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Vampire- like attack

I will start with some backstory. A few months ago I met a someone on a roommate website and we moved in together (I know- stupid). It all seemed good at first until they suddenly flipped over a mundane request and started accusing me of conspiring against them and asking for a physical fight. Anyways, got them to move out and cut contact, we haven't spoken in weeks. Randomly they texted me yesterday asking about my cat for no reason??? I just ignored it and blocked them bc I had forgotten to before.

Last night I had a dream in which I did the same thing again. I came home (to an apartment that wasn't the one we lived in but it was mine) and they were there sweetly asking me to stay a night because something happened with their new place. They seemed ashamed to ask and humble so, I said okay one night but then later noticed that they had brought in their furniture. I went to them and found them brushing their teeth happily. I told them they "need to go- this is not okay. You're not moving back in. You're taking advantage of my generosity again". They flipped out again and started backing me up and we were arguing. Suddenly, they lunged at me and bit me in the center of my chest like a vampire and hold down the bite. At first my thoughts were "what the **** what the **** what the ****" and then I suddenly felt fear drop into my stomach and i thought, instead, "oh my God oh my God oh my God". I then woke up.

Weird detail is that they looked nothing like they do in real life but I still knew it was this person. IRL they have short brown hair and brown eyes, Mediterranean skin. They're tall but not excessively so. In the dream they were a pale ginger with very long wavy hair and blue eyes and freckles and much taller.

What are your thoughts on this?

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 23 F Arizona

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Re: Vampire- like attack

I will analyze your dream later this morning. I had a similar experience with a roommate years ago. Looks as if we were both fortunate in getting rid of them without further harm. It can get very messy once they get in.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 70 Altoona, Fl

Re: Vampire- like attack

Before I post my analysis of your dream I will provide my provide my approach to dreams. Hopefully it will provide you with insights to my analysis to your dream.

My usual method in analyzing a dream is to interpret the images and actions {most are symbolic/metaphorical but with some literal applications}. I started your dream by doing this but by the time I got to the final two paragraphs I sensed the what seems to be the dream message, to the point I could provide a summary. Before I do that let me provide my theory of dreams {primary Jungian but with personal concepts} I feel important to help you understand how dreams function, and my analysis.

1. Dreams are about emotional energies of the dreamer
2. All dreams have at least two meanings/applications. One focuses on early life programming and another dealing with recent experiences that possessed strong emotional energies {there can be more than two}.
3. A primary function of dreams is to help resolve emotional conflicts. Just as the body has the immune system to heal and protect, the psych{ology} has the dream
4. Early life programming {experiences with strong emotional energies} are always a factor in actions and re-actions and dreams address those issues, and has some inclusion in all dreams
5. An experienced dream analyst {Jungian} possessing only the age and gender of the dreamer can provide an outline of emotional energies but seldom actual personal experiences.
Also note. One important concept of Jungian dream psyche is unknown or unnamed people in a dream are aspects of the dreamer. Some will include references to actual people as well as being a personal aspect {example: The boss could be a reference to an actual person, a person who is authoritative in their position. But it would also be referencing 'authoritative' emotional energies within you, what drives you emotionally.

Dream Analysis
One one level the dream is addressing the issue with your temporary roommate. It must have been frightening, at least the part of knowing you made a bad decision and more so having to get rid of her, assuming is was a female. I did notice instead of stating it was a him or her you used they. You do use the masculine later in the dream and that could be addressing a literal fact or/and it is addressing animus aspectsIs there a reason for that or is it you are following the norm the dream is addressing two applications of dreams {one dealing with the roommate issue and another deeper issues dealing with emotional energies}?

Number 5 of my above list, my ability to provide only an outline of the emotional energies with the limited info I have. We can see the association with the roommate, that part is clear in it was a literal experience. But in the dream it is also addressing the deeper emotional energies as well {number 4 on my list}. Not knowing all that occurred in the roommate experience I can only address what you have provide about that. Other aspects from the experience related to the deeper emotional energies can be connected to the dream when known.

On the deeper issues. As my usual method I took the dream and broke it down and interpreted sentences or parts of sentences. I didn’t do that with the whole dream since the last part seems to focus on how the emotional energies being addressed are draining you emotionally which is likely related to the recent experience with the roommate {as a repetitive energy/experience/tendencies}. Key to this and possibly the deeper emotional energies is the dream statement, “You're taking advantage of my generosity again". Take the generosity as being taken advantage of in other ways from early life and see if there are issues in that.

The argument in the dream may be a literal thing but it also represents a need to resolve some internal conflict within yourself {the subject of conflict in the dream}.

Then there is teh "what the **** what the **** what the ****". This is later countered with "oh my God oh my God oh my God". In the dream it was a thought. Dream language is direct in every aspect has meaning. Reflect {thought/thinking} on this part and see if it resonates.

Here is what I got from interpreting the sentences. Remember this is an outline of the emotional energies and not commenting on literal experiences {the roommate}.

Last night I had a dream in which I did the same thing again
-repetitive emotional energies/experiences

(to an apartment that wasn't the one we lived in but it was mine)
-an unconscious aspect you are not aware of but has influence/control in your waking life

they were there sweetly asking me to stay a night because something happened with their new place.
-an experience causing temptation to repeat actions and abide by the repetitive emotional energies

They seemed ashamed to ask and humble so
-issues of insecurity, self esteem

I said okay one night but then later noticed that they had brought in their furniture.
-an experience that is unconsciously imprinted in your personality

I went to them and found them brushing their teeth happily
-continuing to abide by established emotional energies

Repetitive emotional energies related to the roommate experience. Being taken advantage of seems to be a major focus in the dream. The comments about ‘one night’/stay a night would point to the unconscious energies but may have other applications {as in being taken advantage of}. But more than anything there seems to be an issue of repetitive energies that influence your waking life if not a controlling aspects of your waking life. Strong emotional energies that are unconscious due to early life experiences. Look at the possibilities related to early life since, if true, they determine to a great degree your attitudes and personality as an adult.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 70 Altoona, Fl

Re: Vampire- like attack

Thank you so much for your interesting analysis 😃! I had initially posted this on Reddit and wanted to be very anonymous, which is why I used "they". We are both women, though.

