dream had something to do about that since we were very close to each other in a spiritual and emotional way (we weren't able to physically be there for each other because of the distance and it's the reason why we are separated). I have been spiritually awakened for a couple of years but there are only a few dreams I could resonate with deeply and feel the energies within them, this was one of them. I've been catching up a lot spirituality and connecting to the higher self more often ever since we have separated. Also, one hobby I used to enjoy but never got back into it has returned to me. I've been getting a lot of clarity now as well. I can't stop thinking about the dream because of how beautiful and enlightening it was.

I hope this helps out on finding out more from the dream but your analysis is already spot on with what I have been experiencing since I had the dream.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 18, Female, NY

Re: Wedding/Bride Dream

Your added info provides good insights to the dream. It does seem to be focusing on your spiritual life. White is a color that often represents inner peace. But it also can represent new beginnings, a reawakening or a fresh outlook on life. That part would address your separation. Alternatively white refers to a clean, blank slate. The transition you are experiencing {separation} is represented by the wedding, integrating the neglected spiritual aspects back into your life. The clarity you spoke of is symbolized {the language of dreams, symbol and metaphor with some literal aspects} by the dream language, "and light seeking through it". The dream is a very positive dream which places you in a good position at this stage in your life. That may be why you have these feelings of how beautiful and enlightening this dream was. The reason you have a strong feelings about it.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 69 Altoona, Fl

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