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Re: Little Girl Kidnapped

My apologies, I just read the submission guidelines. Here are some additional comments/associations of my dream:

I have often dreamt of orphans over the years, all female. Sometimes they are in Stockholm-style situations with their captors. When I woke up, I thought "another orphan dream."

I am also afraid of the dark (though as I've grown I've managed to retain control over this fear. I imagine it would now be impossible to tell that I am afraid of the dark, because I can control my reaction and do whatever needs to be done in the dark even afraid) and particularly of dark unpopulated areas. I grew up in many areas, but always in highly populated cities. There even the skies do not become completely dark at night; light pollution is like a nightlight.

I am happy to offer more information if necessary. I'm not sure what would be helpful. Thank you.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 26 | F | North America

Re: Little Girl Kidnapped

I'll look at your dream in-dept later today. As for dreams of orphans. Have you had fears of abandonment? Although an orphan is a child without parents it can also apply to having parents but not feeling wanted. Being kidnapped can symbolize trying to retrieve something that has been stolen or taken away from from you, i.e from your childhood.

There are always many possibilities to dream images {mostly symbolic but also with some literal applications}. Confirming or eliminating the above will help in my analysis.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 70 Altoona, Fl

Re: Little Girl Kidnapped

Good morning,

Though I would not say I've had traditional abandonment fears, there are two things that might be contributing to their appearance.
First, my mother has been going through some health issues for a few years now, and it causes both her and I significant distress.

Second, and this one seems more likely to me, I have a sister and she requires quite a lot of attention. We're very close in age, but she is volatile. Several years ago she had a few suicide attempts in a row and things have not ever really settled since then. She cycles through many medications and treatments but in the end I believe change will have to come from within and it hasn't. I live apart from where my parents and sister live, and try to only bring news when it's positive and doesn't ask any more of my parents. As for my sister, considering how much my family moved she and I had a very special bond through most of our childhoods. Now I can barely recognize what was once there. It feels bad talking to her.

So while I have never felt unwanted by my parents, I also feel intense guilt about how much better I feel on days that I don't interact with my family. There is always another bomb waiting in conversation with them, about my mother's health or my sister's disintegrating state.

But I'm not sure that "counts." My childhood itself was not terrible. Perhaps I had to grow out of it a few years earlier than most children that grew up in America but around 15-16 is when childhood ends for my country anyway.

Thank you; please let me know if I can be helpful in any other way.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: Female | 26 | North America

Re: Little Girl Kidnapped

This info helps tremendously. Most dreams I work with I have very little personal info which can limit getting to the emotional energies and true message of a dream. It is helpful to be able to know before hand to know this important information.

Let me note your dreams are about your emotional energies but the special relationship you had with your sister could replicate the shared bond and that could be what has been kidnapped.{two kidnapped girls-the special relationship has been kidnapped}. Also bathrooms often represent a cleansing of emotions and your feelings of guilt could be related to that.

I'll work the dream with this info since on a cursory inspection the images and actions seems to fit with what is occurring in your present waking life intermingled with earlier life associations as foundations for the emotional energies. My philosophy on dreams is they all address current life emotional experiences as well as early life foundations that underlie the energies generated.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 70 Altoona, Fl

Re: Little Girl Kidnapped

Using the personal info you have provided I believe this dream is reflecting the current emotional issues you are dealing with. All dreams address current issues but with so many images and symbols it illustrates the heavy pressure the issues are having on your waking life.There is a need to find a solution. They not only have 'kidnapped' the positive relationship you had with your sister but are now keeping you from having the life you wish to have.

Here is my interpretation of the dream broken down by sentence. Let me know your thoughts.

