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The dream was:
There was this auto accident infront of us- a friend (in the dream) and I. We were not involved. A lady in front of us was catapulted into the open trunk of the car in front of her. This was a several car chain reaction accident. My friend and I run from car to car to see if we could help. The paramedics have already been called. There is one car not doing very well and we get the attention of the paramedics. Also, strange very far up the street there is another car that appears to be somehow involved with the accident, but quite a space between them and the rest of the cars-there are injuries, and again we alert the paramedics.
Now, I don't remember why I am in the animal shelter. But there seems to be some kind of emergency-it is super cold in there. The first I see some cats-in very good condition--being cats. There is this VERY large gray tabby cat (not in size, but looks like a cat that I had that I really liked-a very special cat that knew when someone was hurt and would stay with them.) This cat had very large (actually too large for the head)beautiful blue eyes.
Anyway, the other animals were in distress. I summon the paramedics--they are reluctant to come. Finally, one woman does come and to shorten-sunshine is coming in and the animals are doing much better. However, as we are leaving we find that someone has put this beautiful cat into a very small aquarium type cage with a lid with an alligator!!! The alligator is lunging and manuerving trying to eat this cat. The cat is doing the best she can to get out of the way. I am screaming and screaming. Finally, I lift the lid and reach in to get the cat. At the same time the paramedic sticks the alligator with something like a small stick in its underside of the tail. It is enough to distract the alligator, but not cause it permanent harm. I wake up screaming. Wow
Thank you

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Re: nightmare

An auto accident would be an incident in your life. Something you may not want to be involved with. The many cars in the chain reaction are probably aspects, emotions that are involved in this personal incident {accident}. Summoning the paramedics is seeking help. Most of the time you are doing well but there are some damaged emotions. The space between the cars may indicate time passing before these emotions are evident in your life. Again there is a need for help.
This part of the dream indicates to me you have experienced some emotional incident that although is troubling, it doesn't necessarily damage your whole existence. You are injured by the experience, emotionally.

Animal shelters may be a shelter for you rhuman emotions. The cats are your feminine aspect. The too large of a head may indicate your thinking self. The blue eyes is the positive aspect in a negative situation {you are probably a positive person in your waking life}. The other animals in distress may indicate this emotional experience is beginning to overwhelm your whole life. You can't get help for it {paramedics reluctant to come}.

The one woman, a positive, protective aspect within you, brings out the positive even in moments of emotional distress. You are confronted with motivations to express aggressive emotions toward this distressful experience {the alligator}. You feel isolated, threatened by this experience {may be more unconscius than conscious}. The alligator trying to eat the cat may be these aggressive tendencies overcoming your natural feminine qualities {you are not a naturally aggressive person}. You are doing your best to control these aggressive urges. Your natural ability to overcome emotional experiences comes to the rescue but the experience itself still has to confront the source of the negative incident.

Put the two parts of the dream together and I see something within your life, a recent experience possibly, that hurt you emotionally. Being a positive, steadfast person you consciously did not let it bother you, but unconsciously it did. And because it is an unconscious matter that needs resolving it still persists.

Look at you waking life, within the past several days, and see what might have caused you emotional distress. Anything that may be classified as an accident or incident in your wkaing life. Something you may have dismissed at the time but have kept thoughts about it. If you can not find such an incident then look deeper and further back in to your life to see if there are any 'alligators' that threaten to devour you at sometime in your life. You may have consciously put it aside but unconsciously it remains a concern and must be idenitified and confronted. Let me know your thought on my interpretation and we can perhaps go deeper and fin what this accident was.

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