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Re: forced incest

My sense of your dream it is focused on developed negative attitudes about relationships you formed from witnessing/experiencing what you learned between your parents {mother and father}. It also points to new attitudes, either developing or a need to be develop because of your interest in your former coworker Amanda.
Look at the relationship between your parents. Your father could represent the 'authority' that controls your developed attitudes toward women and relationships. Did he have negative attitudes toward your mother?

Here is my interpretation of the dream images, actions and symbols {my usual method of analyzing the whole dream}.

Forced Incest
-negative emotions between feminine and masculine aspects within yourself

My father forced me to have sex with my mother
-father forced me-the power {authority} to force/release negative emotions {possibly related to your father}
-have sex with mother {incest}-uniting self with feminine qualities/real mother

Soon afterwards, she gave birth to a rather ugly baby named Franklin Templeton (like the investment firm)
-soon afterwards-later in life
-she gave birth to a rather ugly baby-experiences that produced negative attitudes that need to end
-named Franklin Templeton (like the investment firm)-struggle to overcome emotional imbalance that created the groundwork for your adult life

Note: The investment firm Franklin Templeton, which has closed down hurting investors, would represent emotions that left a bad attitude toward your future growth {emotional instead of financial}

But I was glad that it was her I got pregnant and not a young woman about my age named Amanda (a former coworker) who in real life I'm very attracted to and who probably has feelings for me as well.
-But I was glad that it was her I got pregnant-positive beginning to old attitudes/emotions
-a young woman about my age named Amanda (a former coworker)-balancing of old attitudes

Something to consider that may or may not fit. The incest in your dream may represent emotional incest.

Emotional incest is not sexual. Instead, this type of unhealthy emotional interaction blurs the boundaries between adult and child in a way that is psychologically inappropriate. When a parent looks to their child for emotional support or treats them more like a partner than a child, it is considered emotional or “covert” incest. The outcome of this family structure often produces similar results — on a lesser scale — as sexual incest.

Let me know your thoughts and I may be able to expand on my analysis.


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