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    Re: Stranded in a Foreign Country

    I consulted your previous post from 2014 and this is my analysis from that dream {which is likely relevant to this dream}

    My sense from the dream is there are unfulfilled aspects in your life to do with masculine entities. One likely possibility has to do with relationships and having a husband {the dream says you are married but that doesn't necessarily mean you are now. It may point to unfulfilled needs in past relationships}. There are unfulfilled desires/needs in this 'relationship' application. Another possibility, and one that could be true along with the relationship application, is there are spiritual/creative/metaphysical aspects to do with masculine qualities within yourself that are unfulfilled. The masculine aspects would point to a lack of masculine qualities to achieve these desired goals in life. Both applications can be true but most often one issue is the primary focus of the dream. And it could be if one application is fulfilled {having that relationship you seek} the other would likely have a better chance at success {being supported by your partner would help with having 'masculine' strength to succeed in the metaphysical aspects I mentioned}.

    Looking at this analysis and how it fit with this dream I sense there are issues related to relationships that are now challenging your core values in life {values you grew up with/formed your personality and values you now believe in}. Something is making you feel less that whole and you are seeking to find ways to a balanced and normal life {with what you now believe in}. It could be addressing issues with relationships as well as spiritual aspects. Is there conflict in either or both? Not knowing your personal info limits me to providing only an outline of the emotional energies that govern your life

    I do get sense part of the dream may have to do with spiritual aspects. Are those beliefs in conflict with previous beliefs? It could be a major part of the dream message

    As is my routine now {as opposed to how I analyzed tor previous dream} I have broken down the dream by sentence and interpreted those symbols and images. I have added comments/questions {**} to some of the sentences to help clarify my analysis. Read it and see how it fits in your life.

    Dream and Analysis of Symbols and Images
    I am in a foreign country with a large group.
    --foreign country-changes in your life/not able/willing to leave the past behind
    --large group-merging of dominate aspects of your character and personality
    **What in your life that has changed and has caused issues with how you once felt, or changes in your life to that are now in conflict?

    I leave my purse in one place and go on an adventure and when I return my purse is gone, the group I was with has dispersed, many have already returned to the airport (which is far away) to fly home
    --leave my purse in one place-leaving behind your identity and sense of self, your core values
    --go on an adventure-getting past normalities
    --when I return my purse is gone-loss of identity and sense of who you are
    --group I was with has dispersed-dissolving of dominating aspects
    --many have already returned to the airport {which is far away}-seeking normalcy not in reach
    --to fly home-feeling restricted in who you are {aspects that are dispersed}

    I first see a lady (Bessie) that I know from church a few floors down, I believe waiting for the bus, I figure she can give me money to get back to the airport
    --I see a lady {Bessie}-aspects of Bessie you identify with
    --I know from church-fulfillment of what is lacking in your life {church representing wholeness}
    --a few floors down-aspects of your positive self that are going in wrong direction
    --I believe waiting for the bus-a temporary setback with issues of power/control {relationship}
    --I figure she can give me money to get back to the airport-your positive self that provides normalcy

    I run down below and by the time I get there she is gone
    --unconscious energies that affect your conscious state of mind {unconscious energies being foundations you grew up/identify with}

    I go back upstairs and I see a group, and there is a lecture happening and I look over the audience to see if I might know anyone
    --I go back upstairs and I see a group-conscious attention to your whole self/life
    --there is a lecture happening-weighing your options
    --I look over the audience to see if I might know anyone-seeking answers from past experiences

    There is this lady who says “Shannon” and waves me over
    --bringing attention to your core values

    Her name is Christine and she is a pediatrician, someone I previously met an Enneagram (spiritual) conference
    --Her name is Christine and she is a pediatrician-focusing/dealing with childhood experiences
    --someone I previously met an Enneagram (spiritual) conference-inner foundations to your personality

    She is taking up three seats and tells me I can lay down below
    --aspects that cause you to feel incomplete related to unconscious energies

    I kneel at her feet telling her the predicament I am in
    --I kneel at her feet-being influenced by others/surrendering your core values
    --telling her the predicament I am in-affecting/causing difficult situations in your life

    At first she gives me a very small credit card that opens up, then she hands me $160
    --She gives me a very small credit card-feeling/affecting your self worth
    -that opens up, then she hands me $160-originates from your conflicting issues with your core values
    I put my head in her lap and sob loudly telling her how grateful I am, she whispers in my ear “do boxes for the children” and I say, “that is a good idea!”
    --I put my head in her lap-your rational self short circuited
    --sob loudly telling her how grateful I am-emotional release
    --she whispers in my ear-unconscious energies that cause conscious insecurities and anxieties
    -- “do boxes for the children”-preserve and protect aspects of yourself {core values}
    --and I say, “that is a good idea!”-sticking with your core values is how you truly feel

    Explanation of how you truly feel
    Unless you have reverted back to past belief systems {your spiritual self} I see this as a statement about 'core values' as in natural self and not necessarily religious belief system. Natural is not about religion but living in harmony with nature which is the ultimate spiritual realm that provides wholeness in life. The ennegram points to personality qualities and being a spiritual conference points to spiritual aspects. Are your spiritual aspects in conflict? Kneeling to the pediatrician {child physician} may point to childhood experiences/influences.

    If related to masculine relationships then it would be addressing experiences/influences from childhood. Father relationship possibly being the foundations for masculine relationships in later life. If so I sense the dream is pointing to the positive core values from childhood that are now in conflict.

    If you can provide some personal info {only what you feel comfortable in sharing} I may be able to provide a more precise analysis. As I stated above not knowing the personal info limits me to providing only an outline of the emotional energies that govern your life.


    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 70 Altoona, Fl

    Re: Stranded in a Foreign Country

    I want to note that Shannon who posted this dream responded to analysis via my private e-mail. I always appreciate a response since it allows me to better understand dreams as well as provide more insights to the dream for the dreamer.


    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 70 Altoona, Fl

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