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Re: big building, windows, chairs, tables

I apologize for not getting back with you in analyzing your dream. With pressures from the holiday season and trying to capture my cats that escaped {and a returning bear} along with a working Saturday {family construction business} my time has been full of personal responsibilities. I also utilize my intuitive abilities which is less than maximum with so many things needing my attention. I always try to provide the best analysis possible and that hasn't been possible because of the stresses over the past few days. Although I did finish my interpretation of the individual images and symbols I still need to put it all together for a final analysis which I will post for your inspection. In particular I want to give more attention to so many dreams you have had related to endless stairs, windows and doors and see how those fit within this dream. I'll try to provide a final analysis either tomorrow or Tuesday {Mondays are usually full}. If you wish to provide comments on the interpretations {if and where they fit in your waking life} that could be helpful.

Interpretation of Images/Symbols/Actions Broken Down by Sentence

I had to pass an exam, but the hard part was to find the examination room in that huge white building.
-I had to pass an exam-visualize and achieving success
-hard part was to find the examination room in that huge white building-difficulty in discovering what positive aspects that are needing recognition so to achieve goals

The building itself had many floors, more than ten, a lot of halls and many many doors (white), all new, white and every floor exactly the same
-building itself had many floors-your personality/life has many aspects
-more than ten-strong foundational security at is highest
-a lot of halls and many many doors (white)-affiliations that require positive attitude to open
-all new-different experiences
-white and every floor exactly the same-strong and positive personality and approach

I was running downstairs to find the right room (but it was more like a fun than worrying), we were many people doing the same
-I was running downstairs to find the right room-using past experiences to make future decisions
-(but it was more like a fun than worrying)-positive attitude overcoming negative possibilities
-we were many people doing the same-whole self/life is positive-being with like minded people

The building had a lot of light
-your strong positive self

Finally i found a lobby where i asked for direction and got to the room and the headphones as well
-Finally i found a lobby-seeking to arrive at a decision
-where i asked for direction-consulting your higher self
-got to the room and the headphones as well-the part of you that listens

The room was incredibly huge (for more than 1000 people), all tables together,and dirty floor carpet (the whole building was white and new but this room was outdated
-The room was incredibly huge (for more than 1000 people)-positive expansive self seeking to reach your pinnacle
-all tables together-unity in your search/expectations
-and dirty floor carpet {in outdated room} -going past negative possibilities
-whole building was white and new-advancing your positive aspects

I had to sit in the first row where i waited for the exam to start meanwhile i was chatting and joking with other people
-I had to sit in the first row-putting your positive aspects up front
-where I waited for the exam to start-waiting for and anticipating success
-i was chatting and joking with other people-enunciating your resilience toward positive aspects

I was not worried nor stressed about the exam
-tranquil attitude under pressure

It felt like the exam was not important at all but all the labyrinth to get there
-It felt like the exam was not important at all-utilizing your positive perceptions to achieve success
-but all the labyrinth to get there-complexities in achieving goals


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 70 Altoona, Fl

Re: big building, windows, chairs, tables

Feedback would be appreciated. Have you read my interpretation of the images and actions? What experiences in your life fit with my interpretations {if any}?


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 70 Altoona, Fl

Re: big building, windows, chairs, tables

Hello Jerry,

I apologize for such a late reply, holidays, relocating, traveling was the theme for the past week.

If i resume the meaning would be all about my attitude, self, possibilities and positive/negative aspects. Your interpretation makes a lot of sense, thank you! It's given me a lot to think about and reflect to situation that i am living right now. Your interpretations is quite optimistic, high self and good attitude which i would say is just opposite of my life at the moment, i would rather say i am standing still for a year or so and observing how things are falling apart and not knowing what to do.

I was thinking that many windows indicates the failure of some future activities or goals, misjudgments? Also i always feel kind of small (physically) in all this buildings and wonder why there is always so many stairs, although it's not an obstacle. Buildings are different each time, old/new,but always with numbers of windows or doors and stairs.

Hope your cats are doing fine :)
Happy new year.

Re: big building, windows, chairs, tables

Your feedback is why I asked for a response. Not having any personal info often limits any ability to put the pieces of the puzzle {your dream} into their proper place. Normally would have provided a summary but intuitively I felt I needed a response before doing so. The info you provided helps tremendously.

