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Re: Fire,
I'll analyze your dream tomorrow {Tuesday}. Until then I suggest you example the dream statement, "I come in 3 shapes. You have meet me in all" and see how it would fit within some aspect of your life. Dreams have a primary language of symbol and metaphor with most images and dreams having a literal aspect as well. The clue would the 3 for 3.

I primarily use Jungian concepts in analyzing dreams and although this approach is scientific {psychology} Jung does expound a spiritual aspect as a part of the human psyche. For Jung the spiritual life constituted the very root of psychic life. Those of us who subscribe to his concepts and philosophy {Jung was a psychotherapist and psychiatrist who created the field of analytical psychology}. Read
Concepts For Analyzing Dreams
for more info.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 70 Altoona, Fl

Re: Fire,
First I ask for a response to my analysis of your dream. Although my services are free I do request a response with some detail.

Are you currently expecting changes in your life? The dream seems to point to doubts vs confidence in yourself. In one moment you seem to have great confidence and the next doubts. In the end you hold to your foundational roots, early life learning which were most aspects positive. There may be questions to some of early life experiences possibly to do with restrictions placed on you {which in the end play out to be positive in future decisions}. Read the following interpretation of the images and actions {broken down by sentence} and let me know your response to them.

-nurturing aspects
-not knowing exactly who you are {in aspirations}
-controlled by past experiences from earlier life
-strength needed in life
-challenges in achieving desired goals
-fears of negative possibilities
-current harmony in your life
-temporary contradiction
-in seeking perfection
-developing emotional energies
-from unknown possibilities
-struggle in expression of nurtured aspects
-lacking faith in self
-unable to reverse emotional attachment
-perceived aspects taking form
-feeling helpless in making decisions
-anxieties with intangible aspects you can not control
-believing in yourself
-feeling pressured
-causing reversal of emotions
-aspirational transformation
-doubts about future
-continuous intense emotions
-retaining foundational nurturing aspects
-inner debate with self
-experiences that shape your past, the present, and the future
-all that you are is inward/psychological {following the foundation path from early life}
-I was with my mother, brother and sister-nurturing aspects

-I can not describe it very well the place we were-not knowing exactly who you are {in aspirations}
-remember that it was more like an old village or a ancient one-controlled by past experiences from earlier life

-the stones were old-strength needed in life
-up in a hill or a mountain-challenges in achieving desired goals

-I was having a bad feeling-fears of negative possibilities
-even thought everything was very peaceful-current harmony in your life

-For a moment I remember turning around-temporary contradiction
-and looking up in the sky-in seeking perfection
-I see something forming up-developing emotional energies

-I couldn’t tell what it was-from unknown possibilities

-I try to tell my mother, brother and sister-struggle in expression of nurtured aspects
-they didn’t believe me-lacking faith in self
-and they wouldn’t turn around-unable to reverse emotional attachment

-The thing started taking shape-perceived aspects taking form
-I started to panic-feeling helpless in making decisions

-My sister grabbed my hand-anxieties with intangible aspects you can not control
-and said to me: -I believe you!-believing in yourself

-It was a matter of seconds-feeling pressured
-after she turned around-causing reversal of emotions
-when the thing in the sky shot fire-aspirational transformation
-(which still I cannot put a name on it or a face)-doubts about future
-long burning fire-continuous intense emotions

-I remember trying to save my family-retaining foundational nurturing aspects
-a voice started talking to me-inner debate with self

-What the voice said was: - I come in 3 shapes-experiences that shape your past, the present, and the future

-You have met me in all-all that you are is inward/psychological {following the foundation path from early life}


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 70 Altoona, Fl

Re: Fire,

Question. In the dreamer there are two different references to you, your mother, sister and brother. But not your father. Is that lack of inclusion because your father is not living with you, your relationship is really bad and the four of you are a unit away from him, or just merely not relevant to the dream emotions?

I'll provide additional analysis of your dream on Wednesday. I overlooked the last sentence which could be important especially if it is a dream statement and not an observation {which would still be relevant since it is unconsciously influenced-the dream is the unconscious, observations on a dream {in the written post} the unconscious influence from the dream}. The sentence is:

'I’ve heard it before from a child , a human which I knew that had died and shapes that I cannot describe.'

I'm assuming this is a part of the dream. Adds much to the analysis. Anytime a child appears in a dream it has importance. What happens with the child in the dream would be a direct relationship to the dreamer as a child {in symbolic language, and sometimes providing a literal name for an actual experience that foments strong emotional energies in the dreamer}. The child inclusion primarily applies when it in the first part of a dream. Inclusion later in a dream can be addressing some less/other emotional energy or have a different application to the meaning of a child. What actions that follow {especially later in a dream} and with a different application that would be descriptive the child and how he/she should be applied in the analysis of the dream.