I was very generous with her at first. I allowed her to live with me rent free for a while, gave my food, advanced her money for rent when she didn't have it, drove to her when her car broke down (all for a person that I didn't really know). The minute I asked for her to clean up after herself because she had left one of my belongings out of place- she threw a tantrum essentially. So, it definitely does have something to do with feeling taken advantage of. I replay the real life interaction in my mind a lot because it was so unexpected- I thought I had asked something reasonable and without attitude.

Since she randomly contacted me saying she would take my cat if I ever needed it (I gave no indication of needing this ever. In fact, I just got another cat. Plus, I have real friends who would do this already), I also have been having a thought in the back of my mind that she might eventually try to "make up" and come back if things don't work out with whatever she's moved on to. I was thinking that this dream might be a reflection of these feelings and you confirmed that for me.

I am trying to think back to early life experiences like you said. I know of many instances where I have been tricked or used for generosity- I can't think of one specific experience. I am an aquarius so, on one hand I am very selective about my friends but, on the other hand I am always trying to be generous/humanitarian and give the benefit of the doubt to people. Sometimes I let my desire to be giving and seen as a good guy override my ability to be selective and detached when I need to be.

I really appreciate you taking the time to respond. Looking online, most people charge up to $300 for dream interpretation! So, it's awesome that you do this as a kindness. ❤

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 23 F Arizona

Re: Vampire- like attack

Also, she accused me of conspiring against her (irl) and it's been weighing on my mind because that's not something that I could really convince her of otherwise. Perhaps that feeling is where it's coming from too.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 23 F Arizona

Re: Vampire- like attack

I appreciate your response since it is all I ask for compensating my services. Responses verify if my analysis is correct as well as the concepts I use in my dream work. From my analysis of thousands of dreams at my dream forum I know Jung got it right when it comes to the world of dreams. Using his general concepts along with am intuitive ability to see beyond the images and actions in dreams a proper and correct analysis of dreams is possible. I am not alone in this endeavor to see within the dream, there are many like myself who have discovered Jungian psyche not only to analyze dreams but also as a tool for self discovery.

I think you have identified most of what the dream is attempting to communicate. Your good nature of giving and being a good humanitarian has had its downside in there are those who take advantage and that weights on you {unconsciously if not consciously}. A function of dreams is bring balance to whatever is out of balance in the psyche life {psychological}. Consciously you tend to be overly generous but unconsciously the psyche understands there are negative possibilities and when the emotional energies become so strong due to the imbalance the dream will attempt to compensate by implementing dream scenarios showcasing the out of balance aspects. Usually a dream is prompted by a recent experience that has associations to ingrained psyche emotional energies. The roommate experience was as much a wake up call illustrating in its symbolic language the emotional issues that need attention to deeper energies that more often than not has its foundations in early life learning. Personality and personal attitudes that embody your too good nature are rooted in experiences and influences you were brought up with as a child {including infancy}. All humans are programmed to specific emotional needs {Jung's archetypes and when these are not met or are altered {we all have issues} then the dream becomes the messenger to regain balance and wholeness. Giving is a virtue but being too generous can lead to negative emotional developments. The underlying reasons for your overly good nature is not just by chance, there are experiences in childhood that are the foundations for this attitude. And even though the attitude is proper and good if it becomes a negative it affects your overall psyche health. That is where nature provides us with the dream {just as the body has the immune system to heal and protect so too it provides the psyche with the dream to perform the same function.

In your response you state there have been many instances where you have been tricked or used for generosity. Also, "Sometimes I let my desire to be giving and seen as a good guy override my ability to be selective and detached when I need to be." The goal is to determine why you have these personality traits/attitudes and what experiences early in life prompted them. Look at the two above sentences and match them with early programming in your life. Parents are the first line of learning as well as family and community {extended family and social environment}. Where could these practices come from? They are in general positive qualities but negative aspects related to early life experiences have cause an over abundance of these traits to the point they have brought about an imbalance to your life. It is the tendencies of giving too much that are of concern. Where do these attitudes come from?

As for my services in analyzing dreams. Jungian concepts of the psyche life include the need to give of oneself {as you do with your generosity}. It is an ingrained spiritual concept that set Jung apart from general psychology and up until recently generated scorn and dismissal by his peers. When we discover our 'meaning' in life it is paramount that we follow that path if we wish to accomplish fulfillment and wholeness in life. I was 42 when I discovered my talents in dream analysis/interpretation {I am an intuitive Jungian, perception via the unconscious} too late in life to follow an academic path. It only natural to provide my services for free, not just as a generous attitude but also to compensate what I have taken from nature. Balance is key to all aspects in life/of life and analyzing dreams for gratis balances my conscious need to give to the other as well as balancing the negatives in my overall life. I live by the laws of karma and I see my 'Jungian' attitude as a sustenance of those laws. And from 70 years of experience in life I know for a fact these are true laws of nature. Fulfillment of the inner self is more important as the outer {providing my services for compensation}. Jungian psyche is all about the inner world and self discovery.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 70 Altoona, Fl

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