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2 weird and horrible dreams

I am 40 y/o women, I had 2 impressed dream now clearly in my memory, 2 weird and horrible dreams in the same year about 10 years ago.
Dream A, I and my parents were living in a yard with a front house and a back house, it started when I was in the front house, it was falling fire balls from the dark red sky and there 're countless black suns hanging over the sky at a treetop level. I wanted to save my parents from the back house, but the fire balls stopped me from going out of the house even, I was extremely anxious, My heart was on fire as We were so close to each other but could not even meet. At last, I woke up in the crying.

Dream B, It was the most creepy dream in my life, It started when I was in a hospital, and seems I wanted to escape from that hospital as I know it was dangrous, but not much people believed me, I kept to warn as much people as I could before leaving, finnally there're 2 young people who worked in this hospital got ready to go with me, I and the young man gathered at that girl' s office, as soon as I entered the room, the boy who was with me rushed to that girl's side and both of them tried to distance themselves from me, the room was very small, Their faces revealed alarm and frightening when they were looking at me, I asked 'what?', they were so scared and pointed at me with their shaking fingers, I turned my face and saw a face of a female ghost behind my shoulder, and she was climbing on me. The creepy face was like the one in moive Ju-on (Curse Grudge). I woke up at the moment, and it was mid-night around 2am!!! I was sweating all over.

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