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Another house dream

Hello again. I know that I posted something not too long ago, but this dream was very vivid to me.

In the dream last night, I am at my grandparent's house (their real house when they were alive) which is on a lot of several acres with part of it being in a wooded area.

I am talking a walk through this wooded area, towards the house, and can see it in the distance. As I'm walking, I notice something on the ground that is oddly shaped. I look up into the tree above it and realize I'm standing under a walnut or pecan tree. I also realize that the item on the ground is a nut from this tree without it's shell that is not fully formed.

I keep walking and notice something else on the ground. I look up into the tree and realize that it's a pear tree. I look up to see if there is a pear that I can eat, but I can tell that none of them are good. I look further up into the tree and see that someone has hung some bones in the tree (a couple of skulls and maybe some other limbs).

I say to myself, "Who put these here?", and I shake the branches of the tree so that the bones will come to the ground. As I'm shaking the branches, I get the feeling that my dad put the bones there to hide them.

Directly behind the tree is a sharp enbankment and I know that there is a river at the bottom. I decide that I will throw the bones in the river. When I go to pick the bones off the ground, there is a small stream of water at my feet (no more than a foot deep), that the bones have landed in. I begin to reach my hand into the water and one by one hurl the bones over the embankment, knowing that the river will wash them away.

Before I get to the last bone, I notice a man approaching me coming from the house. I am nervous that this man will find out what I'm doing, but I'm aware that he probably saw me throwing something. I calmly throw the last bone in the river, making sure not to change my behavior for him to suspect anything. As I pick up the last bone, I notice something silver in the stream.

I put my hands in the stream, and pull out a key. I look at it, and then I lay it on a rock at my feet.

The man approaches me and I can see that he is some type of man that does a lot of physical labor. He asks me if I live in the house. I say "yes". He then asks if I had left the door unlocked before I left. I tell him that I didn't remember, and I asked him what happened. I'm afraid that I had left the door unlocked and that someone had broken in.

He assures me that everything is ok. He tells me that I was supposed to leave the door unlocked, because he was supposed to pick something up, or deliver something. (I don't remember what.) But that because the door was locked, he and his men had to force the door open.

As we're talking, I am intently studying his face. He's about 50-60 yrs old, with very masculine features and has graying hair pulled back into a ponytail. At some point in the conversation, he notices the key on the rock, and picks it up and studies it. I don't remember if he put it back of if he kept it.

At this time, I also have a visual of the door that he is talking about. It is one big door, that is actually made up of 3 smaller doors that connect on the sides. (not the door on the house in waking life)

We begin to walk towards the house. We enter another builing that is about 50ft away from the house, and I get the impression that it's an office. (This building is not really on the lot of my grandparents' house) We are sitting next to each other in the waiting room of this office, and he is explaining to me how he opened the door. He then tells me that when he opened the door, he damaged something that he didn't mean too, like maybe the door frame. He's concerned that I will be angry with him, because it's going to cost extra money to have the broken part fixed.

At about this time, I realize that there is another man in the room sitting across the room from us in the corner. I didn't get to see him clearly, but I sensed that I knew him and that was he supposed to be there, maybe he was a business associate or an old friend of my grandparents'. He never said anything the entire time. He just quietly observed the conversation between me and the worker.

I told the worker that I wasn't angry about the door frame because I knew that it was an accident and not really a big deal. He seemed genuinely surprised and appreciative that I wasn't angry. The three of us got up to go look at the house. But I woke up before I got there.

I am wondering if this dream is about my dad b/c the house was his when he grew up. I also think he may be the worker, even though he looked nothing like him physcially, and that maybe I am supposed to help him do something.

(I'm sorry this is so long. Thank you, again)

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Re: Another house dream

As the dream opens, you are walking through a wooded area to your grandparent’s house. You are, therefore, on a journey that has something to do with your grandparent’s house or with what it symbolizes. The house probably symbolizes you in some way. As you mentioned later in the dream, you live in the house. Therefore, I suspect the house symbolizes your physical body.

The reference to your grandparents may be meaningful and may give the first hint of a Norse mythological interpretation of your dream. The word “Edda” means the collection of Norse legends and myths; and, it also means “great grandmother.”

While walking, you encounter an unusual tree. The tree has apparently produced three kinds of “fruit.” There is the immature nut (walnut or pecan), the pear and, lastly, there are bones hanging in the tree. Plants, in general, and trees in particular are common symbols of the growing and developing Self. However, since I also believe that many of the images of religions, mythology and our dreams come from deep within the collective unconscious, I also looked for a religious interpretation of this tree as well as the dream.

I believe that this tree symbolizes Yggdrasil, the famous World Tree of Norse mythology. However, if the tree is Yggdrasil, what are the nut, the fruit and the bones. These symbolize past, present and future, which are the three aspects of the goddess – more specifically the three Norns that tend the World Tree. One of the functions of the Norns is to keep Yggdrasil healthy. (Although I give a Norse interpretation of this dream, it could just as easily have a Celtic or a Teutonic interpretation. Norse mythology has parallels in other cultures.)