If my description is opposite of your true self then the description is who you wish to be. Feeling small in the buildings would be how you feel within your own body, the buildings are you, your psyche {ology} as well as body. These are aspects you are constantly dealing with and why you have these type dreams {dreams attempt to help resolve emotional issues}. If there are issues of actual physical aspects/appearances those also become psychological. Intimidation may be an issue. Instead of 'positive attitude overcoming negative possibilities' it would be the opposite; negative attitudes needing to be overcome so to produce positive possibilities. You are unable/have been unable to develop a strong positive self. This is why you have such 'complexities in achieving your goals'. In short the person you see in your dreams is your 'dream person', the person you wish to be, need to be.

What do you do to resolve these issues? Personality and personal traits are primarily developed from childhood and those are derived from those early years. You are your childhood having 'learned' and unconsciously stored early life experiences as foundations for personality development. Outside later life traumatic experiences which can alter or change developed traits what you see, hear and experience as a child and in your childhood environment are imprinted on the psyche {intellectual brain}. Self esteem, self confidence can be traced back to childhood years. You are unconsciously driven by the emotional energies related to early life experiences and influences. Understanding what those are will help you understand why you act, feel and perform in adulthood. Often there are experiences where you blame yourself for negative results in life when in fact the unconscious energies were brought about by or from other people; parents, negative experiences with other people. Looking back at childhood and determining what experiences and what persons {specific negative relationships} formed your personality is a major step in resolving the issues {as well as knowing you are unconsciously driven by these experiences and energies}.

As for the windows in your dreams. Window are reflective of your outlook on life, how you see and feel about yourself. Dreaming about exams as a symbol can represent low self-esteem/self-confidence. Because the exam was at the end of your dream it would represent where you are in life at the time of the dream {dream structure}. Feeling the exam is not important could represent how you feel about yourself, when examining yourself. Getting to and resolving why you feel this way {what do dreams attempt to do} requires having to get through a 'labyrinth' of emotional issues. But it is important to do so if you want to be that positive person of your dreams. Resolving the childhood issues is at the center in doing that.

The dream is to the psych{ology} as the immune system is to the body. Nature's tools to heal and protect.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 70 Altoona, Fl

Re: big building, windows, chairs, tables

Thank you very much for the detailed answer.
I don't remember my childhood being bad, just opposite, however,as you have mentioned, some traumatic experience might happen and i am not aware of that or maybe was later in my teenage years.

Thank you also for the link of Dream structure, as i am interested and studying a bit it is really helpful.

I appreciate your time and also your page where I can get a lot of useful information.

Re: big building, windows, chairs, tables

Early life experiences need not be traumatic, merely instilled by repetitive experiences. The best childhood has issues and always are the primary foundations for personality and personal attitudes. As a child you learn from what you see, hear and experience in the environment you grow up. Examples. If both parents smoke it is a greater possibility you will smoke. If your parents argue all the time {not saying yours did} then that leaves an impression on the psyche and more often than not leads to issues with relationships as an adult. A person does not become who they are just by chance, they develop attitudes and traits they learn in childhood. This is established science and social science which includes psychology, sociology, economics, and anthropology. If you want to know who you are and why you are that person go to your childhood and most likely you will discover corresponding experiences in your childhood environment. Not all experiences that happen in later life are directly associated with childhood experiences but how you act and react to them depends on your personality.

Going back to your first response you states, 'Your interpretations is quite optimistic, high self and good attitude which i would say is just opposite of my life at the moment, i would rather say i am standing still for a year or so and observing how things are falling apart and not knowing what to do." You attitude 'at the moment' was not optimistic. Is that your general attitude or how you feel at that moment? Is your outlook on life normally optimistic or is it more negative? The statement you are standing still and observing how things are falling apart is likely a trait you learned early on. It may be a matter of not taking control. Is that a general trait?

I don't point to these possibilities to criticize but to help you understand motivations for actions that need be corrected or better understood so you can progress in life. Things happen as much as for cause and effect as it is by chance. And much of what we do is unconsciously motivated with early life experiences being the foundations for our actions.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 70 Altoona, Fl

Re: big building, windows, chairs, tables

I am very positive person in general. It's the last 2-3 years things are not going well no matter how i tried, change, turn i am exhausted.

