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Re: Beautiful house/ new friend

I'll analyze your dream later {hopefully later today} but a good chance the person you met in your dreams is a part of your self that you can feel good about. A part of you you were aware of {perhaps unconsciously} but never have brought to light. Although a short dream such dreams can provide lots of into about the dreamer. I'll break it down {my usual method of interpreting dreams} and see what message{s} I can find.


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Re: Beautiful house/ new friend

Great, thanks Jerry!

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Re: Beautiful house/ new friend

Dreams use primarily symbolic/metaphorical language but there could be literal applications as well. Not knowing you personally and without personal info I can not offer the literal applications, only the symbolic apps that point to your inner self. If there are literal applications where you have met a man then it would be someone you hold in high esteem and someone who would be compatible with who you are. Or, it could point to someone you wish you could meet with these qualities.

Metaphorically, and what I see as the primary message of the dream is you have discovered new aspects within yourself or your life that would be very beneficial and is a natural fit with your personality and personal attitudes {it could be addressing both possibilities if there is an actual male involved}. What new things or possibilities are there in your life recently? Whatever it is there is great possibilities for personal growth personal gains/rewards.

Here is my interpretation of the images and actions in your dream. Keep in mind the dream is about YOU and specifically your emotions. The house is you and the new friend indicates something positive.

Note: I do request a follow up response. My services are free but I do ask for feedback so to learn more about dreams.

Beautiful house/new friend
-the house is you/aspects of yourself that you admire and appreciate
-new friend-positive aspect/developing new strengths

I met someone (a celebrity, I believe), and he showed me around his house
-met someone-connecting with an unknown/neglected/rejected part of yourself
-(a celebrity, I believe)-higher aspirations in life you believe in/wish for
-he showed me around his house-having strength in searching within yourself

In the dream, it wasn't as if "Oh, I'm with a big star."
-natural aspect in hour evolution

It was more just the sense that it was someone I knew of, but hadn't met before, and the male presence
-characteristics you possess that include masculine qualities {strength, competitiveness, rational, assertive}. The male presence may indicate a strong inclination for this self characteristic

It was a very beautiful house, and I was amazed
-very positive aspect that deeply affects your life

It had large rooms that were done very elegantly, but also with a sense of warmth and beauty
-it had large rooms-room for personality growth
-done elegantly but also with a sense of warmth and beauty-something that appeals to you consciously that is natural aspect you posses {a skill or talent}
Someone else that was there made a comment to the effect that the other houses in the neighborhood weren't as nice
-a superior aspect that will sets you apart

There was even an indoor garden
-great potential for personal growth

He left for a bit, and I was there, I think with his wife
-a masculine aspect that fits with your feminine qualities you have not utilized

We hit it off really well, and found that we had some things in common
-inner qualities that balance your personality

When he came back with a friend, I remember thinking he'd probably be happy that we were getting along so well
-positive masculine aspects that are capable to your personality

Overall, the feel of the dream was very positive
-positive emotions reflecting positive qualities


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 70 Altoona, Fl

Re: Beautiful house/ new friend

Thanks so much for your input Jerry, and the detail! I actually just started a new job last week. So it could be me contemplating the possibilities/ opportunities with that. The part about the house representing aspects of myself was helpful. And yes, maybe needing to integrate different aspects or qualities of myself for the job.
Again, I appreciate your thoughts. You gave me a lot to think about.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 44, female

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} No

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Re: Beautiful house/ new friend

I appreciate the response.

Yes, I can see where the new job fits with the dream images. Positive attitude, a need to utilize your masculine qualities and personal growth. This would reflect your current emotional self. Now look to your foundations as a child and see if any of the interpreted images fit with those experiences. Positive masculine aspects related to men as a child, being a big star to someone {other than yourself}, etc. Since the dream is full of positive descriptions that would be reflected in childhood. Either one where there was a strong positive environment of one lacking that and a need to overcome those issues.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 70 Altoona, Fl

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