Little Girl KIdnapped
-the playful, innocent, and childlike nature that has been stolen from you

Set in a forest at night
-strong unconscious emotional energies
--both forest and night can represent the unconscious {energies that drive your attitudes/personality}
--a forest can represent you want to escape to a simpler way of life. You are feeling weighed down by the demands of your life
--night can represent some major setbacks and obstacles in achieving your goals. You are being faced with an issue that is not so clear cut

Little girl was kidnapped by a man
-little girl kidnapped-the playful, innocent, and childlike nature that has been stolen from you
--being kidnapped can denote feelings of being trapped and restricted. Someone or some situation may be diverting your concentration and your attention away from your goals.
-by a man-denotes the aspect of yourself that is assertive, rational, aggressive, and/or competitive {your animus}

Behind her in the trees are three people wearing green hats
-Behind her in the trees-Behind can represent unconscious energies pointing to emerging subconscious thoughts and feelings
--trees usually point to personal growth, concentrating on your own self-development and individuation. It can also imply strength, protection and stability
-are three people-three is the number for resolving conflicts that prevent you and your life from being complete and fulfillment
--people in dreams usually represent differentiating aspects of yourself, differentiating emotions
-wearing green hats-wearing hats can represent the display of attitudes or the various roles and responsibilities you have in your waking life
-green may indicate personal growth, new developments in your personality

The kidnapper is driving us around what seemed like Washington state
-The kidnapper is driving us around-the emotional energies that are ‘driving’ you/the direction you are taking in life
-what seemed like Washington state-personal associations to Washington state {requires further personal info to interpret}
--state can represent what governs you, emotional energies that drive you

Into a small town from the forested area
-Into a small town-feelings of insignificance within your ‘whole’ self
-from the forested area-transitional phase in your life

There's a boys and girls side to the public bathroom, I rush to the girls side to be able to talk to the other kidnapped girl
-There's a boys and girls side to the public bathroom-
--boys-developing the masculine aspects of character/developing animus qualities
--girls-sensitive, emotional aspects
-side to the public bathroom-conscious aspects that require a cleansing or eliminating certain burdens or/and attitudes
--bathrooms can represent burdens/feelings and the need to "relieve yourself” of them

I rush to the girls side to be able to talk to the other kidnapped girl
-I rush to the girls side-rushing can represent managing your time, representative of the pressure you are putting on yourself
--on girls side-sensitive, emotional part of yourself
-to be able to talk to the other kidnapped girl-consciously communicating with the unconscious energies related to those aspects that have been stolen from you {this is what dreams attempt to do}

I ask her if her family was wearing green toques, she says yes
-seeking/needing to understand and confirm your unconscious attitudes {which ‘drive’ your conscious life}
--family represents your whole self, your emotions and complexes. Also may point to literal family relationships
--green toques {Canada?} may represent positive attitudes, confidence in your abilities
--yes is consciously executing the unconscious energies

I tell her I saw them, she is weak with joy
-adhering to unconscious attitudes, being firm and forceful in achieving harmony amongst friends and loved ones

The family she was with before she got kidnapped
-previous aspects of yourself {and literal family} that have been taken from you

A woman is in one of the bathroom stalls beside us and she opens it, but it has a bathtub in it instead of a toilet
-A woman is in one of the bathroom stalls beside us and she opens it-embracing attitudes of maturity related to cleansing/changing
-but it has a bathtub in it instead of a toilet-relieving yourself of burdens as well as attitudes and not totally eliminating them

She asks if we can be quiet so she can enjoy her bath
-restoring sanity while riding old attitudes. Washing away the difficult times

I think, for seconds, if there is any foundation to her request
-questioning the rational of your developed attitudes

There is not, I'm very angry, and I tell her no, and return to speaking to the little girl
-There is not, I'm very angry-expressing your true feelings about your frustrations
-and I tell her no-standing up for what and how you feel
-return to speaking to the little girl-expressing with your inner emotions related to the past

She's blonde and looks to be too beautiful to be forgotten
-your balanced self, aspects you cherish and can not be erased


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 70 Altoona, Fl

Re: Little Girl Kidnapped

Hi Jerry, what a wonderful surprise to see after work today.

To be honest, your interpretation of the relationship with my sister as the object that was kidnapped brought tears to my eyes. I do feel like what we had was ripped away. There is resentment and pain and grief and anger there for me, "not so clear cut" is right.

