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Sacrifice & Bliss

hi jerry,

after looking more deeply into the discipline dream i had or more rightly lack of discipline,i read up and watched power of the myth on video,out of this ,i started to think about sacrifice and bliss as he called it,and how the hero must give himself to the quest by being annhialated in one form or another,out of this i dreamed that i was defending a wooden hut full of light in the middle of a field,surrounded by darkness,the germans were closing in,and finally surrounded us,i knew that if we fought we would die,if we surrendered we would be shot anyway,i looked at our commanding officer who just said he did not want anything to do with what is going on,(boy have i been like this lately ). i definately felt a sense of dilemma which is still with me as i write,i am still working on this dream and trying to relate it to what ive just read,and my own inner journey , as i feel it came out of that.



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Re: Sacrifice & Bliss


Bravo that you are seriously listening to Campbell. He will provide insights beyond your expectations if you continue to study his works.

The hut with the lights is that true balanced {middle of the field} person you are seem to be always defending {perhaps within your unconscious if not your waking life}.

The germans, the darkness, are those things closing in on you in your life, conscious, unconscious, or most likely both. To die is to make changes. Something comes to an end {death} and if you surrender you encounter the same results. The commander {your conscious ego-centric self?} wants to ignore the situation. We all must face the death. But with death comes a resurrection {Jesus on the cross motif}, a new beginning.

What changes are needed/contemplated in your life? Is it an unconscious awakening to creativity or spirituality, or changes in your waking life which is the result of conflicting forces, or both? If it is the inner journey, I suggest you continue to read Campbell and prepare yourself for Jung. The path is long and you will encounter many dragons that must be slain. And just when you think you have found the Holy Grail {your true Self}, another dragon appears to challenge you. But dragons are not real, they are self imposed limitations.

In Parzival's search for the Holy Grail, it was a lack of discipline that prevented him from achieving his goal. The last task he had to overcome was that of sex. Campbell once said life is a series of trials and revelations.

Let me know if this helps. I am available if you need further assistance.
**** twam asi,



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Re: Sacrifice & Bliss

hi jerry,

many thanks for your response,i felt to,many of the things you said about my dream,i wasnt sure as to who the commander was,although i realise now, i read it a few days ago,about the conscious ego being more unwilling to relinquish its control when it realises that its not really running the show.its strange how you mentioned the parsifal/sir gawain sex thing,my latest dream which needs no interpretation,was about winning a battle,climbing the tallest tower on earth,to get into the room of the king,on just reaching the door,a beautiful female confronts me,and says she wants to have my children,she invites me to kiss her,but i realise if i do i will not be able to enter the room.after reading the parsifal/gawain story, i cant quite believe it, whats going on.! , the power of the myth is being felt ,and on looking back on various dreams , i see a mytholgical pattern evolving.this stuff is real and alive. unfortunatley being human,the lovely maiden in this particular dream would have got me,still a lot more work to do yet.



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hi steve

Hi! I like the name steve. Well all I read about your dream was something about a beautiful maiden. Well i really hope that you find your beautiful maiden someday. That means that you have to wish me to find a beautiful...uh...knight. Yeah. well goodbye!

Re: hi steve

many thanks for your words,i am sure theres a knight just waiting to rescue you,regards steve.

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