Great feedback and was not taken as a criticism.

Re: big building, windows, chairs, tables

Dreams have a general structure and the ending often points to where you are in your current life. Your dream ends with 'It felt like the exam was not important at all but all the labyrinth to get there'. The two words in this last sentence is exam and labyrinth. Let's looking at their possible meaning from my dream dictionaries.

Exam-To dream that you are taking an exam signifies insecurities, fear of not meeting others' expectations, and fear of failure.
Labyrinth-To see or dream that you are in a labyrinth indicates your desires to get to the center of some issue or problem. Alternatively, it suggests that you are feeling trapped in some situation. You feel lost and that there is no way out.

Looking at the dream there are a lot of positives which in general reflects your attitude, up until the last 2-3 years. What has changed or occurred in that time to end the positive attitude? You have tried to change the is but have not been able to do so. Insecurities come into play and there is a labyrinth of emotions involved {dreams are about emotional energies}. The many halls represent connections to your emotions which are full of insecurities. Your past has a lot to do with these emotional energies {some buildings are old} and some are new {with the influence from the old}. Having studied Jung you have insights to your psychology {windows} but you have doors to open to get to the insecurities. Could the exam have to do with some type of assessment about yourself?

Go back to when the general positive attitude started to change and determine why it did. Look at your insecurities and see where they may fit. Then go back to my analysis and see if there are parts that help provide insights. Remember the dream is about you and your emotions. Everything in the dream refers to you and your life {in symbolic/metaphorical language}. Let me know what you come up with.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 70 Altoona, Fl

Re: big building, windows, chairs, tables

Amazing, I think i am getting there.
The labyrinth, old, dirty building and windows were again last night dream (this time it was a nightmare) and i do understand it more.
It is about and old attitude that doesn't want to go away or better said i don't know how to do it even though it is obvious the change it's a must. There is this fear o failure that i didn't have 3 years ago. Maybe it's the age or starting to compare my 'follow the passion' life to my friend's 'playing by the rules of the society' life and of course i have the experiences and they have the stability. What counts?
The halls are connection to my insecurities/fears and i would say the windows showing me possibilities (if there wouldn't be a fear involved!).
In my last night dream i did escape the old building through the window, climbing down the tree (here i would say it means pushing my decision or death/rebirth?!), i felt fearless but once on the ground and free i got mentally blocked and couldn't go anywhere. It is interesting that the emotion remembered from the dream is fear but a lot of courage and not giving up to find an escape, that at the end I managed.

As you have already mentioned before there is a strong part of my unconscious (i was afraid of a dark male in my dream).

**I am reading this book now Inner Work: Using Dreams and Active Imagination by Robert A. Johnson and it's very interesting.

Re: big building, windows, chairs, tables

Robert Johnson is a Jungian analyst and provides great advice on dreams. Read the book and then record your next dream. Then go to my Dream Dictionaries and take the images as they occur in the dream and pick the best possibility. Then post the dream and let me analyze it. Then we can discuss what we find.

Note: My dream dictionaries are not the silly dictionaries you buy at stores. They are very much Jungian based. The Power of Dreams dictionary has more possibilities while the Myths-Dreams-Symbols is geared to a single word and its meaning.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 70 Altoona, Fl

Re: big building, windows, chairs, tables

Hey Jerry

I have been improving so much with the book, your dictionary and my diary.

It is very interesting that my constant dreams about buildings, windows, rooms are gone and lately I am dreaming about open spaces, outdoor,...before i was mostly alone or the others were not important in the dream, but now i am surrounded with crowds of people that i don't know but play important part in the dream.
It also reflects (i can understand better now) where I am at with my life, work situation, feeling of being stuck, the frustration, emotions and the small changes that are happening.

So the last dream i was on the island, escaping from the island but nobody new why. I was asking a woman why do we have to leave, there was no answer. There was a narrow rocky path we were walking and then all of sudden we came to a cross and the rest were taking either left or right path, but i was waiting confused, because there was no reason (for me) the leave the island anyway. I started to follow a young man as he told me he remembers where he lives. All the time i had a feeling of absurdity of the situation and that maybe it's all a dream.

Thank you:relaxed:

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