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Re: Why did this happen?

My sense there are three possibilities to your dream. One would be it is depicting a general attitude toward men. You wish/need to have a better attitude but because of inner attitudes {developed from early life} you have difficulties in doing so. The reason for the dream is you are at a place in life where you need/want to make changes in your attitude that inner issues have prevented you from doing. There are unconscious energies {again likely related to childhood}.

A second possibility, which may be true along with the first, is you lack masculine aspects that would balance your personality. Masculine aspects would include being forceful, independence, strength, and competitiveness. These would also be something likely learned from childhood and relationship/non-relationship with your father or/and men. If that type relationship occurred then you lack skills listed above that would help you progress in life.

A third possibility, which again could go with one or both of the above, is a desire to have a relationship with a man. There may be frustrations in achieving this goal and you are at your limit in not being able to make connections. There may have been negative experiences in the past with men but despite that you are ready to once again ready to attempt a new relationship. Inner attitudes {toward men} may play a role with past relationships {including childhood} but either way you wish to try again.


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