As you stated in your dream, behind the tree was an embankment with a river. You decide to throw the bones into the river and pick them out of a small stream at your feet. If we continue with the Norse mythology, the large river is probably Hvergelmir (also spelled Hvergelmer). The “spring of Hvergelmir (Roaring Cauldron) is the source of all water and rises up through the tree Yggdrasil to all the worlds. It lies in the lowest level of the nine worlds and has one of Yggdrasill's roots deep within it.” [Source:] The Hvergelmir is also the source of the “rivers of lives.” [Source:] I am not sure what this means, but it could have a Jungian interpretation and refer to Hvergelmir as the source of the collective unconscious.

What about the small stream? Let’s take another look at Yggdrasil and where it is located. “Yggdrasil, the World-Tree, the tree of fate, arises in the center of the Midgard. Its branches reach up over Asgard. The entire universe is dependent on the World-Tree. The tree has three roots. One reaches into the underworld Hel, another to the world of the Frost-Giants, and the last one to the world of human beings. Beneath the tree is the Urda well, guarded by the Norns, the three Goddesses of Fate. Two other wells also feed Yggdrasil. One is called Hvergelmer, and the other is Mimer's well. The dragon Nidhog lies in Hvergelmer and gnaws on the roots of the tree. Mimer's well is the well of wisdom, guarded by the wisest of all beings, Mimer. Odin once gave his right eye for a drink of the water from this well.” [Source:] Although unclear, the small stream is probably the well (or spring) Urda.

Shortly after you have hurled the bones over the embankment, you see a man coming from the house. You also notice a sliver key in the stream, which you pick up. A key without a lock is virtually worthless; therefore, we expect that the dream might have a later reference to a lock.

He tells you that the door to the house had to be broken into by his men. You have a visual of the door that he is talking about. It is one big door, that is actually made up of 3 smaller doors that connect on the sides. The silver key is probably to the lock of this door.

You and he go to his office, which is near the house. He lets you know that some damage was done when the door was forced open. You also notice that another man is in the office with you and the first man.

So, who are these two men? If we continue with the Norse theme, the first man is probably the Norse god Heimdall (sometimes spelled Heimdal). The second man is a little more difficult to identify; he may be Odin.

Why did I conclude that the first man was Heimdall? The Norse god Heimdall is best known as the god who guards Bifront, which is the rainbow bridge between the world of men and the world of the gods. Thus, Heimdall is the god associated with the entrance to a different realm; that is, the “doorway” to different realms. This could mean that the doorway is your entrance to the upper, middle and lower worlds of Norse mythology. (My interpretation is not the only possible interpretation. There are very different possible interpretations as well as related interpretations. One source states that the three doors symbolize three stages of human evolution in which is the doorway “was first closed, then ajar, and finally wide open.” [Source:])

However, I believe that the three doors are probably an indirect reference to the entrance into the three worlds of Norse mythology. (This reference to the three worlds may mean that you are gaining access to different parts of yourself or it could mean that you have an opportunity to travel to these worlds as a shaman.) However, Heimdall stated that part of the door was damaged when it was forced open. This means that there was a physical change in you. (Remember that the house is your body.) What could be the significance of this physical change? (More on this below.)

There is at lease one other interpretation of the three doors. The silver key that was found earlier could be to key to the door(s). This may mean that there are three locks with those three doors. So, what are the three locks? There are undoubtedly several possible explanations; however, I believe that the three locks refer to the three primary psychic knots associated with the practice of yoga. As noted in site, the “three knots [that] are particularly important [are] the spinal, heart and eyebrow center knots.”

If the three doors are associated with the three knots, this may help to explain what the man meant when he said that he had to break into the house. A few years ago, I remember reading (somewhere?) that a spiritual guide will sometimes make a few specific internal changes or adjustments in a person’s body to assist the flow of kundalini. (A Jungian would probably say that the male spiritual guide of a woman is a symbol of her animus in the last stage of development.)

These possible interpretations of the three doors are not necessarily mutually exclusive. It could be that the doors have more than one possible interpretation or it may be that the interpretations are all valid and are interrelated.

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Re: Another house dream


Thanks for the interpretation. This was actually a surprise b/c I had this dream a long time ago (Last year!) So I'm not sure if it randomly reappeared, or what.

Anyway, this dream has been one that has stuck in my mind for a long time, and I'm still curious as to what other meanings it could have had.

I have always had an interest in mythololgy (Celtic, most recently) and spirit guides, so your interpretation was actually a pleasant surprise. Unfortunately, since I had it such a long time ago, it's hard for me to remember all the details and other impressions that I may have had. But I do believe that your interpretation is going light the fire under my pursuit of learning more about these subjects.

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Re: Another house dream

You are very welcome.

There were a couple of things that attracted me to your dream. One was the dream itself -- very interesting and well written. The second thing was the fact that no one had yet responded. It was both an opportunity and a challenge.


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