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virgin mary

In 1996- a "supposed image" of the Virgin Mary appeared in December 1996 in Clearwater Florida.Ten days after the image appeared on a bank window, I went to see the image for myself on Dec. 22, 1996. I took pictures of the image and was amazed at all the people from all over the world who were there. According to the city officials of Clearwater, approximately a half million people came to see the image in the month of December alone.

That's the background information to this dream I want interpretated which I had last year, March 2, 2004.
I was asleep on the sofa and I had a dream that myself holding my 2 year old nephew walked into a church going though the back entrance. I thought I was entering the area of the congregation but immediately saw a sign which read :PASTOR'S STUDY" There was a dark colored suit hanging up and the study itself was big, clean and very expensive looking. I hurriedly tried to get out of the study before anyone saw me. I came now through an opening which now put me inside the church where the congregation would sit, with the altar and all. I sat down holding my nephew. As I reached this area though, a tall woman with shot hair around 40 or so passed me and my nephew, She was headed into the pastor's study, she paused and looked at me and said: That's the pastor's study" in a slightly rude voice to let me know I had no business coming out of there. I started to say something to her but thought better of it and kept going. There was no-one else in the church so I sat in the middle section, about 9 pews back holding my nephew on my lap.
After a couple of minutes, a tall man walked from the pastor's study. But he was dressed in an all White suit. From the angle he exited the study, I could only see the right side of his body as he approached the altar. However, as he came around the front of the pews, he was holding the Virgin Mary on his arm. She looked at me and smiled. In the dream, I started screaming, "No!" and backing up in my seat. I was not afraid, just completely overwhelmed, even devastated at the sight of her. I was screaming and she and this man walked to me and began to make these bowing gestures in front of me. I woke up sobbing and distaught.
I didn't get a look at the man's face nor do I recall what happened to my nephew once the Virgin Mary smiled at me.
The mysterious part of this is at the exact time I had this dream about the Virgin Mary, a 19 year old boy took a slingshot to the huge panes where the image of the Virgin Mary had been for almost ten years and he destroyed the image with rocks.
I didn't find this out until 5pm the next evening when the news came on.
The dream alone would have been a mystery to me-but to have had the dream at the exact time when the image was being destroyed has bothered me for almost a year
What does this mean?
I consider God or the Virgin Mary is trying to tell me something. I believe in God but I am not overly religious and sometimes even question where God is and why things aren't better for me and the world.
What did this dream mean? And why did the Virgin Mary come to me when that "Image " of her was being destroyed in Clearwater???? Please respond

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Re: virgin mary

I believe your dream is dealing with an inner spiritual crisis that may be precipitated by outer religious beliefs. It also may have something to do with spirituality in general. Not being an overly religious person, the image of the Virgin Mary has caused you anxiety over your lack of spirituality and the associated guilt. Overall I think you are at a stage in life where the spiritual aspect {Jung says we all have a spiritual aspect just as we all have a shadow, all men have a feminine aspect and all women have a masculine aspect.} is coming to the forefront in your life.

I think part of the problem is the new spiritual identity {your nephew} is close to your inner life but not so to your waking life {not an overly religious person}. I also think you are questioning established church teachings {the tall man in White-a masculine dominated religion requiring purity yet not always following its own code} and instead you are seeking a more spiritual connection and less of a religious one. You are also questioning the sacrifices {altar} that is required {expensive Pastor's study-more than you are willing to put into it}. You are not afraid of the Virgin Mary {your true spiritual identity} but being devastated at her sight may mean your reluctance to accept a religious dogma that is contrary to your innerb spiritual knowledge. As long as SHE is on the pastor's arm {requiring you to believe a certain way} then your inner self will be out of balance {the middle pews and the number 9 symbolize balance and harmony}.

As far as the boy breaking the panes where the image was and having this dream is what Jung called Synchronicity. The fact that it happen at the same time as your dream signifies a need to pay more attention to this spiritual aspect. I suggest you put more time into it but not just the religion you were raised with but other possibilities also. The tall woman with short hair {that part of you that is without true knowledeg} in your dream who stated you had no right to be in the pastor's study indicates to me that your inner self is not prone to accept just anything as gospel truth. You have that independent side {or should have } that questions authority.

You may want to study my page on Spirituality & Religion . It offers insights to all the posibilities, even those within the Christian faith that have been rejected but are in fact as true as any recorded Gospel.

Also, let me know your thoughts on my interpretation. Clarifing things about yourself and your beliefs will help better understand the dream and its meaning{s}.

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