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Re: Violent Dream

The dream may indeed be pointing to why you feel so fatigued and severe exhaustion. Emotional energies. It could be some aspects of the energies are related to your mother relationship growing up in that type environment. There may be inherent aspects also. Such type energies may require therapy to get to the true source of what energies are causing your fatigue.

Here is my interpretation of the images/actions/symbols by sentence.

I was walking through a city with a good female friend
-possessing positive emotional energies/attitudes

We are dancing through the streets at night, we feel cool, we kiss, we hug
-a positive attitude/embracing your better emotional qualities {cool and calm}

We come across another couple
-another aspect of yourself/attitudes/personality

I'm drinking beer and I'm saying that I'm going to drive later
-confused thinking that drives you later in life

The guy from this couple, a strong man, wants to take the beer away from me
-strong positive self wishes to remove confused aspects

I refuse, we get into a fight
-in denial/inner turmoil

I insult him, he demands a knife fight
-insecurities causing inner conflict/aggression

In that moment I'm suddenly overcome with deep exhaustion / fatigue
-emotional issues the cause of physical issues/emotionally strained

He offers me a knife for the fight, I take it, but throw it away again
-needing to rid yourself of unwanted parts/missed opportunities

He suddenly has a rifle and I take out my own knife
-aggressive negative attitudes that need to be cut away

I run, he chases me
-avoiding a situation that you do not think is conquerable

I hack off his arm and then throw the knife at him
-ineffective at removing negative emotional energies

Now he has the knife though and comes at me
-negative aspects that need removal coming at you

I'm too fatigued to do anything and he kills me
-so emotionally strained you become disconnected from our true self


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 70 Altoona, Fl

Re: Violent Dream

Hello Jerry, I greatly appreciate you taking the time to analyze my dream, your analysis is very insightful and gives me a lot to think about. The idea of the removal of negative parts resonates a lot. I keep trying to "cut these parts away" and I keep being "ineffective" at this. Which is quite exhausting. And I feel like the interpretation of the death as becoming disconnected from my true self hits the nail on the head. I'm sure my true self is the part in the beginning, the positive emotional energies, because that's how my personality was in my childhood and teens. But this self grows more distant, the longer this fight against the negative emotional energies goes on and the more exhausted I get from it. I will have to rethink how I approach these negative emotions. Finding more effective means of facing them or accepting that they are a part of me and then channeling them into productive aspects. In the context of the dream, I probably should have handled the altercation more maturely (not going into a rage and insulting this part of me) or maybe even attempted to befriend this part of me. That's a lot to think about. Thank you very much for this insight into my dream and enjoy your day!

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 37 / Male / Germany

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