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Cockroaches and Termites by drshell

This interpretation is in answer to the original post by drshell Cockroaches and Termites

The trees may symbolize your true feelings and the nut without the fruit a part of you that is not fully developed. The manis your masculine aspect which has to force its way into the locked door, a part of you which you have shut out. The key is in your unconscious {river}. The skull may be whats in your head and the bones are what support you. Throwing the bones into the river may represent a desire to get rid some part of your structured life. Perhaps the physical labor required in some aspect of your life is too demanding of you. The 50-60 year old man may be your animus which would this case be a wsie part of you {graying hair pulled into a ponytail}. This part of you know what door {aspect in your life} that needs openning up to. By openning the door you are afraid you will damage your structure, or perhaps your self-image? The extra cost may represent the extra energy needed to fix the problem. But your wise masculine self is not angry {you realize it has to be done {a masculine trait}. The business associate may be pointing to some association to your business life.

Is this dream also about your job? 'The three of us' comment may be referring to your statement about the part that doesn't want to be a part of a project at work. Since you had some idea as to the meaning of the first dream. in this dream you are not angry because the dream has presented to you the true nature of what you feel about your waking condition. You have accepted the task even though you do not want it. Let me know your thoughts about my statements.


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Re: Cockroaches and Termites by drshell

Hello - Sorry it took so long for me to reply to your interpretation. I guess I was hoping that this dream had more of a profound meaning then just being about my job. So I wanted to take longer to think about it.

But ultimately, I think you are right. I have changed my view towards the new job I was assigned and accepted that it may not be as bad as I thought it would be. ( I also had another dream about cockroaches dying not too long ago.)

But I have also been making more of an effort to look for a new job. For a long time now, I have wanted to move to a different city/state into a new job that will sort-of be the beginning of my "dream" career. I've come to the realization it probably isn't going to happen in the time frame that I'm wanting it to. But the feelings of trying to be prepared and making things happen sooner have recently resurfaced.

I think the dream was about my search for the new job/moving ahead (the path) and my feelings of wanting something new. (getting rid of the skeleton) I think the unripened fruit and nut represent that I'm not ready for the change yet, and that the wiser part of myself is trying to tell me that. Or it may mean that I've set an unrealistic goal for myself and when I realize it, I may be disappointed or that I may have to work harder to get there.

Either way, I find it extremley beneficial to write what I'm thinking. I may have an initial idea of what I'm going to say, but as I'm typing more ideas start popping in my head. Thanks again for your help.

P.S. I've just started reading "The Power of Myth"

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Re: Re: Cockroaches and Termites by drshell

To truly understand the function of dreams you must look at a series of dreams and not just one to understand the true meaning. As we disect your dreams we come closer to understanding the true inner self. I hope my interpretations provide insights so you can ultimately decide in which direction to look for your true meaning. I think it is working in our dialog and your dream posts.

The Power of Myth.
If only more people would read this wonderful series of interviews, there would be a whole range of new conversions to seeking truth within, and not so much seeking outside oneself. Take your time reading it. Campbell has a wonderful way of articulating but someties it takes concentration on the answers. Once you 'get it', you will be forever more knowledgable than the average person, and most so called authoritives.

How can a person of faith talk compartaive religion if he/she only studies one religion?

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 54

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How Did You Find the Dream Forum? Murfreesboro, Tn

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