Example. A child {same sex as dreamer} could be the dreamer as a child. A literal application. But most always what is happening with the child is a symbolic representation. There are no real monsters so what symbolically would be a monster to the dreamer as a child? An abusive father?
Literally the child is the dreamer as a child. The actions are most always symbolic. The monster is her father.

I'll look at it tomorrow and see what I get from it.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 70 Altoona, Fl

Re: Fire

First I want to thank you for your interpretation of my dream and here is a background of the current situation in my life. I am at a point in my life where I have been before, life going a little with reverse but used to it .I am expecting changes and there are changes to come. One of the other things that I wanted to explain is that the 2 sentences about where i have heard that voice before was a plus info not a part of that dream. What I mean is that this voice I’ve heard it in other dreams but from different humans/things as I explained. There was no child in this dream. My sister is the one who is not living with us, its been like a year and 8 months ,because she is studying abroad. I can relate with most of the things you have explained. If any of these that I wrote do change the interpretation please let me know.
Thank you again.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 22 Female Albania

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Re: Fire,
The child not being in the dream is important but included as additional info may be just as important. As stated previously I deviate a bit from basic Jungian concepts on dreams in my belief that all dreams address early life experiences/influences with our childhood being years where personal experiences that possess strong emotional energies become imprinted on the psyche and become motivators/influences for personality, personal attitudes and personal actions in latter life. Having consciously used this hypothesis in my analysis of many child dreams {with positive responses to my analysis from the dreamers} the premises that the inclusion of a child in the very first part of a dream is a statement that the dream child is/was the dreamer. Dream Structure is important in analyzing dreams and taking the first part of a dream that includes a child establishes a strong narrative to what the dream message is about. Direct language about a child is not always present {we all had a childhood} but when it is then the emotional energies associated with the dreamer's early childhood point to foreboding experiences as a child, more sinister than just a normal childhood {abuse, abandonment, neglect, etc}.

But a child figure need not be in the dream but as with your dream post as a added statement. I see such info as unconsciously motivated and being such there is a great chance it is relevant to the dream and the dreamer. It is an observation stimulated by the unconscious and likely has been included {a child} in previous dreams. The way you penned the statement about the child, 'I’ve heard it before from a child', compels me believe the child was you and what you heard is related to a strong emotional energy.

Your complete statement analyzed as if it were a part of the dream {by sentence}.
The voice in my dream was coming from my head but in my dream I was aware that i had heard this voice before In other dreams I’ve had. I’ve heard it before from a child , a human which i knew that had died and shapes that I cannot describe

-voice in my dream-a message from the unconscious {or spiritual realm, spirituality being an aspect of Jungian dream concepts}
-was coming from my head-in this context head would represent understanding {of the emotional energies the dream is attempting to communicate} and perception of the world around you {which has its foundation in childhood/early years in life}.
-before In other dreams I’ve had-repetitive dream images/actions implies strong emotional energies that need understanding and resolution

-I’ve heard it before from a child-witness to an inner conversation with your unconscious related to a child, you
-a human which i knew that had died-human/personal characteristics and human experiences that caused changes to the child mental/physical being
-and shapes that I cannot describe-things in your life may literally be taking shape {childhood} chronicled within the unconscious

As it pertains to my original analysis what is being heard by the child {from added info} is related to aspirations and goals in later life. What you experienced as a child in the environment you grew up is directly related to achieving those goals as an adult. Believing in yourself is an important element in success in life no matter what aspect it is. I see his dream as much a comment on your personality {which are controlled/influenced by past experiences from earlier life} and what is keeping you from achievement of your goals. You are having an inner debate with yourself, consciously as well as unconsciously {via your dreams} with one topic being about nurturing as a child. That points to family environment as well as experiences in childhood that involved strong emotional undercurrents. The dream points to aspects of personality/attitude development and the added info points to direct childhood experiences related to your development. Together they suggest anxieties and doubts about your future {specifically involving possible changes}. Personality traits and attitudes {formed from childhood} are barriers to personal growth and achieving goals in life.

Unlike having a child as part of the dream itself and being added information suggests the experiences were not traumatic {such as physical abuse or an experience of great emotional injury} but general experiences. Your life as a child with family, school, peers and general early life are what has formed attitudes and personality. In those years there is something amiss or missing and understanding what they are will help resolve getting past obstacles to personal growth and aspirations. You can't resolve what you don't know and dreams attempt to inform the dreamer of what it is that need resolution.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 70 Altoona, Fl

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