I believe your thoughtful analysis is spot on about the kidnapper being the rational and controlling parts of myself. I have to hold any childish impulses in careful check. I have been trying, lately, to have more opportunities to feel loose. But I work as a researcher--I am valued for my clarity of thought, and the rate of my work.

"-adhering to unconscious attitudes, being firm and forceful in achieving harmony amongst friends and loved ones"
This is also spot on. When there are family interactions I am careful to try to minimize the chance of catastrophic failure.

Overall, I think what your interpretation and my dream are telling me is that I wish for strength in my family, and there is dissonance now because they seem to only drain my strength. I try to balance out that drain by placing too much of myself into my "animus," as you called it. Maybe the lesson is to try to act in ways that feel more balanced, even when I'm scared that without my strength they will suffer.

P.S. Yes, I lived in Canada for awhile before coming to the States. Looks like my unconscious hasn't yet adjusted to "beanies" (:
I did live in Washington for awhile, too, but I don't know what that means in the context of this dream. I lived in Seattle, not a rural forested area like the one in the dream. I think it was my favorite city of the ones I've tried, for what it's worth.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: Female | 26 | North America

Re: Little Girl Kidnapped

I appreciate the response. With the personal info you provided I was able to connect the dream images to your actual experiences and emotional energies. Without the info I could have provided an outline of the energies but not in detail {Usually I don't have personal info when I analyze a dream}. The intent is to help understand the energies so to find resolution. That is the next step. I hope my analysis does help in reconciling the issues you are dealing with.

Often what is bothering the dreamer is not consciously known or/and acknowledged and that is essential if there is to be closure. Most do not realize the unconscious energies can and do influence and often govern the waking life. Knowing and acknowledging they exist is the path to reconciling what is out of balance in the psyche and life. Objectivity is also important and as a researcher the analysis was probably easier to recognize when compared to your true self. I sensed from the dream you possess a keen intuitive aspect and that is helpful also {Jung, as a scientist, was often criticized for his belief in the metaphysical possibilities within the psyche}. Giving time to the evolution of the emotional energies and why they exist can provide even more insights and possibilities to resolving the issues. Dreams are the Youtube of the human psyche and when given proper attention can provide what the emotional energies are but also help in their resolution.

Jerry meditate]

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 70 Altoona, Fl

Re: Little Girl Kidnapped

I haven't forgotten your recent post. I have been so covered up with responsibilities in care taking of 16 rescued cats I have not had the time {or concentration} to analyze the dreams. I hope to be able to do so this Sunday the one day I try to put aside for my dream work.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 70 Altoona, Fl

Re: Little Girl Kidnapped

Hi Jerry,

I have seen some of the pictures of your cute cats here on the site--I'm sure they're quite a handful.

I have had more than enough to think about in the meantime; my sister started ECT treatments yesterday, and will continue for the rest of the month. I have been working quite a lot with all the fear and guilt around her, and I think I'm making some tentative progress.

Lovely to hear from you.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 26 | Female | North America

Re: Little Girl Kidnapped

I apologize for not getting back to you. Had a cat go missing and another sick. Fortunately missing cat returned yesterday and I think sick cat will be OK without having to go to vet. When there are demanding issues with one or more cats my thoughts are on them and it is difficult to concentrate on my dream work. I always try to provide the best analysis with every dream and when I can not do that I won't give an interpretation. Confusion doesn't help, it can add to the problem.

AS for your sister and the emotional energies. Knowing there are issues with the relationship and why they occurred is probably the most important aspect in resolving the issues. Continue to work with the issues and your sister. It is a process that takes time and a willingness to resolve the issues. Dreams can help in that process but the true path to solution is consciously working to resolve the emotional energies. Your sister is working on her issues and that helps.

Going back to your dream. A cleansing of energies is what you seek and need {bathtub} to rid yourself of the guilt {toilet}. The little girl you knew is not then woman you know now. Finding a path to resolving what can not be forgotten {sister relationship in childhood} seems to be the major task. It is as much an unconscious issue as it is conscious. Dreams reveal the unconscious energies so the conscious self can work for solution.

You are on the right path. Continuing to work for resolution will eventually lead to better days.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 70 Altoona, Fl

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